Angel In Online
Chapter 10

Author: 一狼
Source: rhekatan


Countless spears emerge, centered around the 『Troll King』. I escape by taking advantage of the spears as a foothold.

「High Heal!」(Vio)

Vio’s recovery magic quicky makes it’s way over. Thanks to the pentashield, I was able to avoid deadly wounds, but I was still unable to avoid major damage. Or should I say, I would be dead without it.

When I looked over to Vai and Mary, It seems like they have taken the same amount of damage I have. As expected from a Fighter class. They have the HP and Defense so high that it couldn’t be compared to a Sorcerer like me. During this time, Vio casts recovery magic on Vai and Mary, who made distance from the 『Troll King』.

「Whoa! Whats with that attack! No way!」(Vai)

「Well, In a certian anime, it grew trees from seeds, right?」(Mary)

Yeah, I also remember that scene, thats why I was able to recognize beforehand. But actually, the original pose had an umbrella.

「Yeah, like I said. From here it’s the real deal. Besides this attack, make sure to be careful of others.」(Fenrir)

「「Understood」」(Vai & Mary)

From my position, Vai and Mary take positions diagonally behind the 『Troll King』 and prepare for a counter attack. Even though I told the others to be careful, the one that has to be the most careful is me, as I have gathered the 『Troll King’s』attention.

That thought goes away immediatly. The 『Troll King』gathers himself in a crouch.

『Stomp』(Troll King)

After the 『Troll King』muttered that, the next moment he had Jumped high into the sky.


I stood there dumbfounded, as I hadn’t expected his body to be able to fly like that. Meanwhile the 『Troll King』, descends dangerously.


Even though I avoided in a hurry, I wasn’t able to completely avoid it so my position collapsed. The 『Troll King』attack with left and right swipes with his claws.

「Energy Bolt!」(Uni)

Just before I’m hit, Uni catches the 『Troll King』off guard and I’m able to regain my posture. Still stunned from Uni’s attack, I attack.

「Wind Cutter! HA!」(Fenrir)

The 『Troll King』 who receives the wind blade is blown off a bit, and I’m able to get some breathing room.

Slowly, Vai and Mary close their distance to the 『Troll King』 from behind.

「Uni-kun, Thanks. You saved me.」(Fenrir)

After thanking Uni-kun, I got a spell ready to draw the attention of the 『Troll King』.

「Stone Javelin!」(Fenrir)

The Stone Javelin impacts, and the 『Troll King』 swerves to put his eyes on me.

The 『Troll King』currently only has three regular attacks. A left and right claw slash, a left and right Spin attack, and body slams. His two serious attacks are 『Grand Sprout』 and 『Stomp』.

Due to only having a few patterns, its easy to predict his moves. But, even then his power is no joke. And looking at his body, this fight is a brawl as expected.

I’m thinking that if i attack with both swords simultaneously, I should be able to scrape his hp off and win.

But that thought is easily disproven.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇

「Vai! Mary!」(Fenrir)

I shoot two Sword Skills and a War skill, then immediately retreat. With my signal, Vai and Mary cut off the escape route of the 『Troll King』 that I pointed out. However, the 『Troll King』 jumps over them as if it was futile.


The 『Troll King』descends in my direction why glaring at me, but I had predicted this.

「Stone Javelin!」(Fenrir)

I set the Javelin at the spot where the 『Troll King』will land, and I take a step back. Of course, the 『Troll King』 can’t change his path in the air, so he lands, skewered on the spear.


If it were the real world, the body of the 『Troll King』would be penetrated by the stone spear. But, since its a game world, the spear disappears after it connects with the 『Troll King』, and it just scrapes off some HP. In other VRMMO’s, they often show results based on the state of the monster’s body. But, in Ai-On, it seems they haven’t gotten that far. This scenario still leaves the feeling that this is still a game.

The 『Troll King』 screams and is rolling while holding his crotch. With that opening, Vai and Mary attack.

It took about 40 minutes to cut down the 『Troll King’s』 health to 30%. Of course, the buffs had effect for only 30 minutes, so i take this time to  reapply a pentashield, reinforcement boosts, and Kemonoka skills.

Since this leaves my MP near empty, I take this time to drink 5 magic potions, which recovers my MP to about half. When i was thinking, that we could win if we continued to do this correctly, the 『Troll King』lets out a roar.


We inadvertently drop weapons and close off our ears. By the time we were able to recover, a new monster appeared. A smaller version of Totoro, with a white body, was coming out of the depths of the forest. Its body shines as it bounces a few times. At the next moment the『Troll King’s』HP had recovered to 80%.


「Are you… Serious…」(Vai)

「This is, hard isn’t it.」(Mary)

Our moral plummets. The time and hard work that went into scraping his HP off was quickly made worthless. When we were acting depressed, the small Totoro begins to bounce and shine again. This time, the Cat-bus from behind lets out its voice.

「What…!? It recovers… also!?」(Azure)

「No way…」(Sakura)

Azure-san and Sakura-chan were also stunned. Until now, they were completely confident in scrapping of the HP of the Cat-Bus.

This is bad… Moral is Dropping.

「Fenrir-san, What are we going to do?」(Mary)

「Hmm, Here this is a Drowning Stone. If He gets into a pinch again, he may be able to summon a medium sized Totoro and a Black cat

Two people came up to me before I noticed. From what I see, the 『Troll King』is not attacking and is standing with the small Totoro. I don’t know why he doesn’t attack, but i’m grateful for this break. And as Vai says, it is possible that it may be able to summon a Medium Totoro and a Black cat. If that happens, we’d be screwed.

「Fuu~~」(Fenrir) (SFX:sound of a deep breath out)

I sigh, and make a resolution. If we attack in the same pattern, It will just recover its HP when it gets into the same situation. The best idea would be to attack the small Totoro, because it can heal the main boss, but that is an useless idea. Even if we defeat the small Totoro, the 『Troll King』 will just summon another one.

「Its ok, We will bet everything on the next attack.」(Fenrir)

「I understand. What should we do?」(Vai)

The two don’t ask me anything in particular, but just for instructions.

「Vai gets the small Totoro. Sorry Mary, I need you to keep the 『Troll King』busy while i get a spell ready. Also, because I can’t talk even when the spell is ready, I’ll ask for Uni-kun to give the signal.」(Fenrir)


They head for the 『Troll King』 and the small Totoro. So, I get ready. There are Eight spells to cast in total. It is a combined spell. Even if i could cast spells while imagining the effects of multiple magic swords, Its hard to keep up with the constant movement, and I start to get a headache.

I finish chanting a long spell somehow, and activate four spells. 「Burst Flare! Aqua Pressure! Cyclone Burst! Thunder Blast!」(Fenrir)

Its my original skill in a quartet. They form a composite spell of a single point activation type. I finished preparing the first stage, so I send a signal to Uni-kun.

「Mary! Avoid now!」(Uni)

The moment Mary leaves the 『Troll King』, I jump out.

Step! Step! High Jump!

In the blink of an eye, I enter into the bosom of the 『Troll King』. I release a Twin-sword skill, cross-cut, while releasing the magic quartet.

Together with an explosion, the 『Troll King』 is blown away. Without leaving the cross-cut position, I move into position again with a High Jump, and release the remaining spells.

「Burst Flare! Aqua Pressure! Cyclone Burst! Thunder Blast!」(Fenrir)

Now, releasing my already crossed arms, I perform a cross-cut in the reverse order, and the spells fly.

In my right hand, I imagined a steam explosion of Fire and Water. In my left hand, I imagined a Thunder storm of Wind and Electricity.

That is how I released the Magic Quartet with a cross-cut. And with two in succession… It is my original skill Quadruple Twin Fang.

The 『Troll King』rolls out of the smoke and tries to stand. I endure a heavy headache as backlash to watch the 『Troll King』. The Quadruple Twin Fang is powerful, but it has disadvantages. The long spells for the magic swords are complicated. And there is a massive headache after each use. I would not be able to move for a while.

As I try to get up, it seems the 『Troll King』disappears as he collapses.

――Angel Quest・Totoro has been cleared――

Relieved to hear the announcement, I loose consciousness.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇

When I woke up, I was laying on Vio’s lap.

「Oh, awake now? Fenrir-chan, are you all right?」(Vio)

All the other members start to gather as I look around. It looks like I hadn’t lost consciousness for very long, as we are still in the large clearing.

「mm, I’m ok . I used a bit of an overwhelming spell. I should be ok after some rest. What happened to the Cat-Bus and small Totoro?」(Fenrir)

「Oh, those guys disappeared when we defeated the boss」(Azure)

「Well, That’s good. I was worried that the summoned monsters would remain if I didn’t follow through correctly.」(Fenrir)

I feel relieved when i hear Azure-san’s explanation. It was just unnecessary then, to worry about if the fighting would continue even after the boss’s defeat.

「More importantly, What was that you used to defeat the 『Troll King』!? Was it one attack or two!? I’ve never heard of a boss with 80% HP being blown away in one go!」(Azure)

「Hey, I want to learn that magic shield. I haven’t heard about it before」(Sakura)

「Ah, I wanted to ask about that. Usually a magic shield would not be able to be simultaneously cast with regular magic, but yours was.」(Mary)

Well, usually you wouldn’t think someone can defeat a boss with a single blow. It’s no wonder they are curious. And on top of that, The Maximum Magic Skill adds benefits to fusion magic when chanting spells to the already strong Flying-Dragon Sword, and Origin-Dragon Sword. I predicted it to work with a one in eight chance, but it seems to have paid off. I probably shouldn’t tell them about the swords, but the fusion magic should be fine.

「hmm, It’s an application of the Image-Effect Theory that causes a mixed spell.」(Fenrir)

My short explanation confuses everyone. Well, I felt it would end up that way. I did not find anyone who could put the Image-Effect Theory to use with the Magic sword technique. Even then, It is already hard to practice other spells with this method.

「Umu, Magic sword spell casting, and combat skills…Leader, this makes my head hurt. It makes my head hurt just hearing it.」(Vai)

「To use the Image-Effect Theory not just for the magic swords, but for also spell chants… Fenrir-san, I am surprised yet again.」(Mary)

「Using that Magical sword is impossible for me, but maybe fusion magic… I wonder if  I can master it.」(Vio)

「A shield that cuts physical attacks by 25%… That’s amazing Fenrir-san.」(Sakura)

「Yeah, It sounds easy, but we couldn’t even think of it.」(Azure)

「Although its worth to learn the skills, they have no use besides boss fights. I think because the spells are long and almost no need for fist fighting. 」(Uni)

「Its exactly that. Especially in Fenrir-chan’s case, Because you can attack without a spell in a fight, it is almost like a regular attack.」(Vio)

Everyone seems to be convinved with my explanation. As Vio says, it is like a single cast attack rather than a long chanted spell.

「Hey, anyways, look at the 『Troll King’s』drops, Its amazing but pretty dangerous. This is it.」(Azure)

After listening to my explanation, Azure who was examining the drops before tells me about them. Ah, so this is the testimony of the king. The item where if the owner dies, the King would be resurrected. Everyone hears Azure, and cheeks the drop items.

Platinum ingot × 4 Forest giant’s claw × 1 Forest giant’s beard × 6 Forest giant’s arm × 2 Forest giant’s spear recipe A proof of the T-king (Troll King)

A proof of the T-king Proof that you have defeated the 『Troll King』, or that you have been admitted. ※QUEST ITEM ※Non-transferable / non-sellable / non-destroyable ※If the holder dies the King will be resurrected. ※Special skill 「Tororo」 can be used. Effect: You can summon Minor Tororo, Medium Tororo, Cat-Bus, Black SootSprite for 24 minutes. After the special skill effect ends, the skill of 「Tororo」becomes unusable for 24 hours.

When a party is made, a item storage is shared between the party. This is so, when a monster is defeated, all items go into the party storage. Currently, since the T-Kings Proof is in the party storage, the owner has not been decided yet. But now it is possible to decide the owner out of the seven people. The owner should consider the seriousness of the testimony first though.

「So with the 『Troll King’s』Proof, the King will resurrect if the person dies?」(Sakura)

「That’s right. The biggest problem is when one person possesses multiple Proofs. Where, one death would revive several Kings. Maybe the Angel Quest expects this.」(Azure)

Azure-san answers Sakura-chans question.

Azure-san and I have reached the same idea.

「Then, Who will hold the King’s Testimony」(Sakura)

「Ah, can I have it? I think I can use the special skills becuase the disadvantages do not effect my class of Warrior.」(Vai)

「Don’t you Understand? The King will resurrect if you die.」(Mary)

「Huh? Then don’t die. Because I plan to leave Ai-On alive, I don’t think that matters.」(Vai)

Vai answers Mary’s rebuttal.

「Fuu~. We definitely are going to try to leave here alive, but it cant be helped that we think of what would happen if we died. Well, just in case its best not for one person to have them all.」(Azure)

That’s why the owner was then determined to be Vai.

I seemed stupid that I was thinking about it seriously. Well, I do not mind.

「Well, we can’t stay here forever, so today we should return to the village. The remaining item’s should be in the village.」(Vio)

「I agree. I would like to rest for today.」(Sakura)

「Un, I am tired today as well. I want to go home and have a break.」(Uni)

「Right? As expected of a King fight. I’m tired of running.」(Vai)

「I agree. I also want to go home and have a break.」(Mary)

「Everyone is sloppy now because of the fight.」(Vio)

「Don’t say that. That fight was hard. You need to notice our warrior’s exhaustion; It’s pretty bad. Even for a thief it is exhausting.  We better cut down on it today. 」(Vai)

「Yes Yes, We are done already, But we still have to get home. We still need to be vigilant on out way back, we can’t just relax because we defeated the boss.」(Vio)

Yeah, the exhaustion after defeating a boss is the most dangerous. Someone needs to put some effort into tightening the lax attitude.


Afterwords, we returned to the village safely.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Angel Quest Capture Thread 2

129: XYZ Angel Quest Tororo was cleared, but what was Tororo? lol Tororo Potato?

130: Stray Metal >>129 Where is the king of potatoes. lol

131: Justice Tororo, or do you mean Totoro? It kinda sounds like it. lol

132: Azure >> 131 Correct Answer lol Tororo’s identity is the “King of Trolls” It even looks like Totoro

133: Fragrance Seriously?

134: Elric Seriously?

135: XYZ >> 132 Details Pls

136: Azure Ah, During training practice, when we were grinding our PT levels we met the king in Sanou forest. It asked if we were a challenger or an aggressor, but we didn’t answer it, So it dealt with us as an aggressor and cut off our escape path.

137: Natural dream flow To have your path blocked, and almost die. how scary, lol

138: Azure Well, we were prepared to die, but the Sword Dancer was there so we managed alright. Her Unique skills are ridiculous.

139: XYZ Wait wait wait wait!! LOLOL The Sword Dancer was preparing for the 『Water Dragon King』 !? Right? Lol

140: Azure Before challenging the 『Water Dragon King』 we were training in Sanou Forest. The result is the『Troll King』 was defeated.

141: Orca What that!? lol Trying to defeat the 『Water Dragon King』 but you end up defeating the 『Troll King』. Thats too funny.

142: Fragrance >>138 What are the Unique skills of the Sword Dancer?

143: Azure She says that the Magic Swords, and Combined spells are from a “Image-Effect Theory” She says anyone can use it, but it wouldn’t be far off to say she is the only one that could use it

144: XYZ >>140: What loot did the 『Troll King』  give?

145: Light Prince I’ve heard of the Magic Swords, but what is a Combined spell? lol

146: Stray Metal >>140: After this, you will challenge the 『Water Dragon King』right? Somehow I already think that the sword dancer can win solo. lol

147: Azure >>144 Its pretty bad, so I won’t say anything about the drop items. I am still watching to see whether or not I can give out the information.

>>145 For more information, I will post it in “Skills-related thread,” so please look for it over there

148: Justice Now that the King is known 『King of Begginings』               Start          Cleared 『Water Dragon King』              Vortex 『Troll King』                               Tororo      Cleared 『King of Waste』                        ????

The information is still only this much It looks like it will go on forever

149: Azure That said, I was asked to write this information from the Sword Dancer The Monsters that appear in Sanou Forest are of only 3 races Orcs, Lizards, and Trolls This is in the Forest of the 『Troll King』 Sanou forest = The King Forest So we expect an 『Orc king』 and a 『Lizard King』 to also exist

(TL: It can be looked as Sannou, Cut into 3, San- no – Ou. which would be “King of Three” or something like that)

150: Light Prince For sure there are only three races in Sanou forest

151: Azure Since the bosses should have equivalent strength to the 『Troll King』, It should be defeatable as long we don’t change classes, and prepare accordingly. That way even if you make a mistake it won’t be like our reckless challenge.


Angel In Online
Chapter 10

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