After Rebirth: What should I do if my boyfriend has a boyfriend?
Chapter 13

Author: 阿阮有酒
Source: Sleepy Translations (2)

Chu Chuan’s calligraphy was practiced when he was guarded by his grandfather. Grandpa Chu had been a teacher for many years. After retiring, he moved back to the countryside with Grandma Chu.

Every year when Chu Chuan returned in winter and summer vacation, he had to hand in his homework to his grandfather. This habit of his remained until the last summer vacation before the start of university.

It affected him so much that after Jiang Yi and Chu Chuan were together in his previous life, his boyfriend always disliked his writing style. In the words of his boyfriend, it was “written like a dog crawl or a dog who is drunk and is doing Tai Chi.”

Jiang Yi was puzzled for a second, “… How can a dog do Tai Chi?”

Chu Chuan glanced at him with interest, “For details, refer to how you usually look when you are drunk.”

Jiang Yi, “…”

Damn, what should I do if my boyfriend’s mouth is so venomous as if he wants to kill me? Waiting online, it’s urgent.

Jiang Yi, “Then why are you going to bed with a dog? I think you were having a good time fucking on the bed? You were even going to shake the bed apart.”

Chu Chuan, “…”

Although it’s rare to break back a game in lip service, Jiang Yi was not happy. The allusion of hurting the enemy by 1000 and hurting 800 by himself was used very vividly by him.

All in all, the above were all the former words.

Later, he was nagged more often, and Jiang Yi himself was not as embarrassed as the first time, clamoring to buy a copybook to practice calligraphy.

Chu Chuan took the time to glance at the webpage he had opened and chuckled after seeing the search of cursive writing posts.

Jiang Yi was annoyed, “Why are you laughing!”

“You can’t even write well in neat italics, still want to practice cursive writing?” Chu Chuan asked him back.

Jiang Yi, “Then can a person can’t see a pig run if he hasn’t eaten pork? What is it? You have a problem?”

“No problem.” Chu Chuan shook his head, bent over, and took out a written handwriting notebook from his drawer, and threw it in front of him, lazily leaning on the back of the chair, “Why don’t you ask your man for a copybook if you want to practice calligraphy. What can you find on the Internet?”

Jiang Yi was stunned for a second, then smiled secretly while hitting the other with an elbow, deliberately prolonging the pitch, “Brother Chuan— you even drink the vinegar of a calligrapher who has been working for hundreds of years?”

Chu Chuan held his elbow as a demon while turning away his face calmly, not paying attention to him.

Jiang Yi was not willing to let go of the rare opportunity to tease Chu Chuan. Without giving up, he leaned forward to the opponent’s face and repeated the same monosyllable intonation in a more accented tone, “Hmm?! hmm?!”

Chu Chuan stretched out two fingers impatiently and held his nose firmly. Jiang Yi immediately stopped, and started looking at Chu Chuan with wet eyes, having a dazzling scent of coquetry.

Chu Chuan snorted and let go of his hand while saying, “If you have time to be cute, why don’t you hurry up and practice calligraphy. If you don’t complete it for me, don’t try to crawl into my bed in the middle of the night to squeeze me.”

Jiang Yi, “…”

Jiang Yi, “Fuck, Chuan-ge, why are you so cruel?”

Chu Chuan sneered, “In society, there are many Chuan-ge, and are even more ruthless than me.”

Jiang Yi, “…”

Two days after the copybook was given, Jiang Yi was thrown aside. For the next two consecutive nights, he deliberately climbed onto the bed of Chu Chuan to squeeze in the bed after the lights were turned off in the dormitory, but was ruthlessly driven off by the latter.

On the third night, Jiang Yi learned to be smarter. First, he made a confession with Lin Yue and Zhong Yu, so that the two of them kept saying that Jiang Yi hadn’t come back. Before Chu Chuan returned, he sneaked into Chu Chuan’s bed to hide.

In the end, he was picked up by Chu Chuan and was driven out from the bed.

Jiang Yi stepped barefoot on the dark dorm floor in his pajamas, and shouted angrily, “… Fuck you, I want to break up with you! Break up!”

Chu Chuan, “Don’t think about sleeping with me, let alone breaking up.”

Jiang Yi, “…”

“Is there a boyfriend like this?! Shouldn’t I break up with this kind of boyfriend, why should I keep him, for the New Year?!” Jiang Yi complained, turning his head to look at the two beds behind him, “You two help me judge.”

The two bunks in the bed tents that were still shining with the screen light of the mobile phone just a second ago went dark silently.

Immediately afterward, one after another sound of snoring sounded in his ears.

Jiang Yi, “…”

Although, Jiang Yi was unable to cure Chu Chuan. He began to work harder to buy small desserts to eat.

Chu Chuan doesn’t like to eat sweets, Jiang Yi knew it for a long time. Whenever he eats a small dessert, he digs the first bite for himself, and the second bite will definitely be delivered to Chu Chuan’s mouth for the other person to eat.

Chu Chuan really couldn’t help him, he would deliberately raise his eyebrows and sink his face to make excuses, “Don’t think I didn’t see you licking the spoon. Are you trying to give me your saliva?”

Jiang Yi would smile and persuade him, “It’s delicious, Chuan-ge, take a bite.”

Chu Chuan would always sip the spoon helplessly, “It’s terrible and greasy. Don’t give me your saliva next time.”

Jiang Yi was stunned and said that he and the other party had kissed so many times, and he really couldn’t tell that Chu Chuan didn’t like to taste his saliva. He put a big mouthful of tiramisu into his mouth speechlessly.

As if seeing what he was thinking, Chu Chuan pressed the back of his head and kissed him, the tip of his tongue flexibly opened Jiang Yi’s teeth to drill into the mouth, and swallowed all the tiramisu that he had not had the time to swallow.

After the kiss, Chu Chuan raised his eyebrows and said, “Don’t feed me from the spoon in the future, I will only eat from your mouth.”

Jiang Yi blinked and laughed, “How boring it is only you get to eat? I want to eat too.”

With that said, he scraped off a thick layer of cream with a spoon and applied it on Chu Chuan’s lips. He tilted his head and stuck out the tip of his tongue slightly and licked it carefully on Chu Chuan’s lips.

He’s so well-behaved like the lion-haired dog they have raised for many years.

Chu Chuan’s eyes darkened, and when he spoke again, his voice was slightly muted, which was imperceptible, “Will Lin Yue and Zhong Yu come back tonight?”

Jiang Yi left the chair and sat on Chu Chuan’s lap, his crotch slightly lifted up against the opponent’s abdominal muscles, and he whispered softly, “Come and fuck me, Chuan-ge.”

Chu Chuan bit his lips abruptly, and the warm breath vented from between his lips and teeth when he spoke, “Don’t cry to Dad later. Nevertheless—”

“It’s useless to cry.”

After Rebirth: What should I do if my boyfriend has a boyfriend?
Chapter 13