Ancient He and Modern Me
Chapter 11

Author: 仲夏轩
Source: finalreads

She had no time to feel regretful about losing her day of rest at home. Ji Ruoyi hurried to clean up and put on a suit to run out. Before leaving the apartment, she came back to warn Yi Zhizhu.

“Stay at home, don’t go anywhere, or touch anything you don’t know how to use. There are some instant noodles in the refrigerator; you can make some noodles with hot water. I will bring back food in the evening. Remember, don’t go out, or you’ll get lost and I won’t be able to find you.”

She closed the door with a loud slam, and then rushed to work.

She managed to arrive at the company before Zhu Ya went for a meeting. She was still breathing heavily when she apologized to the manager. “I am sorry for being late, Manager Zhu.”

“Woo. . . Miss Ji, you still have the sense to come to work? No need to come here starting tomorrow. It’s clear you don’t cherish this job, anyway.” Zhu Ya spoke some unpleasant words.

A coworker had sympathy for her, so he secretly went to make a cup of tea for her and dragged her to a chair to sit down. “Manager Zhu, she must have some special reason for getting here late. She never missed any of our meetings before. Would you please forgive her?”

“Why? You want to be her manager? I didn’t say anything at all. Let me tell you, I will obey the regulations of the company. You and she should, too.” Zhu Ya didn’t cease. She was so unhappy with the men in this company who always protected Ji Ruoyi. The girl had nothing special about her except for a good-looking face. Anyway, she was her underling, and it was proper that she should be submissive.

“She already came. Even if she was absent today, the punishment is only 500 yuan and the bonus for this month. Why do you ask her to not come to work after today? Anyway, you didn’t hear her reason and drew a conclusion. Are you a qualified manager?” The manager of the marketing department joined in to support Ji Ruoyi. He hated this Manager Zhu indeed. She was domineering and arrogant as usual, and offended many.

“Wait, wait, wait! I just did what I should to my employee, and you all come to condemn me? Why not take my responsibility? Besides, why should I listen to her excuse? She must be screwing around with someone.” She stared at Ji Ruoyi and raised her voice while she delivered this tongue lashing.

“Hey!” Ji Ruoyi jumped up from her chair and said, “Be careful of your mouth! What makes you come to that conclusion? Have you seen me with someone? Who? Just tell me who!” Ji Ruoyi was so irritated by the manager’s wrongful accusation. She had just graduated from college, so she hadn’t found any romance yet.

“Don’t you know who? You need me to speak it aloud?” Zhu Ya twisted her eyebrows with loathing.

“Absolutely you should give me a clear explanation. I don’t understand. . . ” The coworker was staring at her with disbelieving eyes. In his book, Ji Ruoyi was a total goddess. He wouldn’t allow anyone to humiliate her. But Zhu Ya’s attitude seemed to indicate that she had some ironclad proof. He was a little confused and he wanted the truth.

“You are still playing tricks with me? Who is the man that picked up the phone for you? Don’t tell me that was your dad. The voice sounded very young.” Zhu Ya was so happy to see the coworker’s face turn suspicious.

“That . . . that’s my friend. A friend only.” Ji Ruoyi soon became dizzy. How should she explain the relationship between them? A man she brought back from the ancient world? She would be sent to a mental hospital by her colleagues.

“A friend? A friend would take your place to tell me that you are still sleeping so you can’t come to work? Let me know what kind of friend can make such a decision for you. Meanwhile, you were sleeping back then, right? You let your friend stay at your home and went to sleep?” Zhu Ya was incredibly overwhelming in this moment; she wanted to blacken this girl’s reputation thoroughly with this incident once and for all.

“He, he is one of my relatives from the downtown areas. Yesterday he came to the city to visit me. I am sorry that he had no idea how the rules of the city work. Anyway, he just spoke the truth I was sleeping at that time because I was so tired yesterday.”

Ancient He and Modern Me
Chapter 11