After Rebirth: What should I do if my boyfriend has a boyfriend?
Chapter 14

Author: 阿阮有酒
Source: Sleepy Translations (2)

On the first day to the club’s activity room, he was told by the director to help the staff rehearse the lines of the drama. Jiang Yi touched the tip of his nose with some embarrassment, and pointed to a conspicuous yellow hair in the crowd not far away, and said, “Drama… Director, you should look for Evan.”

“That’s fine.” The director raised his voice slightly and shouted toward the other party, “Evan, can you please come over and help Chu Chuan in guiding actors about how the lines in the drama should be spoken.”

Jiang Yi was stunned for a second, and quickly blocked the director’s line of sight and asked, “Director, is this activity in a group of two?”

The director nodded.

He laughed twice, “Then there is no problem, I’ll help.” After that, he turned his head and waved to Evan happily, “No need for you! You continue whatever you were doing!”

Evan, “…”

Jiang Yi turned around with a big smile, “Director, when will Chu Chuan come?”

Jiang Yi didn’t know when the person he was talking about replaced the position of the director as he asked coldly, “You are looking for me?”

Jiang Yi was frightened by the voice, so he took a small step back, patted his chest, and exhaled softly, “…you scared me, my double chin was almost exposed.”

Without saying a word, Chu Chuan turned and walked towards the staff who were rehearsing on the podium. Jiang Yi touched the tip of his nose in disappointment and followed closely on his hind feet.

The former noticed the constant footsteps behind him, frowned, turned back, and asked, “Why are you following me?”

Jiang Yi held up the drama script that the director had handed him earlier, blocking his face with it, only showing a pair of eyes that could not help but bend, “The director asked me to join you.”

Chu Chuan’s gaze flicked over his eyes and finally fell on the drama script in front of him, not giving any reply.

Jiang Yi took the opportunity to quietly stuff a handful of things into the other person’s jacket pocket, then pretended as if nothing happened, and started walking beside Chu Chuan.

Chu Chuan felt surprised as he checked his pocket and found a box of pink mints.

Watson’s candy box, the desk in his dormitory, was also piled up with these.

Jiang Yi sat at the front desk and read the lines in “Romeo and Juliet” to the actors. He caught a glimpse of Chu Chuan stopping beside him and immediately became a little absent-minded. As if his mouth and heart are separated, the mouth was opening and closing only by instinct, but the mind has flown out eight hundred miles away.

Chu Chuan interrupted him aloud, “You are distracted.”

Jiang Yi, “Huh?”

The actor in the audience pressed the pause button on the recorder and reminded him in a low voice, “You read Juliet’s lines…”

Jiang Yi came back to his senses, “I’m sorry, let’s start over.”

A very beautiful girl came over in embarrassment and asked, “Brother Chuan, can you and Brother Jiang practice a line together so that I can go back and learn it from the recording later?”

Chu Chuan nodded, “Which role are you playing?”

Pretty girl, “Juliet.”

Chu Chuan, “…”

He coughed lightly and looked at Jiang Yi, who was watching the scene next to him, “Thank you for the mints.”

Jiang Yi was a little dazed, “No, no thanks.”

Chu Chuan, “Shall we switch?”

Jiang Yi, “…hahaha.”

Jiang Yi, “No need.”

Chu Chuan, “…”

The two began to read lines of the script, and the boy who would act as Romeo dutifully squatted aside holding the recorder.

Chu Chuan, “Why did you come here, the courtyard wall is so high, why?”

Jiang Yi looked at him deeply, “I used the power of love to overpower the courtyard wall, because the wall made of stone can’t stop the power of love, so my family can’t stop me either!”

Chu Chuan narrowed his eyes slightly, “If you are seen by my family, they will kill you!”

Jiang Yi’s expression was moved and sincere, “As long as you love me, it’s okay for them to see me here. It’s better to end my life in their hatred than to linger without your love.”

Chu Chuan’s voice paused, and then he suddenly looked up at him, “Do you love me? I know you will say yes, I believe you. But you have to swear that your heart will not be as fickle as the weather!”

Jiang Yi stood up in a flash with incoherent excitement, “I love you! I swear! I will never change my mind!”

Chu Chuan, “…”

Others, “…”

“… Brother Jiang, the lines are wrong.” The pretty girl squatting next to the boy stretched out her hand and pulled Jiang Yi’s clothes, “It should be ‘Miss! Please let me swear to the silver holy moonlight on this tree. My heart is as firm as a rock’…”

Jiang Yi, “…”

It’s over, it’s really over.

Now he has even lost his face to meet people.

With embarrassment, he quietly covered his face and squatted down.

After Rebirth: What should I do if my boyfriend has a boyfriend?
Chapter 14