Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World
Chapter 378

Author: Lu Fei
Source: Centinni

Phoenix Bei Yue reached out and picked it up, swinging it twice in front of the little Red Gold Sacred Tiger, causing little Red Gold Sacred Tiger to jump up several times, almost biting the little Dreamweaver Beast.

One was so excited, and the other was so frightened and it was screaming that it was almost half dead.

There was a group of weaving dream beasts on the other side, and they were scared and nervous..

“Haha!” Huo Bei Yue laughed twice, put the little weaving dream beast into the carry-on bag, patted on the little Red Gold Sacred Tiger’s head and said, “Not bad, go back there is Meat for you,eat it”

The little Dream Weaving Beast revealed a pair of eyes from its carry-on bag with a pack of tears in them, raised its short hand, waved and cry lowly to its family.

Phoenix Bei Yue also looked over there and said, “Don’t worry, my spirit beast, no one dares to bully it!” and added mentally: of course I’m the only one who can bully it.

The Dream Weaving Beasts slowly left, and Phoenix Bei Yue turned to look at Wind Lian Yi: “ time you dare to play dirty tricks on me, I definitely won’t let you go!”

Feng Lianyi spread his hands and learned this time, He will not be able to do so in the future. He also regretted seeing her so trapped in a dream, I knew that I should remind her first.

“North Moon County Lord, are you here? Scared the hell out of us!” The female teacher who was leading the patrol just now hurriedly came over here and was so relieved when she saw Phoenix Bei Yue.

Whoever lost can be lost , but Princess Bei Yue must never be lost!

The female teacher said, looking up and seeing Feng Lianwei yi, her pretty face immediately covered with layer of blush, and her voice immediately softened down: “Prince Yi! , you’re here too.”

This magnificent ninth prince of the Northern Thermal Kingdom had absolute killing power for the women of the Southern Wing Kingdom.

But normally, although he looked affable and gentle and elegant, like a noble son, he was actually very difficult to approach, and beneath his warm, jade-like appearance, there seemed to be a kind of indifference that rejected people.

Usually it was difficult to get close to him, so when she suddenly encountered him at this time, the female teacher was nervous and shy.

Feng Lianwei smiled warmly and said, “I asked the North Moon Lord for something, that’s why I called her over, I’m sorry for causing you trouble! .”

“It’s okay it’s okay, it’s just a small matter.” The female teacher said shyly, so she thought about how to strike up a conversation, “I heard that the winged prince hasn’t been feeling well lately, I wonder how he’s doing now ?”

Feng Lianwei smiled slightly: “Small illnesses, thank you for your care, does Teacher Sun have something to look for Northern Moon County?”

Ending her hitch without a trace, and also making Sun teacher feel flattered, thinking in her heart: he actually remembered my surname Sun, it seems that in his eyes, there a bit of my existence.

“It was Elder Nangong who told everyone to gather and prepare to pull out the camp and return.”

Phoenix Bei Yue was surprised, “So soon? We haven’t been here that long, aren’t we going to be practicing for half a month?”

“Your Highness, the damage caused by the Dream Weaving Beast this time was too great, that’s why Elder Nangong ordered to go back, the adventure will have to wait for the next plan up.” Teacher Sun patiently explained.

So that’s how it was, for the safety of the students, Elder Nangong had to do it, right? after all, this era was very important to students with talent..

Martial artists were valued, and they should be protected at a young age!

“Understood, let’s go back then.” Phoenix Bei Yue smiled at Teacher Sun and picked up the little Red Gold Sacred Tiger and left .

Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World
Chapter 378