Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World
Chapter 371

Author: Lu Fei
Source: Centinni

The tiger stared at the dream weaver, ready to drag and nibble it again at any time. 

Huang Beiyue held the dream weaver, avoiding the saliva that covered it. She looked at the people lying on the dream and commanded, “Wake them up.”

The dream weaver obediently blinked. The petals on its body opened to reveal a small and round shape; a pointy green stem grew out of its head. 

It vibrated with its stem in the air, spreading ripples through the air like an ultrasound wave, and the sleeping students and teachers slowly woke up. 

Huang Beiyue placed the dream weaver in her bag and ordered it not to move. She walked over to Princess Yingye and helped her up from the ground. 

“What’s the matter?” Princess Yingye opened her eyes with a pale face, only to feel a headache. 

After the nightmare caused by the dream weaver, Huang Beiyue’s heart was still distressed and wary. She looked around with blank eyes.

“It’s good that you’ve woken up.” Seeing that Princess Yingye was okay, Huang Beiyue felt relieved. When she was trapped in her nightmare, Huang Beiyue had been fighting her. Fortunately, Feng Lianyi had awoken her in time. Otherwise, how could Princess Yingye ever hope to survive with Huang Beiyue as her opponent?

But, it meant that Feng Lianyi and his guard, Yu Wendi, had not been pulled into the dream weaver’s illusions. Why was that? Everybody had come here together, and even she hadn’t expected for there to be a dream weaver!

It seemed strange. Were the people of his city hiding secrets? Were they merely immune to the illusions of the dream weaver or had he known that there would be a dream weaver!?

Huang Beiyue raised her head and looked at Feng Lianyi, the suspicion in her eyes visible. If she was even slightly mistrustful of him, she wouldn’t be able to believe anything he said. She lacked the capability to trust! 

Feng Lianyi’s eyes fluttered, and the smile that graced the corner of his lips slowly disappeared. He turned to avoid looking at her and lowered his head, gently asking Princess Yingye a question full of concern.

Sure enough, there was a problem!

Huang Beiyue avoided looking at him, too, and instead, looked at the waking students and teachers.

“Elder, it must’ve been a dream weaver!” Scholar Lei and several other teachers blushed in both embarrassment and shame. 

The dream weaver can bring out the darkest parts of a person’s consciousness that they’re most reluctant to face. Many have lost their temper, so even the most dignified of the teachers would naturally feel guilty. This would include Elder Nangong, whose beard was messy and disorganized.

Elder Nangong coughed and said, “I didn’t expect a dream weaver to show up in this area of the Floating Forest. This adventure is indeed full of twists and turns.”

Scholar Guo was seriously injured and covered with countless injuries. In the illusions of the dream weaver, he had started a war with Scholar Lei. Neither of them had gained anything except injuries. And for this reason, they dared not to face each other at this moment. 

“Elder, most of the students and teachers are seriously injured. This time, I’m afraid that . . .”

Elder Nangong stood up and looked around. Everything was indeed a mess. 

Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World
Chapter 371