A Trivial Extra in a Dating Sim
Chapter 27

Author: Charity
Source: Sleepy Translations (2)

Daniel, who had come to give a report to Yurisian, tilted his head.

“Do you have any concerns?”

“…you sound just like Beatrice.”

Daniel’s eyes shook slightly at the mention of Beatrice’s name. Not noticing Daniel’s agitation, Yurisian narrowed his eyes as he looked out through the window.

“I heard that you recently escorted Evanessa Halyn, quite closely.”

“It was an order.”

Daniel, who became commander of the knights order this year, knew very well that the crown prince and his forces were keeping tabs on the temple. Daniel’s own family had maintained a neutral stance in the political arena for a long time.

The prince stared at Daniel with a serious expression.

“How did she seem?”

“How did she seem?”

“Was there anything strange or suspicious?”

In Daniel’s mind, strange occurrences had been happening from the moment he first met Evanessa.

Certainly, from beginning to end, there was never a moment that wasn’t funny. Daniel hadn’t realized that his mouth had formed a smile. The crown prince’s eyes flinched when he saw it.

“Contrary to the rumors, it’s more ….she’s a pleasant person.”

“Don’t show her any affection. She’s one of the rotten roots that needs to be cut.”

Daniel’s smile disappeared from his lips. The Crown Prince made a gesture of dismissal. Just then, the head butler, who had arrived under the need order of the Emperor, knocked on the door.

“Your Highness, the Crown Prince.”

“What is it?”

Daniel’s excellent hearing was able to catch the whispered voice.

“Your Majesty has asked you to extend an invitation to escort the Saintess to tonight’s dinner.”

The fountain pen Yurisian was holding snapped in half.

‘Why do we keep bumping into each other?’ pondered Evanessa, while taking a seat some distance away from the Prime Minister.

It might just be her imagination, but it felt like she was having more contact with him than the men who were supposed to be her capture targets.

“If you avoid me so blatantly, you’ll hurt my feelings.”

Leaning back leisurely in his chair, the Prime Minister broke the silence first. The sound of turning pages left the room, leaving its two occupants in silence.

“That is your own misunderstanding. The only meaning behind the choice of my current seat is that I wanted to respect your personal space.”

A smirk appeared on the Prime Minister’s lips at Evanessa’s passionate explanation. He cocked his head to the side. He seemed to be looking at the cover of the thick book that Evanessa was planning to read.

‘I can’t tell for sure as his long hair makes it impossible to see his eyes.’

As Evanessa complained to herself, she opened the book to its first page. She planned on checking the rough outline of the book, before borrowing it and returning to her villa.

[The History of the Empire at A Glance] would be a better choice than the book you have now.”

Evanessa looked up at the prime minister as he started to leaf through his book. She recalled her experiences from when she played as the princess. The place where you would most often encounter this nameless and suspicious extra was the Palace Library.

“Could reading be your hobby?”

“Something like that.”

In any case, it looked like this country’s prime minister had so much free time that he could afford to indulge in his hobbies, even in the middle of the day. Although he should have the same amount of duties as the Prime Minister’s office of South Korea.

‘Is it lacking in realism because we’re in a game, or could he just be a salary thief?’

At that moment, the prime minister, who wasn’t even looking in Evanessa’s direction, gave a slight smile.

“My subordinates tend to feel like they suffer a lot because they’ve picked the wrong boss.”

“…could it be that you know how to read minds?”

“Have you ever considered that your expressions are just too transparent?”

Evanessa shut her mouth and rose from her seat. Whatever you might say about him, she acknowledged it would be a more efficient use of her time if she read the book that the empire’s young and capable(?) Prime Minister had recommended.

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A Trivial Extra in a Dating Sim
Chapter 27