A New Age of Magic
Vol.1 Chapter 10

Author: Liang Maoshuai
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A New Age of Magic

Treasure Hunt (Part II)

Liang Maoshuai


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After browsing the collection of the Wizard Tower Library, Fowles’s understanding of this world has reached a new level and he has his own views on many things.

If he studied the enchantment school magic, isn’t manipulating the girl like a puppet in front of him as easy as pie? Stupid! Moron! The more he thinks, the angrier he gets. Yet he has no other ways but to wake she up: “Hey, hey, Sweety, wake up, wake up!”

The girl's nerves are indeed big. After she is pushed several times by Fowles, she finally wakes up and dazes. She squinted her eyes: "Oh, young master, is it dawn? Sorry, sorry, it was a very late sleep yesterday."

In the middle of her getting up, and stretching her arms into her clothes, the girl suddenly realizes the situation at the moment. She circles her hand to protect her brimming breasts, and her cheeks turns red: "Young Master, you...you..."

If turning her into a puppet, it seems... not so fun as now. Fowles thinks in his heart looking at the girl. He donnishly turns back his body: “What! What have I not seen before? Hurry up. We’ve got things to do today."

He did have seen. in the unscrupulous king game.

Out of nowhere, or out of inexplicable courage, or out of the atmosphere that...Fowles deliberately built, Sweety almost strips off all her clothes.

"Young Master!" Sweety is shy and screams. Yet with her rough nerves, and after Fowles said so, she also fells it is not a matter. She gets dressed and gets up quickly. "Young Master, what is it?"

"Treasure hunt." Fowles snaps his fingers and goes out cleanly.

"Treasure hunt? What treasure?"

"Of course the treasure of the legendary Captain William Gent."

This is an endless pursuit for Earendur, and also for the mainland's eastern adventurers.

Although as a pirate, Captain William Gent is undoubtedly a big bug who walked in the history. His treasure is so big... that it should be more massive than the legendary dragon treasure. Where did it go?

Since William Gent was executed, countless adventurers had explored it. Unfortunately, no one had succeeded. There are many plausible clues, such as this:

"My treasure is so massive.

The clue is buried in the bottom of the rushing trend

When the bell rings a year once

Nina’s favored ones

You will see the golden miracle that is intertwined."

And the mysterious number "44-10-66-18".

It is almost a straightforward puzzle. but after reviewing the historical materials, Fowles knows that the puzzles of this world are usually in this level.

The people in this place are respected by force, and it is honored by mastering the power of magic. Although things like human art are also respected, there is no such thing as in the other world that turns these into a level of promotion. So the developing level is limited.

Seeing this puzzle, people with normal IQ can almost guess it right. “The clue is buried in the bottom of the rushing trend” should means burying under the water. “When the bell rings a year once” refers to the Sea God sacrifice every October.

On that day, the tides on the coast of Earendur will retreat to the lowest point of the year, and reveals many scenes that are not always revealed, such as... a place called Golden Beach.

This beach is sandwiched between two mountains. When the tide is high, it is completely under the water. Only the day of the Sea God sacrifice, it will be exposed because of the big tide ebbed.

As for “Nina’s favored ones”, Nina refers to the Moon Goddess of this world, but there are two Ninas in total. The Moon Goddess Rachel Nina, in charge of the power of blessing and luck; while her compatriot sister Pearl Nina, is called the Purple Moon Goddess, has the power of mysterious doom. The two sisters together with the Goddess of Fate and Constellation Tistina, collectively known as the Three Fate Goddess.

However, for hundreds of years, Golden Beach has been plowed god knows how many times. All the grounds were searched even corners, and what underneath the ground is crystal clear.

Of course, some people believe that this reminder is not referring to the location of the treasure, but a treasure map. They stayed on the beach and depicted the shadows reflected by the Sun God, Moon Goddess and Star Gods on the golden sand beach, but ... still had nothing to gain.

From the beginning, due to this kind of treasure hunt, Earendur was prosperous for a while. But with the disappointment and empty-handed return again and again, the number of people who hope to hunt for treasure becomes less and less.

Until today, the story has almost become a legend...

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A New Age of Magic
Vol.1 Chapter 10