Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World
Chapter 377

Author: Lu Fei
Source: Centinni

It turned out that this dreamweaver wasn’t wholly dumb after all. It was just different from all the other spirit beasts and challenging to communicate with.

Seeing those spiritual beasts look at her expectantly, Huang Beiyue took things a bit easier with them. However, her grudge against the dreamweavers, who had caused her excruciating pain, didn’t allow her to let it go so easily.

She beckoned for the little holy tiger to come over and set the dreamweaver in his mouth.”Go over there and observe it. Don’t let it get away, okay?”

Immediately feeling honored at being entrusted with such a heavy task, the tiger nodded excitedly. Drooling, it ran cheerfully towards the few dreamweavers.

The poor dreamweaver shivered inside his mouth, its teeth chattering. The few dreamweavers watching jumped up and down in fright, squeaking and grunting the whole time.

The tiger let it go and threw the dreamweaver on the ground. It rolled on the ground and ran to its parent’s side, shedding tears and complaining.

The dreamweaver’s mother sadly used her flower petals to wipe her tears and touched the little dreamweaver’s head. Its mother didn’t know what to say and gave it a small, pocket-sized bag to hang around its neck.

The dreamweaver immediately opened its mouth and cried out so it wouldn’t be wronged!

Huang Beiyue watched from behind, although she couldn’t understand the words of these little things. However, she assumed that it was protesting against its parents, begging them not to give it to Huang Beiyue.

The dreamweaver’s parents were in tears, and a group of small dreamweavers wailed together in a group. Their noisy squeaking sounds were unbearably terrible to listen to!

“Stop!” Huang Beiyue let out a shout, scaring the little weaving beast to the point where he almost ran away with his limp legs.

The dreamweaver’s mother squeaked and didn’t know what to say. Huang Beiyue looked towards Feng Lianyi, who laughed and said, “She says that this is her youngest child and that he’s very slow. She hopes that you can be kind to him and prevent the other spirit beasts from bullying him.”

Huang Beiyue rubbed her temples, and although she looked full of concern on the surface, her heart felt slightly touched. These dreamweaver children, who would all be leaving their parents one day, would be forever remembered by them, even the smallest, mouthy one.

 “If he obeys, I will naturally protect him well.”

Listening, its mother caressed the little dreamweaver one last time, gave another squeak, and let the father say his final farewells.

After hugging its pocket-sized bag while crying and squeaking, the little dream beast turned around reluctantly. But suddenly, it saw the head of the little red gold holy tiger. With the tiger being several times bigger, it was scared out of its mind.

The tiger mischievously opened its mouth and gestured to take him. The dreamweaver squeaked and ran wildly in the direction of Huang Beiyue, holding its small bag.

The dreamweaver looked like a  little round ball of wool with little petals, squeaking and squealing with tears in its eyes.

With the dreamweaver acting like this, the tiger grew excited and chased it as though it were actually a ball of wool.

The tiger was then right behind it, exhaling hot breaths that scared it half to death. It squeaked and ran to Huang Beiyue, hugging her legs in a panic for help.

Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World
Chapter 377