A Trivial Extra in a Dating Sim
Chapter 28

Author: Charity
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However, Evanessa soon proved that her characteristic lack of direction was at work even in the middle of a library. Over twenty minutes after she had left the reading table, she was still unable to find the History and Culture section.

‘I don’t think that I was this bad in real life…’

Just as she was plunging into a pit of self-consciousness, her life-saver appeared.

“It’s this one.”

The low sound of his voice, accompanied by a cool, lemon scent, washed over her. It was a smell that she had already encountered three times so far.

‘Could the scent of lemons be popular among the men here?’

Her savior, who was apparently kinder than he appeared, had personally gone out of his way and found the book that he had recommended, in order to hand it to her. Evanessa received the book with a puzzled expression.

“Thank you very much.”

“It looks like your body is feeling better.”

The rumour that the Saintess had left the tower in a zombie-like state had already spread throughout the palace. Evanessa nodded her head.

“I am fine, for now.”

“Even if it’s just to make it easier for you to live, how about increasing your stamina.”

The nuances of the Prime Minister’s words were strange. It was as if he knew the real reason for Evanessa’s collapse.

‘Well, he is the Prime Minister after all, it wouldn’t be strange if he knew the real reason for why I fainted.’

The cover for Evanessa’s visit to the Wizards Tower, was that she was there to cheer up the wizards. However, those in the know knew the real truth. That she was there to treat the patients who had caught mana overdose and were quarantined on the top floor of the Wizards Tower.

“I actually wanted to ask you something about this.”


“What type of exercise is trending around here?”

She couldn’t be sure as the top half of his face was covered by the bird’s nest of his hair, but Evanessa felt that he was looking at her with a very strange expression.

“… Among the aristocracy, horse riding usually holds the greatest popularity.”

“And among the commoners?”

As someone who was solely familiar with public transportation, Evanessa didn’t know how to ride a horse. The Prime Minister leaned back against a pillar near the bookshelves. Tapping a finger against his jaw; by all appearances, he looked to be in serious consideration.

“It seems like the swordsmanship tournament that’s held at every Lunium’s Day Festival usually boasts high levels of popularity.”

“…aren’t there any simple exercises that can be done with just your body? No weapons.”

“Well, let me see. I dislike being active, so I’m not really sure.”

The Prime Minister didn’t look like someone who would usually share their opinion of disliking exercise, what with his broad shoulders and solid build.

‘Could he have just been born with it?’

Of course, Evanessa also possessed a lovely figure without an ounce of fat. But apart from her beauty, her stamina was so weak that it was practically nonexistent.

As it was, before she could even succeed in capturing one of the male leads, it was more likely that she would see the sudden death ending. If she wanted to try and raise her stats with Affection points, she would first need to gather at least ten points.

Evanessa sighed unconsciously.

“In any case, for recommending this book and sharing your concerns with me, thank you for everything.”

“Saintess Evanessa.”

Evanessa, who was turning to leave, looked back at the Prime Minister with a quizzical expression. The sunlight glided over his sharp nose and mouth that were visible beneath his unkempt hair.

“I heard that you were planning to go out tomorrow.”

“Yes. Along with Lady Sagrina.”

“Make sure to avoid dark places.”


Evanessa blinked at that sudden warning. However, the Prime Minister didn’t offer a more detailed explanation, instead he left abruptly, leaving without a trace.

Evanessa, who was left all to her lonesome amongst the bookshelves, clutched the book that the Prime Minister had chosen for her to her chest.

‘No matter how you look at it, he’s not just a simple extra.’

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A Trivial Extra in a Dating Sim
Chapter 28