Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World
Chapter 373

Author: Lu Fei
Source: Centinni

“Don’t go too far ahead. The further you go, the more dangerous it gets,” whispered somebody in a patrol group.

They were lucky they hadn’t been injured yet.

“What did you dream about?”

“Don’t mention it! What is there to say about those kinds of things? It’s merely an illusion woven by dream weavers!”

“But it can’t be woven without using your memories.”

“Stop. Although it’s disappointing that we can’t continue training, now is the time to patrol!”

“If we can’t go on, we can’t go on! The Floating Forest is much too strange. I dare not stay.”

“It’s a dead-end!”

Huang Beiyue felt upset listening to these people. Being at the back of the group allowed her to slip away, so she slowed down and did exactly that.

Seeing her upset, the little red-golden sage tiger befell a low mood. He rubbed her hand and tenderly purred as if trying to please her.

Huang Beiyue looked down at him and said, “Why are you being noisy? If you’re hungry, go find something to eat.”

Afterward, she set the tiger on the ground, patted him, and let him go find food nearby.

He ran two steps ahead, turned around, and ran back, staying beside her.

“If you don’t go look for food yourself, I won’t care if you starve to death.” A depressed mood settled upon her. How could she ever play with him?

“He’s only a day old. He can’t find his own food.” Feng Lianyi’s warm voice sounded like a flowing spring.

The tiger’s spirits revived, and he suddenly stood up happily, running to the back. Feng Lianyi stooped to pick him up and gave him a piece of meat. Looking at the tiger eat, Feng Lianyi smiled and said, “It seems as though you haven’t given him a name. What do you plan to call him in the future?”

Huang Beiyue stood up and turned around slowly, looking at him coldly. “What are you doing with him?”

“I’m worried about you when you’re alone,” he answered truthfully. “I know you’re in a bad mood, but you can’t treat your life like a joke. There are many dangers in the Floating Forest.”

“Feng Lianyi, have you always been so hypocritical and pretentious?” After listening to his words, Huang Beiyue’s face grew even colder, her words laced with sarcasm. “Are you afraid that you can’t take off your mask after wearing it for such a long time?”

Feng Lianyi was slightly stunned and said, “I have no false intentions towards you.”

“You’re already fake enough! Don’t bullshit in front of me!” Her voice wavered, and her figure flashed. She appeared in front of Feng Lianyi in a flash and punched him!

Before Huang Beiyue’s fist could hit his body, Feng Lianyi felt the pressure and hurriedly flashed to the side. He quickly placed the tiger on the ground before blocking the fierce punch of Huang Beiyue!

“Why don’t you believe me?” His voice had grown cold, mixed with distrusted anger and annoyance!

“Huh! Believe you? Then tell me, what’s the deal with the dream weaver? Would you care to explain?” Huang Beiyue was equally unwilling to show weakness. He was strong, but she wouldn’t be weaker than him!

The two of them fought against each other with punches and kicks instead of using their innate energy inside the dark forest.

One punch, one slap, and no compromises!

The little golden tiger watched on the sidelines, tilting his head and looking between Huang Beiyue and Feng Lianyi.

Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World
Chapter 373