A World Worth Protecting
Chapter 419: The Icing On The Cake!

Author: Er Gen

Seeing the surprise on the visitors' faces, and that even Wang Baole had widened his eyes in shock, Liu Daobin gloated secretly in his heart. He took a look at Lin Tianhao, laughing silently in his heart as he thought about how even though Lin Tianhao had achieved whatever he had now based on his abilities, he still fell short compared to himself.

After all, he wasn't only capable, but also had the ability to suck up to Wang Baole. The latter skill, to him, was equally important as the former skill. It was something that his father had exemplified and taught the importance of to him since he was young. He constantly reminded him about it, and he couldn't forget the words that his father had said while slapping his thigh one fateful day after he had a drink.

"Humans, they all like to hear pleasing words. Any human would love hearing them. Only horses and cows wouldn't like them. However, you have to remember these are all fluff. Do you know what fluff is? Do you know what it means by the icing on the cake? If you have the cake, and the icing, then I don't have to worry about your future anymore. So, Daobin, when you have mastered this skill, you are already a step ahead of everyone!"

At first, Liu Daobin didn't care much about what his father had said. When he first gained admission to Ethereal Dao College, his life plan was to become a Dharmic Armament Master, but as fate would have it, his plans were thrown off course after he met Wang Baole…

As such, he followed the path that his father had been on. On this path, he increasingly felt that his father didn't have it easy. At the same time, based on what he knew about sucking up, he developed his own extended theory about it.

Many times, there is no need to use words to suck up to others. Silent actions are superior to overt presentations, and that represents the highest level of skill! Liu Daobin gloated and didn't mention anything much regarding the sculptures. Instead, he continued leading Wang Baole and company, who were still in shock, and carried on with the tour. As they walked, statues of Wang Baole appeared before the eyes of the crowd one after another. Gasps of shock gradually vanished, and while still in that state of surprise, even Lin Tianhao conceded to a certain extent.

They felt that there was no need to continue viewing. It was imaginable that in Wen Huai's autonomous zone, Wang Baoles would be on every street and alley… Therefore, they all looked towards Wen Huai with pity.

Wen Huai was expressionless, as he had already grown numb to everything. From the time Liu Daobin had erected the first sculpture in the autonomous zone until now, where Wang Baole sculptures had grown innumerable, he had gradually gotten used to everything—including the fact that Liu Daobin was using this method to brainwash his subordinates…

That resulted in him losing more loyal followers. He even began to feel that even though the disciples from the Galactic Dusk Sect only knew how to kill, when compared to Liu Daobin, they were relatively purer and child-like.

It wasn't that no one had seen through those tricks. It was just, on the one hand, Wang Baole was authoritative, and on the other, Liu Daobin didn't try to hide his intentions; he was clearly telling everyone that he was sucking up to the City Lord, and there was nothing that anyone could do about it.

As such, the others were really at wit's end as to how to stop him. Only, there was no way they could stop Liu Daobin from sucking up to Wang Baole. At the same time, they didn't want to create misunderstandings between themselves and Wang Baole… Therefore, the number of sculptures grew.

While Wen Huai felt unhappy and experienced a complex of emotions, Lin Tianhao and company all remained silent. Wang Baole was surprised, but also felt curious. Looking at the sculptures, he felt that they were all extraordinarily handsome, and he looked at Liu Daobin with even more satisfaction in his eyes.

Having caught Wang Baole's gaze, Liu Daobin felt energized. He thought that his efforts this time around were extremely worthwhile. However, he was also clear of his limits, and that it was insufficient to merely suck up to others. Therefore, he began speaking cheerfully to Wang Baole.

"City Lord, are you here today to find out why there is no one cultivating the evil cultivation technique of the Art of Longevity?"

Hearing that Liu Daobin had taken the initiative to bring up the matter, Wang Baole grew even more satisfied, and the smile on his face grew even wider. He pointed at Liu Daobin and smiled, looking at Lin Tianhao and company who were beside him.

"Take a look at that. We didn't ask, but he has taken the initiative to answer our question."

Lin Tianhao smiled, and the people around also cooperated as they revealed a friendly smile while looking at Liu Daobin.

"City Lord, the reason why no one here is practicing the evil art is that I have strengthened everyone's understanding, such that everyone clearly knew what they should and shouldn't do. In addition, I have also perfected the system of reward and punishment, which resulted in this zone that is so full of energy!" Liu Daobin hurriedly spoke, and his words were extremely pleasing. However, everyone, including Wang Baole, had managed to catch something that didn't match up.

Lin Tianhao cleared his throat and sent out a voice transmission to Wang Baole, explaining the results of his investigation to him. As Wang Baole listened, his expression grew awkward. After combining that information with what Liu Daobin had said, he immediately understood what was weird about the situation.

In reality, since Liu Daobin arrived in Wen Huai's autonomous zone, he took charge of the local disciplinary department, and also perfected the whistle-blowing system, such that the process of doing so was extremely simple. At the same time, every piece of reported news was handled in the shortest time possible. Various degrees of punishment were meted out to those involved, while the ones who reported the news were rewarded!

He continuously advocated, and secretly found, many followers which he led personally. Gradually, after all the effort that he put in, he made whistle-blowing a collective consciousness in Wen Huai's autonomous zone…

Even though there were no whistle-blowers initially, as the number of people who began reporting grew, everyone became increasingly cautious and began whistle-blowing themselves. They would report everything that they were unhappy with, regardless of whether it was a trivial or serious matter.

At the same time, a group of people who had reaped the benefits turned into professional whistle-blowers. Through that, they accumulated large amounts of resources and Spirit Stones needed for cultivation.

Even Wen Huai was helpless. He had the intention to handle the matter, but when he recalled that Liu Daobin was a representative of Wang Baole, he gave up.

As everyone grew accustomed to whistle-blowing, the first cultivator who had come to spread the Art of Longevity was reported by hundreds of people as a result of his suspicious movements. He didn't even manage to stay for half an hour before he was taken away.

At that time, Wang Baole hadn't put in place the regulation to prohibit anyone from practicing the Art of Longevity. However, the sudden emergence of this cultivation technique, though not unusual in the other zones, was seen as a serious offense in this zone where everyone was engaged in the practice of whistle-blowing. Regardless of whether it was an issue, everyone chose to report it, as they would get rewarded if it ever became a problem.

Even if it wasn't a problem, it was a chance to prove that they were responsible and serious in their jobs.

After hearing about it, Wang Baole didn't know whether to laugh or cry. On the other hand, Liu Daobin was feeling extremely delighted, thinking that he had handled the matter with perfection. However, he still felt that he should further show off his efforts. As such, he tried to appear responsible and loyal, announcing loudly to Wang Baole.

"City Lord, when the Art of Longevity first emerged here, even though there were no civil regulations, Daobin here remembered the City Lord's teachings and didn't dare to let my guard down one bit. At the same time, I didn't want to disappoint you, and couldn't allow any mishaps to happen. Therefore, I prohibited all the cultivators here from practicing the Art of Longevity. I had wanted to come to a firmer decision after observing the situation, but something untoward happened."

"Thankfully, the City Lord is heroic and so capable that you managed to foil the sinister plan that could have shaken the foundation of Mars and the new city. Daobin hereby represents the thousands of cultivators in the zone to thank the City Lord for saving our lives!" As Liu Daobin spoke, he greeted Wang Baole deeply with cupped fists.

Seeing his act, the other cultivators in the zone who surrounded him hesitated briefly before bowing towards Wang Baole. Even Wen Huai and company were helpless, seeing that everyone had followed suit. They had no choice but to express their gratitude as well, no matter how unwilling they were.

Lin Tianhao was utterly dumbfounded by what he had just seen. His vigilance towards Liu Daobin grew, and he hurriedly bowed towards Wang Baole as well. Immediately, as words of gratitude sounded all around him, Wang Baole was speechless, but also extremely pleased. He chided Liu Daobin briefly, but his appreciation of him grew even more obvious.

They carried on with the tour for a while longer, and after confirming that everything in the zone was under Liu Daobin's control, Wang Baole left with Lin Tianhao after praising Wen Huai.

At the same time, as they left, in an office located inside Chen Mu's autonomous zone, Chen Mu was staring expressionlessly and coldly at a middle-aged cultivator in front of him.

"Who are you?" Chen Mu spoke slowly.

That cultivator was dressed in a Daoist robe from the Five Generation Sky Clan. He was one of Chen Mu's assistants and had always been cautious around him. However, today, without any instruction for him to come, he appeared suddenly and bizarrely in front of Chen Mu. His demeanor and expressions differed from usual, and he seemed to be an entirely different person. To a certain extent, Chen Mu could feel a sense of danger wafting off of him.

"Fellow Daoist Chen, it doesn't matter who I am. What matters is that I have links to the Art of Longevity. You can get someone to apprehend me and pass me to Wang Baole. Alternatively, you can give me, as well as yourself, a chance. Let me represent my master and have a discussion with you…"

A World Worth Protecting
Chapter 419: The Icing On The Cake!