Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World
Chapter 383

Author: Lu Fei
Source: Lucky Ducky Translations

Empress Dowager returned to her senses, also nodded, and murmured, “Alike, very alike. Beiyue, come in and let Royal Grandmother take a look.”

“Yes,” Beiyue got on the carriage and opened the curtains to go in. Empress Dowager beckoned at her to let her sit.

“You have suffered. How did you become this thin?” The corner of Empress Dowager’s eyes was red. Although her face was well maintained, it still showed traces of aging. The few deep wrinkles made people feel sad.

Huang Beiyue sniffed, and what she felt at this moment was true affection. The kind Royal Grandmother has been away for many years, and Huang Beiyue had been looking forward to meeting her, and now, they finally met.

“Beiyue did not suffer hardships, but Royal Grandmother, how is your health?”

“Good, this Empress Dowager’s health is very good,” Empress Dowager pursed her lips and was speechless for a long time.

Seeing that Huang Beiyue didn’t say anything, Princess Yingye said, “Royal Grandmother, Beiyue doesn’t want you to worry, so she deliberately concealed some things. How did she live well? The news spread in the imperial capital a few days ago of Xiao Yuancheng and his concubine’s malicious deeds!”

“Princess,” Huang Beiyue glanced at her. This Princess Yingye is full of willfulness. The Empress Dowager has only recently returned and has not yet reached the imperial capital. How can she already start complaining to her?

In her memory, Empress Dowager was very kind and always cared for her. When Princess Huiwen passed away, Empress Dowager was sad and ill for several months. Now that her body is well and strong, how can she let her feel sad and worried again?

“Yingye, what did you just say?” Empress Dowager naturally heard what she just said and there was a faint trace of anger on her face, “That Xiao Yuancheng, what did he do?”

Princess Yingye pouted and looked at Huang Beiyue and said in a low voice, “That Xiao Yuancheng and his concubine destroyed the property of the Eldest Princess’s mansion. A few days ago, he even asked someone to set a fire in Liuyun Pavilion, where Beiyue lives, to kill her.”

“Bastard!” Empress Dowager slapped the pillow next to her, “Someone come and go catch that Xiao Yuancheng!”

“Royal Grandmother, when you were not here, I called the shots myself. I asked Geng Zhong from Tingwei Temple to investigate and obtained evidence. Xiao Yuancheng and his concubines have been sent to prison,” Princess Yingye stuck out her tongue and said playfully.

“Princess Yingye is witty and clever!” Auntie Su praised her.

Empress Dowager nodded and said happily, “Yingye did a good job. That Xiao Yuancheng dared to be so bold. I misunderstood him back then!”

Empress Dowager took a few deep breaths. It seemed that she was very angry. Seeing this, Huang Beiyue wanted to say that Princess Huiwen was not killed but poisoned. In the end, she couldn’t bear to say it.

Today Princess Yinye is too impatient. Before she could say it, Empress Dowager is already very angry. She is old and can’t withstand the blows, so she has to think of a tactful way to say it.

“Beiyue, you have suffered such a great grievance. I am sorry for you. It would be better if I had taken you with me back then. I just thought that the trip would be bumpy. You were young and should grow in a more stable place. Who knew that this would… let you…” Empress Dowager got worked up and as she got to the end, she choked a little.

“Royal Grandmother, growing up with dangers may also be a good thing. After this incident, I now know that people’s hearts can be sinister, so I will be more careful dealing with things in the future,” Huang Beiyue said softly.

Auntie Su was startled and even Empress Dowager was fazed for a moment. Looking at her immature face, she had never expected a twelve-year-old child to say such a thing.

Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World
Chapter 383