A Love for Three Lives:Monster King Don’t Forget Me
Chapter 55

Author: Tang Hua Mo Ge
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The King of Ghosts, I want to exchange the thousand-hand lamp for a promise of you.

Ronghua turned around to find that it was a veiled woman. (Dont ask Ronghua how she knew it was a woman.)

The King of Ghosts looked up to this woman but didnt see her appearance because of her veil.

Thousand-hand lamp? It has disappeared for a long time, others were talking.

There must be several hundred years!

How could he find it which has disappeared for several hundred years? one person scorned it.

What was the thousand-hand lamp?

Ronghua asked one person, Whats the thousand-hand lamp?

You dont know the thousand-hand lamp? He was shocked by Ronghuas question. However, he believed that Ronghua didnt know it because of her expression, so he explained it.

The thousand-hand lamp, just as its name implies, is a lamp. The lamp has thousands of hands under the light. It said that the lamp is made by hands, as a spiritual weapon shaped like a net and used for catching things. The King of Ghosts has been looking for it for hundreds of years.

It was just a spiritual weapon capable of catching things. What is the function of it for the King of Ghosts? asked Ronghua.

Humph! If it hadnt worked, the King of Ghosts wouldnt have been looking for it in the past hundreds of years. It was right that the King of Ghosts couldnt find it for a long time if it were unimportant!

Isnt the thousand-hand lamp used for collecting souls?

It seemed that the King of Ghosts intended to do something meaningful, for he had taken great pains to find spiritual weapons for collecting souls. Does the King of Ghosts need to save someone whom he has to help?

It was a critical question.

Dont you know? The King of Ghosts wife was murdered by some people several hundred years ago. He almost killed those people at that time. However, his wife stopped him so that a bloody scene could avoid.

Ronghua could understand why the King of Ghosts did these. He must have been finding a way to revive his wife in these years! His wife was protecting him until her death so that he couldnt forget her!

The King of Ghosts came down when hearing the thousand-hand lamp. He slowly walked over, without any expression. Although he looked emotionless, Ronghua could sense that he was delighted. However, there was still something wrong. He had been looking for it for several hundred years but made it so easy this time. What a coincidence!

Ha-ha, there would be more fun.

It seemed that it wouldnt be peaceful tonight because of the lamp.

The King of Ghosts walked to the veiled woman. What do you want?

I want your life! The veiled woman held the knife, almost as long as her arm, and stabbed the King of Ghosts at the moment he approached her.

The King of Ghosts couldnt react and didnt guard against her, so he was stabbed. But he hit her after coming to his senses.

The woman retreated suddenly. Although she was injured, she laughed wildly, with unquenchable excitement.

Their action was so rapid that all the people couldnt recognize what had happened just now.

The Evil King of Ghosts, you cant escape! The woman took out a signal flare as soon as she finished talking. After getting the message, people outside the inn rushed in, with long swords in their hands. They were all Taoists and killed the ghosts they saw. Those ghosts which couldnt escape were hit by these Taoists immediately, their souls disappearing.

Ronghua watched the chaotic scene and didnt distinguish these people. The servers of the inn rushed up, caught the woman, and uncovered her veil. Then they realized that it was a woman!

The King of Ghosts retreated, covering his wound. Somehow, his injury couldnt heal, so he asked coldly, What did you do to me?

The woman said bad words even though they caught her, How about the feeling of injury?

The wound of the Evil King of Ghosts hurt suddenly as if her words came true, Do you use the blood of that family?

Yes. Surprised?! We can find the blood of their family and use it to deal with you.

It was so chaotic that no one could distinguish all the people. These people must have well prepared, just for today.

After all, the Evil King of Ghosts had lived so many years and had some abilities, so he ignored his wound and raised his hand, making great power. All the people touching his power became bubbles. It appeared that the Evil King of Ghosts wasnt severely injured and could still fight.

They all held the sword with that kind of blood on it. The Evil King of Ghosts might die today, but he wiped out the blood of his mouth, Humph! Insignificant skill.

The people who couldnt stand stimulation came up at once, You dare say its an insignificant skill. Ill kill you. The fight started, but no sword could stab him.

Ronghua thought that the King of Ghosts appeared confident on purpose, for he had failed so quickly just now.

People called him the Evil King of Ghosts. As the King of Ghosts, he couldnt be trounced. If he didnt get injured, he must pretend to be injured on purpose.

The King of Ghosts was funny.

They were fighting fiercely. Ronghua just watched them and kept out of the affair. But these so-called righteous people saw Ronghua sit there, so they believed that Ronghua was a subordinate of the King of Ghosts and rushed over there, There is a ghost. Kill her! Ronghua heard their words, Are they talking about me?

Her hand had already gathered a flame as soon as those people rushed over to her. However, a silvery knife shielded all the light of the sword before she threw it out. Instantly, all the people attacking her fell.

Ronghua saw the King of Ghosts beside her, putting out the flame in her hand. She didnt need to fight, for someone was helping her.

Those people beaten by the silvery knife were painfully struggling on the ground, groaning. The King of Ghosts took back his knife, dusted himself off, and sneered, Rubbish!

Dont let it get to your head! someone said. Ronghua looked over them. The woman who intended to kill the Evil King of Ghosts was cursing all long after being caught by the ghost servers. But it was the right time for her to swear, for the so-called Evil King of Ghosts was obsessed with killing.

He had defeated the people surrounding her, and the others lying on the ground were all groaning.

Somehow, Ronghua felt that he didnt kill these people and just severely injured them. Was he lenient? But it seemed not!

The Evil King of Ghosts! The woman got rid of bondage and walked over here, pointing at him with a sword in her hand. Ronghua found that the King of Ghosts despised the woman. How could he be so confident?

The Evil King of Ghosts dodged, with the two fingers of the left hand holding the sword, and then he stayed still. No matter how the woman attacked him, he didnt move.

That will do! he finally said, but the woman didnt give up, No way. You must pay the price today.

Ronghua was afraid that they would end in a deadlock, so she said, Will the King of Ghosts deal continue or not?

The Evil King of Ghosts turned around and looked at her. He had found that she was unusual, but he didnt expect that she could say such words in this case, so he replied, Of course. Do you have something I want?

Ronghua made a thing on her hand at once. After they saw it, let alone the womans astounded expression, even the Evil King of Ghosts showed an unbelievable look, for Ronghua was holding the thousand-hand lamp which they had been looking for hard.

The King of Ghosts directly shook away the woman and moved to Ronghua instantly. He showed no mercy, making the woman collide to the wall and spit out blood, so she couldnt stand up and even didnt have the strength of seeing him.

He held the thousand-hand lamp, shivering and didnt believe it was true. After seeing it for a long time, he trembled, Its the thousand-hand lamp!

Youve been devoting yourself to look for it. Should it matter?

Ronghua could have these things easily. As long as there were enough materials, Qingyi could make a lot of powerful weapons.

He looked at the thousand-hand lamp and attached it to his face, murmuring, Its the thousand-hand lamp. Ive been looking for it for a long time. Now I find it!

The ghost servers hadnt seen this expression of the Evil King of Ghosts, so they reminded him, The King of Ghosts, what about these people?

The Evil King of Ghosts looked at these people. Perhaps because he found the thousand-hand lamp, he was in a good mood, Throw all of them out, including that woman.

Ronghua looked at the woman who was dying. Even though no one came to revenge her, she wouldnt be okay.

These Taoists who argued hotly just now were dragged out by the ghost servers, just like throwing rubbish, and all of them were groaning.

These alive guests watched the scene with fear and were afraid that they would die in the next second. They fell on evil days, for they went a long way to attend the deal of the Evil King of Ghosts, but his enemy came here. Well, they didnt exchange anything and even almost lost their lives. They would have detailed research next time before they came here; otherwise, they would be in danger.

The Evil King of Ghosts put away the thousand-hand lamp and sat down. The ghost servers served tea for him at once. Ronghua also sat down, The Evil King of Ghosts, dont you have something to talk with me?

What? He was as calm as before.

You did a deal, didnt you? I have given you your coveted thousand-hand lamp. Dont you have something to say?

He laughed, Of course. What do you want?

Ronghua hit the table with her fingers, her arms folded as if she was thinking about what she wanted. If you hadnt decided, you could tell me later, said the Evil King of Ghosts.

When he was about to leave after finishing talking, Ronghua said, without raising her head, Lets make a bet, right?

He laughed, Im afraid that you cant afford neither the wager or the price!

Ronghua replied, You havent made a bet with me. How could you know that I cant afford neither the wager or the price?

The Evil King of Ghosts looked at her quietly. No one knew what he was thinking. Then he sat down, What are you going to bet on?

Ronghua stared at him, I bet on that you will come to me again.

He laughed, full of sarcasm, It seems that I wont see you in the future. Do you think you can find me so easily?

Of course not! If she could find him so quickly, there wouldnt be so many things happening. But do you think you can meet me so easily?

He didnt get annoyed when being asked by Ronghua, Lets wait and see what will happen!

The Evil King of Ghosts stood up and was about to leave, just like before.

Ronghua said, Wait! Whats your name?

He was a little stunned and said coldly, Muling!

Then he disappeared in the inn, like a gust of wind.

Muling. Its interesting. Just to my taste!

A Love for Three Lives:Monster King Don’t Forget Me
Chapter 55