Angel In Online
Chapter 11

Author: 一狼
Source: rhekatan

August 9th, Day 9

「Today is a rest day」(Fenrir)

I am currently having breakfast with everyone in Arte Village while going over today’s schedule.

「Is it? I thought we would practice underwater battles starting today?」(Sakura)

Sakura drops the question about my rest day announcement. It was supposed top be underwater battle practice after the Sanou forest within the schedule. Instead yesterdays forest training had the unscheduled 『Troll King 』 battle. I’d say that’s enough. However, the battle with the King has left a burden on our minds and bodies. Therefore, I will devote myself to rest today.

「Well, Its a holiday taking consideration of yesterdays fatigue. And because some of us passed level 30, its time for a job change. 」(Fenrir)

NPC for changing jobs exist in the royal cities, West City and Towa City. Depending on the job change, the required city may be different. And time to travel to each city would also naturally be different.

「It is Azure and I that have passed level 30. You should take a good rest today. It might be a good idea to play in the lake. Just swimming in the water and the levels go up steadily.」(Fenrir)

Vai, Vio and Mary are Level 29, while Sakura-Chan and Uni are Level 28. Everyone will be above Level 30 tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

「umm, I’m not sure but, Would it be better for everyone to go when they pass level 30?」(Sakura)

「Well, what we are talking about is the Job level, if you change your class level, it restarts with a higher class at Level 1.」(Fenrir)

Sakura-chan who asked the question lets out a voice.

「Well then, no matter how much you raise your level in a regular job …」(Sakura)

「Exactly, Even if you change jobs at Level 30 or at at Level 40, you should change jobs as soon as you are able to as it will be a higher ranking job.」(Fenrir)

「Wait, But even if the Higher class starts with level 1, wouldn’t it be weaker according to levels?」(Sakura)

「Yeah, so there is  a job skill Level correction of +30.」(Fenrir)

As an example, A Knight at level 1, which is one of the warrior’s job changes, would have a sword skill of level 31 (level 1 + level 30)

「Oh I see~ There was a level correction. I didn’t understand the wiki when I saw it before.」(Sakura)

「Why did they make this system sound so confusing? They should have made it easier to understand.」(Vai)

「I agree with that. Normally, I think the way would be is to change jobs at fixed levels due to the settings.」(Vio)

Vai and Vio complain about class and job system. I do not know what I can say to help, but unfortunately those who can answer are not here.

「Level is not connected to an occupation. Character levels like what Vio says are called cumulative levels. It is becoming popular to say that cumulative level is obtained by adding the level correction to occupation level. If a knight is level 1, it would feel like he would be level 31 due to the cumulative effect.」(Fenrir)

(TL: occupation and job are interchangeable, sometimes one sounds better than another)

「Something is still confusing about it.」(Sakura)

「Well then,  which higher jobs will everyone be changing to? If its a fixed PT then you would have to change jobs while thinking of balence, but we are a temporary party. It is not necessary to adapt to everyone else if you consider what happens later. 」(Mary)

Here the difference between a fixed party and a temporary party emerge. Usually in a party, no one changes jobs. As Mary says, once the 『Water Dragon King』 is defeated, the party may be disbanded, so changing jobs to match the PT may be meaningless.

「I think will be ok. My current job is well balanced, so I think a change wont make much of a difference. By the way, where do you intend to change jobs?」(Fenrir)

「The higher classes for fighter is a Samurai who specializes in attacks and a knight who specializes in defense. I am planning to change my job to samurai. I’m looking forward to the twin sword skills.」(Vai)

「I’m planning to change to a Knight that has an emphasis on defense. I am interested in the shield skills. 」(Mary)

Shield skills are strange in that they can still be used offensively, even though a shield is typically protective gear. Of course you can use defensive techniques to help in battle though.

Twin sword skills are included in the Samurai job skills. By the way, you can equip both hands with weapons even without dual weapon skills. However, there is a equipped weapon penalty.  Attack power is lowered by 40% when the wielder does not have the required skills. In the case of Twin swords, there are two weapons, so there is a penalty of 80%, so it’s meaningless to try to equip them without the required skills.

In the case of shield skills, there is no penalty for equipping shields as they are considered  armor, and it has the skill effect of increasing defensive power, so it is a handy skill for a tank with a shield class.

「For the Magician, one of the upgraded jobs is the Magic Swordsman, which allows a even magicians who specialize in large magic to fight as a vanguard. It’s a no-brainer for me in my case.」(Fenrir)

「It would be foolish to think otherwise.」(Mary)

It was the Sword Dancer that fought as a vanguard originally. The Magic Swordsman’s job looks promising. The magic would be further enhanced with the cheat skill of Maximum Magical Power.

「The upgraded Thief job is a Ninja. The Ninja is a Thief with a strengthened fighting ability. I am going to change to the Ninja Job.」(Azure)

「Huh? I thought that Azure-san would become a Thief-Fencer. It would add toughness to the Theif class. 」(Uni)

「I also agree with Uni.」(Vio)

Yeah, as Uni-kun said. I expected Azure-san to become a fencer because he gave a feeling of  being under-strength.

「Haha, I would like to also be tougher, but I am also a man. I also wish to become a Ninja.」(Azure)

「Umm, for the monk class, one of the next jobs is the Miko, who can use four-attribute magic. Ah, for a guy it would be a shrine Kunnashi. I intend to become a priest though because I want to keep my recovery role as it is.」(Vio)

I see, so Vio’s specialization is in recovery. Its encouraging that there are healing experts.

「Phantasm is the next class for a summoner. They can take the vanguard by using the power of monsters and they are like beast masters who train monsters. The Kemonoka skill is also part of the Phantasim job. I am going to be a Phantasm. 」(Sakura) (TL: It literally calls this job Phantasm. Illusionist, read as Phantasm lol)

「Eh!? Sakura-chan is going to become a Phantasm!? As a vanguard figher i dont recommend it.」(Vai)

「Thats right. I wouldn’t say anything if it was a normal game. But now that it has become a death game I would not recommend a vanguard with its high Mortality rate.」(Mary)

The two vanguards wait for a response. Yeah, I was surprised, too. I didn’t expect Sakura-chan wanted to be a vanguard.

「Its ok! The summoning skills will stay so you can still be the vanguards. I originally played solo, so I am changing jobs in anticipation of that.」(Sakura)

「If Sakura-chan says so, then we will not say anything. But, Do not do not do anything unreasonable.」(Mary)

「But if you think like that, isn’t it Fenrir who is a vanguard while also having paper armor. Of course in a spiritual sense.」(Sakura)

「It is abnormal if you think about it. Even though fighting wears down our nerves, how come you can fight so confidently? 」(Mary)

Huh? They look in this direction.

「Even if I said why… I still think its scary.」(Fenrir)

「I don’t see that happening. I have doubts because you fight with such a smile. 」(Mary)

「Eh! What? I was laughing in battle! ? 」(Fenrir)

「Maybe Fenrir is a Battle Junkie」(Azure)

「What!? Azure-san that’s mean!」(Fenrir)

An outrageous fact was brought to light. I guess I was laughing while battle. Maybe that’s why I dont feel tension during battle. There is also a sense of exhalation. Azure-san is also a battle junkie, so he might not be mistaken.

「Umm, well I’m last, to go Ok? The enchanters next Jobs are the Alchemist or a Minstral Bard. But unlike other Jobs the Enchanter class doesn’t strengthen their jobs, but gives new ones. So, when I change jobs i wont be able to use the same spells as before.」(Uni)

「Eh!? Does that mean you won’t be able to use AquaLung? Isn’t that bad?」(Fenrir)

「Eh, So I think I won’t change Jobs now. I will stay as an enchanter. Originally I thought i wanted to maximize magic.」(Uni)

There is no problem if he remains an Enchanter. However, if he changes jobs to a higher job, he might loose the benefits of increased status.

「Is it Ok for you Uni? I think the status between regular jobs and higher jobs is really good.」(Vai)

「No problem. Originally The Enchanter is a profession that supports others. I like strengthening others over myself. It is convenient for me who will eventually leave this extraordinary party.」(Uni)

Vai also worried about me the same problem as me, but it seems it is a difficult thing to suggest. Uni is making a choice looking ahead.

「But in this way, it will be considerably unbalanced PT. A Vanguard consisting of a Samurai, a Knight, A magical Sword, and a rearguard of a Cleric and an Enchanter.」(Vio)

「But the balance is not bad」(Mary)

「There is also the ability of ending a battle quickly with Haste and an overwhelming attack power. It won’t allow for counter attacks.」(Azure)

「Magic Swordsman, Ninja an Phantasm are enough because they can respond reliably and also be a vanguard.」(Vai)

「Okay! Then Azure-san and I will go change jobs, so please take a good rest, everyone」(Fenrir)

So, I head to the NPC kingdom to change to the Magic Swordsman, and Azure-san goes to Towa city where the Ninja Job NPC is.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇

Within Ai-On, there are horses as a means of transportation. This way travel time can be shortened by renting horses from the  Rider guild. A rented horse will automatically return to the coach union after 72 hours of use. Ai-On is strange in this aspect. It is both realistic, but at the same time has the characteristics of a game. Also, the Rider Guild also has coaches that regularly move between cities.

Towa city is located east of the Kingdom.

Because it takes a long time to get there, Azure-san came with me to the Kingdom to rent a horse. Azure-san also came to the Kingdom to register for the transition gate launch, is located next to the beginners square. A transition gate is located at both the West City and Towa City. If someone is registered at both gates, they can freely travel back and forth, saving time. But, the problem is the person has to be registered at each gate, so its necessary to travel to each city and register the gate. I don’t have any business with the other cities yet, but I got register the gate with Azure-san anyway. Azure-san rented a horse, then headed off for Towa City.

I will visit the magician association in the southwest part of the Kingdom to meet the NPC to change my job.

「Excuse me, I’d like to change my job to Magic Swordsman.」(Fenrir)

A woman with  long blond hair and a sword responded.

「Oh? It’s a strange for customer to want to change jobs to a Magic Swordsman」(Woman)

「Have you changed to that too?」(Fenrir)

「Eeh, I was a magic swordsman, but that has changed. Wizards are more popular than Magic Swordsan.」(Woman)

Ah, that class. Must be cause its really flashy.

「Well, I understand. As a person who uses magic, its natural to want to use more powerful magic. But for me, my play style is to use a sword as a vanguard」(Fenrir)

Originally I wanted to be a vanguard. Although now a Sorcerer, It is strange for me to be using a sword.

「My, that makes me happy to hear. My name is Miriam. I am in charge of those who want to change to the Magic Swordsman job. What is your name?」(Miriam)

「I am Fenrir」

「Well then. I give Fenrir the job of Magic Sword. Yes, with this you have completed your job change.」(Miriam)

HA? It’s over already? I open the menu to make sure it is the Magic Swordsman. uugh, I don’t feel that well.

「Uum, Thank you」(Fenrir)

「Why are you worried? The system will always work so you do not need to say thank you. 」

Miriam says with a laugh. No , It’s because…, hey…

「Well, that’s how jobs are changed.  Oh yeah, You can also get a special job of Dragon Sword or Magical Warrior if you master the Magical Swordsman. Good Luck.」(Mariam)

She mentioned that there are higher jobs even higher than the second job. My excitement is rising. A Dragon Swordsman is a Swordsman who can use Dragon Magic. A Magical Warrior is a Magic Swordsman who has enhanced vanguard abilities.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇

After finishing my job change, I head over to Asagiri-san’s workshop. The goal is to craft the recipe items from the 『Troll King』. The amount of people who can craft such things are limite. Since I was already acquainted with her and I was going to the Kingdom, I brought the required items and recipe.

「Asagiri-san, Hello~」(Fenrir)

I visited Asagiri-san’s workshop on craftsman street, but the inside had completly changed. Not just the workspace for item creation, but there was not a storefront facing the street. Well, when I came last time she had just bought the studio.

「Ah, Fenrir-chan, welcome back.」(Asagiri)

As soon as I was noticed, Asagiri-san waves her hands while smiling

「The workshop has changed quite a bit.」(Fenrir)

「Fufufu, I’ve  been doing my best when you were gone. Fenrir-chan seems to be working hard as well. Is that why you also came today?」

She probably knows of the suppression of the 『Troll King』from my PT’s post on the bulletin board. It seems that she also figured out the reason I came for today.

「Yes, I’d like to ask you to create an item from the『Troll King』 recipe.」(Fenrir)

「Roger that. Anyways, As expected of the Sword Dancer. I doubt anyone else can beat a King in such a short time. My eyes which witnessed the Flying Dragon’s Sword wasn’t wrong.」(Asagiri)

「This sword, Its been very useful. Thank you. Well, I will do my best to respond to your expectations even after this.」(Fenrir)

Then we worked to create the unique recipes and items immediately.

Forest Giant’s Spear Category Spear Attack Power 310 Magic Attack Power 282 Durability 1200/1200 ※ UNIQUE ITEM ※ Transferable / Available for Sale /  Abandonable ※Ability: Spear Pillar

Woah, it’s performance is as good as the Origin Dragon’s Sword. As expected of a unique item.

It looks like an item that would be useful for Knights. It looks good for Mary who is aiming to become a Knight.

「As expected of a Boss drop. It’s performance is stunning.」(Asagiri)

「Right? With this, the 『Water Dragon King』 battle will be easy.」(Fenrir)

「That’s right. I’m expecting things, Sword Dancer.」(Asagiri)

I thank Asagiri-san before I leave the workshop. Of course I paid for the service. An Extra fee included.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇

After all the little errands, my level 30 skills were reverted to a subskill, and I obtained an extra subskill slot. To fill this slot I decided to look for a skill book.

It would be nice to find something good at a stall, but rare items would still be just as expensive as compared to an NPC shop. So, Instead i’ll probably use a random skill book. I figured this while searching threw some stalls.

「Fenrir-Oneechan, Its been a while.」

「Ah, Ai-chan, Yes it has.」

The voice calling me out came from Ai-chan. If I remember, I havent been back since we became friends on the first day of the game.

「Oh yeah, I saw the Forum board.  Those were not secret spells, but that was the influence of skills. I would also like to learn how to use them as well.」(Ai)

「Oh yeah, I said that. Sorry. I am only dressed this way due to the skills… So the only thing I can say is that I am the only magician with the Moe Skill… 」(Fenrir)

「Yeah, it’s impossible. The Moe Skill is unknown and I don’t know how to get it. And in the first place, since I am a  warrior, I can’t become a magical girl anyway.」(Ai)

Ai-Chan nods her head while saying so.

「If I move the Moe Skill to a blank skill book, I could give it to you. But, for some reason the skill can’t be removed from the subskill slot after it has been set.」(fenrir)

Yeah, I would remove this skill immediately unless It was required specifically for something.

「It might be a feature of reskill.」(AI)

「Anyways, its a bad feature. By the way, Ai-chan, are you shopping for something?」(Fenrir)

「Un, I finally became level 20, and my subskill slots increased, so I bought a random skill book. I did. I wonder if any vendor at the stall would sell them. Maybe I could trade for one」(Ai)

「Hmm, A trade…」

My only extra skill book is water attribute magic. Depending on the result of the random skill book maybe I can trade with Ai.

「By the way, what skills do you have duplicates of ?」(Fenrir)

「Nn, Sword skill, Bow skill, Body strengthening magic, and Ice attribute magic. oh, do you also have overlapping skills?」(Ai)

That Ice attribute skill, I want it. If I have  Ice  magic, I would be closer to having the six attribute magics of a wizard while being a sorcerer.  Although as a sorcerer, the power may be lower

「My only extra skill is Water   magic. I also thought about buying a random skill book because I just reached level 30 too. If i get an extra skill again, do you want to trade your Ice  magic?」(Fenrir)

「Water Attribute magic! Ne, ne, I want the Water Attribute magic! Oneechan, Lets trade! 」(Ai)

「Eh? Are you okay with it? I think Water magic is even sold in the stalls around here. And even then it isn’t worth as much as Ice magic.」(Fenrir)

Water magic is a common skill. Its a skill that you can easily get from a random skill book, just like basic sword skills. Its also sold in stores as a staple skill.

「Un, I was looking around, and Its too common for me to sell at the stalls. So, I was a bit worried. Besides, my goal is to be a cool beauty who is a water and ice Magical swordsman! I got Ice magic early, so now I need water magic, ne.」(Ai)

「Ai-chan… Cool beauty is a little impossible…」(Fenrir)

Ai-chan is a rather  hot-blooded warrior.

「Ah, So mean!  Muu~ Whatever~ I am going to be called the Ice Lotus Magical Swordsman!」(Ai)

「Eeh…Ai-chan, you can’t ignore reality.」(Fenrir)

「I’m 14. So what?」(Ai)

…A real Chuunibyou. The real deal. Isn’t this something only boys would have?

「Ah, Un. I would be happy if you called me the Ice Lotus Magical Swordsman.」(Ai)

Geeze, to look at me with those eyes…

I traded Ai the with water magic book for the ice attribute magic. Of course I added some money because I felt it would not be fair.

I was invited to go hunting with Ai-chan afterwards, but right now I am busy with the 『Water King’s』 fight. I refused it because everyone was waiting in Arte village.

「I see.Onee-chan is doing her best to capture it. I must not disturb you.」(Ai)

「Sorry. I am sure there is time afterward. We can go together.」(Fenrir)

「Un, Considering our level differences it will be hard, so I’ll try my best to catch up to Onee-Chan. Lets go together when I catch up. Its a promise.」(Ai)

「At that time, Ai-chan, lets king capture together.」(Fenrir)

Ai-chan is determined, and expectantly waiting for the day. She immediately runs outside to raise her levels. I prepare to return to Arte Village while seeing off Ai-chan.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Sword Dancer Thread 2

457: Evil Cancer Dancing Princess Oppai Believer Honorary Chairperson!

458: Heavenly Night ( ・∀・)o彡° Oppai! Oppai!

459: Overdragon ( ・∀・)o彡° Oppai! Oppai!

460: Judgement ( ・∀・)o彡° Oppai! Oppai!

461: AVENGERS ( ・∀・)o彡° Oppai! Oppai!

462: Dinner for a Fool ( ・∀・)o彡° Oppai! Oppai!

463: Mikumin ( ・∀・)o彡° Oppai! Oppai!

464: Kyouko Whats this? lol

465: Amelia … Idiots?

466: Evil Cancer Thats Rude! This is 「Strong」「Cute」「Cool」and 「Lolita Oppai」All at the same time. A Ritual for those who love the Sword Dancer!! And I am the honorary president of the estimated E-cup Oppai of the sword dancer! ! !

467: Amelia Idiots for sure.

468: Orca Leave the Sword Dancer Believers alone. Has anyone been able to to replicate the 「Magic Sword」and「Spell Casting」skills yet?

469: Prince of Light It was impossible.

470: Unstrayed Metal Impossible-po

471: Maple Impossible- What the Sword Dancer can do is abnormal.

472: PERSONA Ah, I was able to make a 「Magic Sword 」 Although, I was only able to make it glow

473: Dinner for a Fool Seriously!?

474: Prince of Light Seriously!?

475: Overdragon 472 Details please

476: PERSONA Even if I give details, you won’t believe it Imagine if the sword glows like a florescent light? Writing it down comes out like that I was only able to do it with light alone. Other magic was impossible.

477: Orca 476 No, That first step was important. Its important that others are able to replicate it

478: Prince of Light Yeah, I hope we can also do it

479: Amelia If possible, I’d like to learn it directly from the Sword Dancer.

480: Unstrayed Metal The Sword Dancer is now preparing for the 『Water King』

481: XYZ Although they defeated the 『Troll King』along the way. lolol

482: Evil Cancer Yes, the Sword Dancer is amazing 「Strong」「Cute」「Cool」and 「Lolita Oppai」, The goddess has all four!

483: Heavenly Night ( ・∀・)o彡° Oppai! Oppai!

484: Overdragon ( ・∀・)o彡° Oppai! Oppai!

485: Judgement ( ・∀・)o彡° Oppai! Oppai!

486: AVENGERS ( ・∀・)o彡° Oppai! Oppai!

487: Dinner for a Fool ( ・∀・)o彡° Oppai! Oppai!

488: Mikumin ( ・∀・)o彡° Oppai! Oppai!

489: Souryuu ・Asuka・Scoundrel Antara Baka?   (TL: “Are you an Idiot?”)

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