A Love for Three Lives:Monster King Don’t Forget Me
Chapter 53

Author: Tang Hua Mo Ge
Source: TapRead

Ronghua scrutinized the expression of the king of the lone wolf. It was cold and cruel as it used to be. It seemed that he decided to be strict this time!

Prince Ba Luo stood beside him with a disappointed face and dared not to look at his fathers face at all. Ronghua concealed her smile with her hand, It seems that he had an unforgettable experience. He might not talk to his father for a long time.

Ronghua motioned the king of the lone wolf, and he understood. He turned back his head and barked, Go, Ba Luo. Dont come back if you dont reach my requirement.

Ba Luo was hit with more frustration after hearing this. His eyes were filled with tears. His mouth opened, but he did not know what to say.

... Ronghua was wondering if she had acted like a disgusting guy.

She looked at Rongnuan with hesitation, hoping that he could give some suggestions, but she could only see her face in his eyes when he looked back. It was obvious that he had no thoughts about the current situation.

Ronghua waved her hand, Well, dont worry. Im not taking him to do something perilous. Ill let him back when I get home. However, to her surprise, Ba Luo just eyed her complainingly, Is your home... very far away?

My home...? Ronghua turned to a black mood, My home was not far, but she could not open the door of it.

Nevertheless, the energy and vitality came back to Prince Ba Luo for her answer, Fine. Ill go with you, and you should let me go back after sending you home.

Ronghua managed a harmless smile, Deal! Then Prince Ba Luo ran to her happily, not seeing the pain and worry in his fathers eyes behind him. No father would be willing to let their own child adventure alone out of their protection. He was not the exception but had no choice. If there were no other reasons, he would not let Ronghua bring his son away. He would not allow even if she could awake Ba Luos blood and make his wings grow.

When Ba Luo reached Ronghua and turned around to face his father, the king of the lone wolf had already changed to a cold face again. Father! Wait for me at home! His excited behavior did not match the manner of an heir to the king at all.

Get me out of here, Ronghua ordered. Rongnuan did not understand at first, but then he comprehended the words, hugged Ronghua with arms, and jumped on the back of Prince Ba Luo, Go!

Thereupon the careless child began to run wildly at once. Ronghua did not sit tight yet and almost fell to the ground due to his movements, but it was hard for her to blame a naive monster for this.

It turned out to be an excellent plan to ride on a lone wolf, the fastest monster on the land, to across this no-fly zone. It would still take several days to get out of this place, and now it was much shorter.

The king of the lone wolf was not a fool, and he knew which was the best choice for his son. Ronghua had realized that he might have a surmise of her identity but was not convinced enough. If Ba Luo had not awakened his blood and had wings resulted from evolution, the king would manage to terminate their contract and keep his son at home.

So cunning! Ronghua suddenly commented when she thought about this.

Rongnuan did not know what she was thinking and asked, What?

Ronghua waved her hand, Nothing. I just feel a little disadvantaged, Rongnuan was confused, For what?

Ronghua had not figured out the reason to hold the contract with this lone wolf yet. She only discovered his advantage as a mount so far.

Ronghua smiled for her discovery. She pointed at Prince Ba Luo and shook her head without saying, but Rongnuan understood her meaning and moved to the next topic, Where are we going?

She pressed her lips and then said, Go find a person first!


Ronghua gave him a bead, Xia Pumo!

Rongnuan took over the bead and realized what it meant, so he stopped asking.

The lone wolves were famous for their speeds, and Ba Luo was even quicker than that owing to the buff from his contract with Ronghua. It only took them half a day across this mountain.

Ronghua kept cultivating when sitting on the back of the lone wolf, while not even a little spiritual power was absorbed into her body. Her body was like a bag with a hole, and no power could be kept in it now. She did not know how long she could persist under this condition.

When they were at the foot of the mountain, Ronghua did not dare to keep Ba Luo along with them. The ordinaries would be too afraid to move when they saw him!

They arrived at a town but did not know the exact location, so she went to a passenger and asked, Excuse me, what is this place?

That man glanced at Ronghua and Rongnuan, guessing their identities, Well, its Ye City.

Ye City? Ronghua thanked him and let him go, Why did we arrive at this place? Rongnuan sensed her unusual expression and asked, Whats wrong? Does this place have any problem?

Ronghua glanced at him and gave him a reassuring smile. Then she walked towards the crowd on the street. After Rongnuan caught up, she said, Of course theres something wrong! Rongnuan was shocked for her change and was nearly stumbled. This was not a good joke!

Ronghua could not help grinning when she found Rongnuan was a little scared. She patted on his shoulder, Dont be afraid. Im here.

The weather changed, and it seemed to rain. Ronghua suggested, Lets find a place to rest first! Its to rain. We can set off tomorrow! Rongnuan nodded. He shivered and decided to put those troubles aside.

She walked along the road with Rongnuan and failed to find an inn with the empty rooms. The passengers on the street became fewer. A shout burst behind them for an instant, Stop! Stop running, bitch!

Ronghua was nearly crashed to the ground by someone as soon as she turned around to see what happened. Rongnuan hurriedly supported her and prevented her from falling. When Ronghua stood back to her feet, she saw a vague figure of a woman passed from her at high speed, which was quick enough to compete with a cultivator. She was swift as a cheetah and left the dust flying behind. Ronghua was choked by the dust to cough. It was hard to believe that she was a female. Someone had just set up a booth to sell snacks, and then they were all covered with dirt, which made him swore immediately, Whats wrong with you! You ran so fast! Were you hurried for reincarnation?

Though it was tough, she still managed to look back to apologize during her escaping, Sorry. Im so sorry. Ill make up for this next time.

Before her words were over, the one who was chasing her arrived, Stop! How dare you run away after stealing from me?

Then the woman could only focus on running, regardless of all these things behind. She ran so fast that she was out of Ronghuas sight soon. Ronghua could not help laughing. Rongnuan was puzzled, What? What was the fun of that woman?

Did you see that one just now? Rongnuan looked at the direction she went for, Yes. Only a thief. A female. It was apparent that Rongnuan had no good impression on her.

A female? Ronghua was entertained, How could you think she is a female? Rongnuan was more confused, Isnt that... a woman?

Ronghua messed up his hair, Its a good chance to teach you a lesson with her. Rongnuan turned his head stiffly for unadapted to her action, but Ronghua did not pay attention to this.

There are many things and creatures that you have not discovered in this world, including monsters, demons, ghosts, humans, and...gods, Ronghua said in a placid voice, They have different ways of living. Humans always live under the sunshine. Ghosts always hide in the dark nights...

Ronghua looked up, and the sun was at the edge of the sky. The night was coming. Ronghua finally comprehended the meaning in her words, Do you mean the one passed by was...a ghost? Ronghua sneered, Just a ghost who learned a little bit skill of disguise. Lets go!

Ronghua waved her hand to attract his attention, Is there an inn ahead?

The place ahead was a barren wasteland. It was hard to believe that an inn would locate at there. The dim lights spilling from the windows seemed to appeal the passengers to come over. Ronghua led him by the hand, Whatever, we have somewhere to sleep.

Thats good, Rongnuan replied.

They force the pace to the inn. Ronghua did not realize how luxury this inn was decorated until they arrived at the front of it. It was quite interesting to see an inn like this at a desolate place.

She whispered to Rongnuan, Dont say anything later. Let me talk to them.

Okay, Rongnuan replied.

The gate was closed. Ronghua knocked at the door and asked, Is there any room available? We need a lodgment.

Someone came to open the door soon. When the door moved, Ronghua could not help frowning for the strong smell from inside. She turned to look at Rongnuan. He bore the scent and showed no expression.

For accommodation? the man asked stiffly.

Ronghua nodded, Yes. Do you have any empty room?

The man opened the door wider, Yes, come in!

Ronghua nodded as her response. That man did not say anything else then. Ronghua strode over the low threshold with Rongnuan, glanced around, and found a corner of the hall to sit down. There were a few servers, and she even did not see an innkeeper working on accounts at the counter. The whole building looked extremely gloomy.

The server who led them into the hall forced a smile and gave them the menu. Ronghua took over the menu, but her eyes were focusing on his hands. Their smiles did not make her feel pleasant but uncomfortable.

Ronghua glanced over the menu and tried her best to control her expression, Its tough and rare to find an inn to lodge in the wildness!

The server was deadpan. It seemed that he seldom smiled, and his voice was old and husky, Its rare to see some guests coming in the wildness as well.

Rongnuan felt strange and wanted to say something, but he noticed that Ronghua was calm and poised, so he quelled his worry and kept quiet. However, he could not help observing the surroundings because the whole area was so dim and terrible.

Ronghua ordered a few dishes casually and gave back the menu to the server. Then the servers quitted the hall to cook. It was unexpected that all the servers left. Was it necessary to use all the labor for several courses?

Rongnuan played with chopsticks and joked, We might enter a ghost inn!

Ronghua agreed, Youre right. An inn at a barren wasteland that can be richly furnished must have a reason for existence if it is not losing money.

Rongnuan asked, Did you smell that? Ronghua took out the Purification Bottle, How could I not smell it?

Even an ordinary man could detect that strong smell, not to mention the ones who had advanced senses like Ronghua.

There should be a lot of living humans in this inn. Ronghua put her hands on the table, and a slight piece of the fire of nothingness fell from her finger. What should we do now? Rongnuan asked.

Ronghua said leisurely, Of course continue to rest. Theres no better place for a break nearby. Although its a bit uncomfortable, its at least a place to sit down. Theres nothing bad unless they trouble me.

She was right, and Rongnuan had no choice but to stay here, but he was still a little afraid, Then, I... Ronghua stopped her actions of hands, darted a look at him, and then continued, You can share my room. You just start cultivating and havent learned any skill yet. Its safer to stay with me at present.

A server was walking over with the food. Rongnuan was about to speak, while Rongnuan sensed an imperceptible sound and took notice of the dishes. She stood up at once and said, Waiter, we want to rest now. Please send the courses to our room!

He still said with a blank face, As you wish.

Then Ronghua led Rongnuan to go upstairs with hand. She glanced at the food again as they were turning at the corner. That was...the human body!

A Love for Three Lives:Monster King Don’t Forget Me
Chapter 53