Aim the Deepest Part of the Different World Labyrinth (LN)
Vol.1 Chapter 1 Part 2

Author: Tarisa Warinai
Source: Fanslations

This part is huge. Probably making up 2 parts normally, so I haven't had any time to edit it. 

After quelling the wolf’s rampage, I examined the corridor. Despite everything, I felt strangely calm. I gathered up whatever was left around the area. The wolf had probably killed a few travelers before encountering me as I found a set of corpses.

The corpses were armed and armored, and so I decided to loot them. I didn’t feel much guilt. Probably because I was too shell-shocked to feel anything and besides, it was a necessity.

I slid

some leather gloves into my hands, put on a cloak, and tied a leather

bag around my waist. I tucked an oddly shaped knife into the belt of

my jeans, in a sort of makeshift sheath, and took ahold of a

one-handed sword.

I decide to pray for the corpses before leaving, maybe feeling a morsel of guilt, and put my hands together while closing my eyes.

As I got ready to leave,

I noticed the greatsword again. I would have liked to use it, but

it’s too heavy to practically carry around. It probably weighed

twice as much as the one-handed sword on my person. But something

much more interesting was the emerald-green stone left behind.

There were many stones similar to

this among the many

corpses. All I knew about them was that they

were heavy. I didn't put ‘em in my leather

bag because storing something so heavy and

potentially useless was a loss.

Though it was possible that these


a remnant of the dead, these

stones. It might

have been sentimentality, maybe

I felt a strange kinship with the people who had been attacked by the

wolf, but I picked up the stones and stuffed


in my pocket.

What now? If some hostile creature

appears, I have the means to intercept it. The next decision was

whether to wait here or move. The cut on my thigh was shallower than

I thought. Probably

because the wolf didn’t react quickly enough to put all his

strength into the slash. However, though the

bleeding had slowed, if I

moved, the bleeding would increase. Losing strength here was a direct

threat to my life. Such

were the risks of moving.

However, waiting for the bleeding

to stop was also risky.


was unlikely any help would come. The monster

had left a deep impression on me, but the fact that I was cut down by

a person whom I had asked for help from made a bigger impression. If

I waited here for someone to show up, I doubt that they would help


So I decide to move. I decide to use my sword as a sort of walking stick so as not to apply too much pressure on my thigh. I notice the sword is pretty shabby.

“I wish I had a better sword, I seriously lack any good tools...”


catches my eyes as I say this.




display again.


I seemed to have forgotten it,

despite the fact that it had appeared a short time ago. Upon further


I realized I hadn’t thought much on how I got into this ‘world’

in the first place. I was extremely confused.

A dry, laughing voice came out of

my throat. It was like a piece of trash stuck to my retina, clearly

'displayed' at arm's length. No matter how much I move my vision, the

"display" didn’t

disappear from my sight.

There’s no doubt about it.

"Haha, it's like—it's like a game.”


labyrinth. The monsters.

Giant insects. Giant wolves. Adventurers. Swordsmen. Archers. Wizard

fire. Jewels. Post-battle messages. The "display". Items.

All of them are frequent occurrences in games.


so I tried something.

“Please show me the ‘display’.”


Status Name: Kanami Aikawa

HP 4/51

MP 72/72

Class: Level 1

Str: 1.11 Vit: 1.03 Dex: 1.01 Agi: 2.02 Int: 4.00


“Wow, that's confusing. Can't it be more readable?”



Name: Kanami


HP 4/51

MP 72/72

Class: Level 11

Strength: 1.11 Fitness:

1.03 Skill: 1.01 Speed: 2.02 Wisdom: 4.00 Magic: 2.00 Qualities: 7.00

Condition: Confusion 1.01, Bleeding 0.52

Experience: 805/100

Equipment: One-Handed











Cursed Throwing Knife


"Oh, it's Japanese now. It's

a bit clunky compared to English, but at

least I can read it.”

I read the "status" in Japanese. I was particularly interested in the "[Item] Empty" mentioned earlier. Hmmm. I've got some dried meat and water hanging around. I suppose they mean special items.

“Show me my possessions.”





Maybe it meant items stored away somewhere. An idea came to my mind. I took out a slice of dried meat and held it in the air and wished for it to be ‘stored’, without saying a thing.


was half-kidding, but

the slice suddenly disappeared.


I quickly pulled my hand away.

"...Okay, show me my







"Haha. Yeah, it's a


I was half happy, and half

terrified. But now I understood the rules of "possessions".

This makes

things a lot easier.

I started searching

the corpses

again. I’d

left a lot of minor stuff that I couldn’t carry.

I tossed things into the air one by one. I also tried to ‘possess’

a human corpse and an insect. Both were ‘rejected’ for some



that note, my lighter and my

smartphone were in the jeans I was wearing. I tried to mess

with the smart phone as soon as I found it, but of course it didn't

connect to anything. The

time was off by a couple of years, possibly due to some shock.

Luckily, most other features functioned well. Most important was the


Suddenly, I heard the roar of a

beast in the corridor. I'd been so busy messing around that I forgot

about the other beast.


was in no way safe. For the time being, I used

the hemostatic potion (I didn't know how to use it, so I applied it

to the wound that I had washed with water) and started walking away

from the roar, using my sword as a stick. I walked down the corridor,

only looking back once in a while to avoid straining my thigh. When I

checked my status, I saw that my bleeding had eased and my HP had

recovered naturally. I

felt relieved, I could finally run. With my life

not that badly at threat, I decided to experiment with my ‘power’.

I walked around muttering every

word that came

to mind. Status, help, map, save, log, chat, logout, login, skills. I

mumbled ‘game words’ at random, hoping to find something new to

"show". There was no response to "help", the most

important one currently. Neither

was there any

response at all to the "log" and "chat" that you

can find in online games. The only thing that responded was "Skills".



Ancestral Skills: Swordsmanship 1.01, Ice Magic 2.00


The new menu confused me a bit. There were two ‘skills’ displayed, but no information or help on how to use them. The guy who invented all this was probably having tons of fun laughing at me.


I was surprised to see "magic" on the

screen. I

seem to have become a wizard. I

excitedly thought of ‘magic’. [TN: It seems

the only way to activate these ‘game screens’ and magic is by

thinking of them. I thought he had to say it out loud. I’ll avoid

making this mistake again]



Freeze Magic:

Freeze 1.00 Ice 1.00

Dimensional Magic:

Dimension 1.00


[TN: Just ‘dimension’

is a weird name for a magic spell, but it’s written in katakana so

I’m sure its supposed to be this way.]

I was prepared for nothing. But,

thankfully, there were three kinds of magic present. The fact that I

could use magic made me quite

happy. I

didn’t know why I could use it, but I’d think on that another

day. From a ‘game’ perspective, it's not

strange to have a few initial skills.



With a shout, I held up my hand. I

thought of ice. After casting the spell, I felt something slip out of

my hand. My palm felt cold and my and I felt something ‘gathering’.


was definitely ‘gathering’ but far too

slowly. Perhaps it was gathering moisture in the air.


took 10 seconds to form ice the size of my palm.

It didn’t fly away, it just materialized

into a block of ice. Nothing flashy, and definitely nothing to be

used for defense. Unless snowballs were an effective form of defense.

However, since I was able to make

ice, I took out some

clothes from my "belongings" and cut out the clean parts to

make an ice pack. I'm not sure what to do with it. It

was of no use whatsoever, but whatever.

, I tried out the Freeze

spell. It

ended with similar results. It was a subtle magic effect that slowly

lowered the temperature around me. I had a lot of trouble with the

last spell, Dimension. I think the word "dimension" means

something like dimensions or dimensionality. I'm not sure.


by how things went with the last spell, I


that something would materialize. I thought that

maybe a warp zone could appear and get me

out of this labyrinth. But I didn’t know what to think exactly, and


ominously, nothing happened, so I decided to

avoid using this magic. Something dangerous could happen, after all.

If I wasn’t careful, a black hole might appear.

While I was at it, I thought of

magics that weren’t on the screen too. Recovery magic, white magic,

magic acquisition, healing.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any

hits at all. I wanted a spell that would heal me somehow, but I

wasn't provided with such a thing, unfortunately. However,

an interesting display




Skill Point Allocation:

Swordsmanship 1.01, Ice Magic 2.00, Dimensional Magic 5.00

Your current skill points are zero.


It seemed

to be zero. Perhaps

it’ll increase as I level up.


Level Up Menu 805/100

You have met the requirements to level up.


Thinking about my

level, I saw this display."You

have met the requirements". This

is probably an optional level-up, not an automatic one.

I was a bit skeptical, but I decided to ‘level-up’.

“If you can, please level me


Suddenly, my right arm lit up with

heat, causing me to scream. As

I examined it I saw that my upper arm was torn

and bleeding.


did this come from?”

As I looked around, I caught

something moving in the corner of my eye. It was a ‘distortion’.

A "distortion" the size of a basketball was floating in the

air, flapping its small ‘wings’. It

looked like an insect.


I immediately turned my mind ‘on’.

The thoughts I had when I was going about my daily life were now

filling in with the thoughts I had when I was playing these

types of games. My paralyzed senses were

re-awakening. I aimed at the distortion and

slashed up the sword in my hand from below. However, it narrowly


As soon as I confirmed that it had


I immediately ditched

it. I

ran back from where I came, distancing myself from the distortion.

I followed

the path I had taken here.

I could hear the sound of wings

chasing me. As the distortion approached closer, I took out a leather

bag filled with water from my belongings and sprayed the entire

contents backwards. The sound of wings ruffling and screeching

echoed. The strategy seemed to be working. The creature with wings

would most likely be vulnerable to water, so I

chose to attack with water. The water droplets began to reveal the

outline of the distortion, and also slowed it down.

After taking in the sight briefly,

I unleashed my magic. Freeze magic. It

lowered the temperature. I was betting on the

distortion being affected somehow.

In a last-ditch ‘offensive’, it goes straight for me, at a considerably slowed speed. I ready myself and focus my eyes on the insect, not underestimating the thing for a second.

[Monster] Darkling Fly: Rank 2


display is generated, holding information on the monster.

The "display" points to the "distortion" and

notes its information.

“This is terrible. Perhaps this Darkling Fly is a monster that uses disappearance as a weapon.”

Still, this one seems over. As

time goes by, the fly moves slower and slower. I

aim for it and knock it down with my sword. This

one left a dull, black stone. I check the change

in my experience. I

didn’t gain much XP, it must’ve been low-ranked.

"Was it a waste to spend tools and MP on a rank 2 monster?”


remaining MP was at 68. I still had some left, but I didn’t

have any means of ‘regenerating’ it. I went

back the way I came and walked through the uncharted corridor. As I

walked, I reconsidered the level-up process I had been forced to

suspend earlier. After a lot of trial and error, I was unable to

level up and remained at level 1. It seems that I needed to meet some

special conditions in order to level up. The only thing I’ve

accumulated is an excess amount of experience.

As I walked along, I heard a noise

in the distance. A huge insect was waiting for me at the end of the

path. It was the monster I encountered before

arriving here. The

giant insect monster with two oddly shaped horns.

[Monster] Ripper Beadle: Rank 3

The name made its method of attack

clear, but I decided to still be cautious. I stood

in the middle of the corridor, my posture readied. The

ripper beadle slowly and cautiously closes the

distance between us. He's a rank 3, but I don't know how much danger

he's hiding. Quite

suddenly, he lunged at me.

However, it was much slower than

the giant wolf wolf from earlier. I swung out my sword as he

passed me.


The sound of steel striking steel echoed, and the sword was flicked away. I clearly struck its most fortified body-part.

"Damn it!”

I took out a tool from my

"belongings" to execute another plan I had in the corner of

my head. The ripper beadle rushed

me in the meanwhile. I had enough time to avoid

it, thankfully. The first time I dodged, I sprayed the ripper beetle

with oil, and the second time I used my lighter to light it on fire.

I thought it would take a few tries to light it, but luckily it

worked the first time.

The ripper beadle turned into a fireball and began to flail around. It was quite a horrible scene. The high temperature caused the ripper beadle to lose its joints and limbs. It soon stopped moving, so I tried poking it in various places with my sword. After a few pokes, the ripper beadle turned into light and disappeared. At the same time, a black stone fell. The fallen black stone was "displayed" as a "black polystone". It looked a little special, different from the previous "magic stones".

Unlike normal magic stones, this magic stone is made up of magic power of the insect attribute. It can be dropped from any monster if it is from an insect monster.


A help power? I try to use the ‘help’ power

on my current equipment.

The Elven Cloak protects you from high and low temperatures, while the Aurelian Greatsword is more effective when you're fighting an opponent who's superior to you. Then, I looked at the details of the magic I was most curious about.

Dimension Consumes 1 MP - The foundation of dimensional magic. Aids in grasping space, depending on the power of the magician.

It seems to be just a ‘support’

magic. Black

holes and intradimensional portals are more appealing, but I suppose

that’s too convenient.

"Dimensional magic,


For now, I can test it.”

As soon as I said the name of the

magic, my five senses sharpened. In addition, something that I would

call a sixth sense spread to the surroundings. I was able to clearly

recognize and

analyze everything within a 10-mile radius.

This is great. I've gained a lot of advantages from the display, but

I instantly understand that this magic is the most wonderful.

I can feel the danger of death

dropping drastically. I measure the duration of the effect of the

Dimension, and use my uncanny ability to avoid monsters as I make my

way. Sometimes I walk around picking up things, sometimes I walk

around trying out new displays.

I was never caught off guard when Dimension was at work. I was never

going to miss a monster when it was within the area of effect. He

moved through the labyrinth many times faster than before. My

steps became lighter, my expression brighter.

But I grew complacent. I had completely

subscribed to the idea that this was gonna be as easy as a game.

The situation worsened about thirty minutes into the walk.

Aim the Deepest Part of the Different World Labyrinth (LN)
Vol.1 Chapter 1 Part 2