A Genius Healer Who Can Treat Instantly but Was Banished From Party Considered Doing Nothing ~ Even if They Told Him to Come Back Now, He Is Now Having Fun as a Dark Healer Now, So the Treatment Will Be Expensive, but Can You Pay for It? ~
Chapter 25

Author: ひかさく
Source: Thalesmatic Translation

--I was a fool to expect anything from you. Don't ever show your face in front of me again.

When Aston and the others returned to their base in Capital with wounds all over their bodies, they saw a letter from Lord Fennel.

Aston thought he heard the sound of something crumbling under his feet.

"Wa... Wait a minute, please. Let us plead our case directly to Lord Fennel."

Aston balked at the black-clad messenger who brought them the letter.

But the man shook his head.

"Ojou-sama birthday has already passed. What are you going to say in your defense now?"

"Tha.... That's why...."

"Aston-dono. Lord Fennel's anger is not only due to the your failure to defeat. You had some leeway in your schedule. If you thought it was impossible, you could have contacted us earlier. If you had at least done that, Lord Fennel could have avoided the great embarrassment of greeting the ojou-sama birthday empty-handed."

"T... That is..."

Aston clenched his fists and stood there.

With the opportunity to get close to a great nobles dangling in front of him, how could he say he couldn't?

He gulped down the words that were almost in his throat.

"I... It's wrong!!!."

"Wrong what?"

"We were doing fine, you know. We were almost done, and we were going to be able to take down the Fire Fox."

"...... What do you want to say?"

“Th, There was a traitor at the party.”

Aston said to the messenger, who had a dubious expression on his face, with a mysterious look on his face.

That's right. Let's blame it all on him.

"Everything was going so well, and just when I was about to strike the final blow, that Zenos bastard suddenly got in the way."

"..... Zenos?"

The messenger twisted his head.

"That's strange. I've never heard of a member with that name in the Phoenix of Steel."


That's right.

To avoid leaving behind a past of people from the favelas being at the party, the name Zenos was not mentioned in any official or document.

"Well, who the hell this Zenos is......?"

"No, no, I made a mistake. It's Yuma. A archer named Yuma betrayed us."

"Hey, Aston. What the hell are you talking about?"

Gyle, who was listening behind him, grabbed Aston by the shoulders.

"Shut up. I know for a fact that guy was useless."

The messenger man gently restrained the two men who were about to grab each other.

"I'm sorry to hear that, but party issues should be resolved by the party. It's none of Lord Fennel's business."

"T... That's Right..."

Aston took his hand away from Gyle and turned to the messenger man, bowing his head at a right angle. 

"Please! Please give me one more chance, just one more chance!"

Why me, who was a fellow nobleman, had to bow down to a mere messenger, thought Aston.

Not letting his inner thoughts show, Aston continued to bow his head.

He always did well until now.

Ever since He was a child, He've been using other people to get around in the world.

He almost there, and the heights are within reach.

He can't afford to make a mistake and fall down here. 

The messenger man sighed as he looked at the back of Aston's head.

"I heard that two members of your party are in the hospital with serious injuries. How can you expect us to give your party a chance when your request failed and you only have half of your members left?"

"That's okay. We will soon be replenished with excellent members, so just give us another chance, and we will definitely live up to your expectations next time!"

The messenger answered Aston's vigor as he looked up and took a step back.

"...... Just in case, let's just tell Lord Fennel."

"Thank you so much!"

Aston sent the messenger man off in a particularly cheerful voice.

After the visitor left, Gyle crowded Aston.

"Hey, what are you going to do, say something like that? You don't have any idea, right."

You can call the guild and recruit new members.

But of course, it costs a lot of money to bring in the best members.

They had limited money on their hand due to their repeated spending, and now that Lord Fennel had backed out, their funds were tapering off.

"Oh, I see. You're going to use the name [Phoenix of Steel ] to gather people?"

"We can't right now. It's a bummer, but word of the failed defeat has spread through the guild. It's hard to make any noticeable moves for a while."

"Then it's no good, isn't it?"

"Don't worry about it, Gyle. We already had one in our party. A slave."

Gyle furrows his brow.

"... Is it Zenos? But he is..."

"No problem. I'm sure he'd love to come back. I'm sure he'd be happy to cry if I gave him a call."

He don't think Zenos is the savior of the party, nor do he want to think he is.

But He sure that everything was going well back then.

Now that the gears are turning, they need to go back to the basics.

As before, he'll have to make good use of Zenos to restore the luster to his fallen fame.

The phoenix will rise again.

Aston let out a low chuckle from his stomach.

"I don't blame you. You should be grateful, Zenos. I'll be coming for you soon enough."

A Genius Healer Who Can Treat Instantly but Was Banished From Party Considered Doing Nothing ~ Even if They Told Him to Come Back Now, He Is Now Having Fun as a Dark Healer Now, So the Treatment Will Be Expensive, but Can You Pay for It? ~
Chapter 25