Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World
Chapter 379

Author: Lu Fei
Source: Centinni

Feng Lian Yi was a bit helpless, this girl was too cunning, obviously pushing him openly into the fire pit .

“ah….” he let out a sigh

“Prince Feng , I admire your accomplishments in piano art, I although a martial arts master, my father wanted me to…” Teacher Sun said shyly.

Feng Lian Yi smiled slightly, suddenly raised his head softly and said, “Teacher Sun.”

That shy teacher Sun who was looking up at him, but suddenly saw those hazel eyes and suddenly froze . here eyes were dull for a moment.

Once again, Feng Lianyi’s lips curled as he said, “Teacher Sun, did you just say that Elder Nangong asked us to gather over?”

“Huh? Oh…right!” After a moment of stunned silence, Teacher Sun finally nodded blankly.

“Let’s go then.” Feng Lian Yi smiled politely at her and headed forward.

That Sun teacher looked at his back, her mind completely unable to remember what had just happened,she just felt faintly regretful. With such a good chance, she didn’t say a word to him!

Phoenix Bei Yue walked out a few steps, turned around, but saw that the Feng Lian Yi had followed,she was slightly surprised,She secretly admiring this person good tactics, he actually got a woman who admire him so quickly?

With a light and elegant smile in his eyes, Feng Lian Yi said, “You are so young, but you are actually so smart,no matter the time is you cant relax and take it lightly.”

Huo Bei Yue raised her eyebrows, snorted lightly, and walked back to the place where she had set up the camp with the Little Red Gold Sacred Tiger in her arms.

Looking at the reorganized team, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed, I thought that I could harvest a lot from coming to the Floating Light Forest, but I didn’t expect to go back so soon.

What a change of plans! However, compared to the others, she was quite richly rewarded.

A young divine beast Red Gold Sacred Tiger, a rare Dream Weaving Beast, any one of them would make one’s eyes turn red with jealousy!

“Three sisters!” When she saw her coming, Xiao Zhongqi strode over and pulled her aside.

“What’s the matter big brother?” Phoenix Bei Yue asked with a smile.

Xiao Zhongqi looked a little embarrassed. After clearing his throat, he lowered his voice and said:”There is still no news about second sister, Elder Nangong Already ordered to go back.Is it possible to leave the second sister alone?”

Phoenix Bei Yue pretended to be surprised: “Second Sister hasn’t come back yet??”

Xiao Zhongqi nodded gravely and said, “No matter what, they are blood brothers and sisters, you are the emperor’s beloved princess, as long as you talk to elder Nangong, Elder Nangong will send someone to find her.”

“The second sister is from the Lingyang Academy. She is missing. Elders of Nangong will naturally send people to look for her. Now it is about everyone’s comfort. You can’t let everyone wait for second sister alone ,there are so many people, who would agree?”

Xiao Zhongqi also thought of this, after all, everyone was concerned about their own safety now, who would care about others? That’s why he wanted to come and look for phoenix beiyue and ask her to think of a solution.

As Phoenix Beiyue looked at him hesitantly and smiled: “Big Brother be at ease. Although elder Nangong ordered us to leave, he will still leave people behind to continue looking for the second sister.and if you have to offend someone for your second sister, you’ll lose more than you gain.”

“How you say that it is still my sister!” Xiao Zhongqi still refused to agree.

Phoenix Bei Yue laughed, “If you were the one who disappeared today, do you think second sister would be so anxious to find you?”

Xiao is the son of Auntie Qin, and like Auntie Qin, he is arrogant on the surface, but inside he is weak.

Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World
Chapter 379