Angel In Online
Chapter 9

Author: 一狼
Source: rhekatan

Late because of Real. Midterms are annoying. Part two soon. Probably a lot of errors in this.


I shot a fireball which defeated a lizard priest in one blow. That attack now caused me to gain the enemies hostility, the others aiming to attack me. Three of the lizard soldiers are coming towards me but, Vai and Azure-san restrain two lizard soldiers along their path. Mao-Chan also summoned a golem to help. The remaining monster was trying to attack me like it was going after gold. I took a distance using back step while also breaking the lizard soldier’s posture. Then I hit him with my dual-wield skill, Triple attack.


「Please leave it to me!」(Rosemary)

After my attack, Mary tried to attract the lizard soldiers’ attention. However since, I am the one who has attracted the hostility, it just blocks the lizards path.

While Mary was trying to attract the lizard soldier, behind them were two lizard archers. Vio and Mao-chan launch magic attacks to the lizard archer, but they were only able to keep them at bay because they didn’t have a job that was skilled in magic attacks. Uni-kun covers Vai by setting up installation type magic. The magic was cast with me also inside.

「Stone Blast!」(Fenrir)

A Myriad of stone bullets are released and the lizard archer disappears. I continue to invoke the magic sword to cast a spell.

「Fire Arrow!」(Fenrir)

The Primordial Dragon Sword in my right hand is wrapped in red light.

「Mary, Switch!」(Fenrir)

「It’s ok! Square!」(Mary)

The sword skill square, has a diamond shaped attack line that disturbed the stance of the lizard soldier.

From there, me and Mary change, Then I give the magic sword to the lizard soldier.


All of the Fire Arrows are released were received by a lizard soldier, who is overwhelmed and disappears.

「Mary help Vai! Azure-san switch with me!」(Fenrir)

「Roger that!」(Azure)

Azure-san was able to restrain a lizard soldier with his high speed as a thief and the help of a golem. I was able to gather the enemy’s hostility and have it come to me, so Azure-san has an opening. So from there I set up the dual wield skill, cross, to shoot a fireball at contact distance.


I cleaned up the monster in front of me, and looked to the others to see the rest of the lizard soldiers being finished.

「Fuu, Our teamwork has improved.」(Vio)

Violette came to my side to talk with a smile.

「Right, Today we were able to increase our level up while improving our teamwork.」(Fenrir)

Even if there are healers in the PT, my magic seems to still gather all the hostility.

Vio can switch to attacking long distance monsters if she isn’t performing her healing. I asked Vai and Azure-san to be the vanguard and restrain monsters, while Mary and I also take one monster. In that time, Uni-kun would restrain a monster with long range attacks from the rear guard, while Vio and Mao-chan would support Vai with magic. When Mary and I defeat a monster of the vanguard, Mary moved to support Vai while I killed monsters near the rearguard with magic. Then I would switch with Azure-san to defeat his monster.

By the way, Mao-chan summoned a golem for Azure-san’s support, and she summoned a Unicorn for recovery. That was our rough teamwork pattern for now. But, we still need to think of how to act later in the water because this is still on land.

「Even so, As usual it’s amazing. Fenrir’s magic.」(Vio)

「As expected of a cheat skill. It roasts MOBs with one shot of beginner magic.」(Vai)

Because they have been accustomed to my cheat skill of Maximum magic, they see the difference of their skills every time the magic positions are set up in the PT.

「I appreciate it, Vai and Vio. But this was only because I was lucky. Because the character was randomly made. It was a nice bonus that put bare skills to shame.」(Fenrir)

「Hey, I have a question. Why do you bother using the magic sword when your magic power level is already high? Does it change the speed and power when it is done separately? It seems like only a disadvantage.」

Given an ordinary situation id say the same. The attack motion with a sword and chanting for magic would delay the speed.

「That’s not it. There is also a benefit. First, the power of magic goes up because it is used. For example the Fire Arrow magic sword from earlier. Normally the cast is long, and even if the arrow doesn’t hit it is still shot. The moment you rely on the magic sword, all the places that the sword hits, the magic hits. Of course the power is different. Second. Magic can be released any where you like as if it was triggered at one point. When magic that needs a definite location to be defined to activate, there is a high chance that the monster has moved since the magic’s location is fixed. But, you can hit a monster with magic that’s not fixed because it’s a magic sword. Third, because I’m a dual swordsman I can attack with confliction attributes such as fire and water at the same time. 」(Fenrir)

However, the third reason of simultaneous attacks isn’t only limited to the magic sword, because it’s also possible in the troll spell.

「Listening to your player skills sounds like nonsense. You can’t do that normally. 」(Azure)

Azure-san said in an amazed tone. Even if you say that, it is still there.

「Eeh, Usually it can’t. But it isn’t impossible to think that the sword can trigger magic at certain locations. I have no idea how to use it even if I try the magic sword. The Image Effect Theory is indeed great, but it doesn’t make sense if the commands are not good.」(Mary)

Mary seems to admit that with a slightly embarrassed face.

「I do think that anyone can use it with practice~ Well, anyone with good imagination can use it right?」

「I wonder if it is a delusion force rather than imagination?」(Uni)

「Cho!? All of a sudden those harsh words!? That’s mean Uni-kun!?」(Fenrir)

After Uni-kun’s bombshell, everyone is wrapped in laughter.

「Buhaha! That’s it! The fact it could be delusions is more convincing than imagination.」

「Ufufu, that’s a good laugh, Imagining the figure of a once delusioned Fenrir-chan… Ufufu.」

「It-its usless. E-everyone is laughing…」(Fenrir)

「Kuhaha, Because delusions are her desire, her realization rate is high~Eya 」

「Eh? Ah? I’m sorry…」(Uni) Even if Uni-kun apologized everyone doesn’t stop laughing.

「Ah- Fine! Laugh all you want! Then that’s it!」(Fenrir)

Everyone kept laughing while we continue deeper into the forest.


In Sanou forest there are only three kinds of monsters. They are Orcs, Lizardmen and trolls. For each race, different classes such as soldiers, archers, mages and priests can appear in a monster PT. Sometimes the PT can have mixed races such as; a vanguard troll soldier, a lizardman archer and an orc priest. Even if it’s a mixed PT they still are more effective than them figting individually. An Orc vanguard would be like a towering wall of meat gathering attention, while the archer would go for anyone who would break off from the orc.

Apparently, this forest type field has made pair PT available. The cooperation of our PT has also become smoother steadily. Even so, we were careless. In particular, it was most likely because of my maximum magic skill, that we had been accustomed to be able to overcome most situations. Even though I had the same situation before, I did not realize it until the time came.

By fighting in the back of the forest we had raised are levels quite a bit. I am level 29, Azure-san is level 28, Vai, Vio and Mary are level 27, and Mao-chan and Uni-kun are level 25.

We proceed to the back of the forest with that attitude. And we suddenly exit into a plaza surrounded by trees. Are…? Déjà vu…

There was a sleeping monster close to the center of the square. It had gray limbs and ears, and a oval body shape.

「Hey, Isn’t that Totoro…?」

「Isn’t it… Its Totoro isn’t it…?」

「It definitely looks like Totoro to me.」(Uni)

Yes the Totoro that came out from a certain anime movie. Totoro seems to wake up as it tries to get up.

『I am the 1st of the 26 kings, Troll king Totoro, This forest here is holy land. Are you a challenger for me? Or invaders to the holy land?』

「What!? 26 kings!? Totoro!?」(Fenrir)

「No, certainly my sister said that in the anime Totoro was a troll.」(Vai)

Because of the words of the Troll King, we were in a panic. We had suddenly met one of the 26 kings without any idea. And because I had forgotten, we had ended up in that situation.

Damn! I didn’t realize it! It was the same as “The King of Beginnings.” What can we do? What should we do!?

And then I noticed. In Sanou forest there are three races of monsters; Orcs, lizardmen and trolls. That must mean there are two other kings in addition to the “Troll King” in Sanou forest. There must be an “Orc king” and a “Lizard King” in this forest.

Seriously!? This forest was such a dangerous place!?

『Are you here to challenge me? Or are you here to invade the Holy land? 』

We panicked despite the “Troll king” repeating his question.

「What does the leader say? Should we leave this fight?」(Azure)

「Wait please. It seems we can avoid combat if we answer the question of the “Troll King” well.」(Mary)

「But, if we answer would we still need to fight?」(Mao)

Azure0san, Mary and Mao-chan all ask me in quick succession. Da~! They all said it at once, I’m also in a panic here!

But the “Troll King” had waited too long, and our time for questions and answers had concluded.

『I have determined that you must be invaders because you had not answered that you were not. I shall give the judgment of death to invaders of the holy land. 』

Immediately after saying so, the “Troll King” sucks in a big breath. And in the next moment, echoing loudly…


Because we were close to the loud roar we immediately covered out ears. After the『Troll King』’s voice subsides, we hear incoming footsteps. The moment we hear the footsteps, a cat-like-bus from a certian anime has appeared, although it looks more like a station wagon, it jumped over to the entrance of the forest.

「This is bad! It blocked the escape route! Fenrir- chan what do we do!?」 (Vio)

「Seriously!? To fight without any preparation!? What should we do!?」 (Vai)

Vio and Vai started panicking because out escape route has been blocked.

「Everyone calm down. With this situation we are going to have to defeat the 『Troll King』. This is the only way we are going to survive.」(Fenrir)

I say these words to calm the others. But, actually my heart is beating really fast so its hard to be calm myself. I am the leader of this party now. I have to give an appearance that i am not panicking.

「Better? Calm yourselves. We won’t be able to get through this if we panic. Now, the Cat bus has covered our retreat, the 『Troll King』has spawned monsters. We would lose now even if we defeated the Cat bus. We need to defeat the King while some of us keep the Cat bus busy. Good right?」(Fenrir)

Azure-San decides to veto my plan.

「Wait a minute. Rather than defeat the King, wouldn’t it be better to break trough the Cat bus and escape? To battle without any preparations is too dangerous.」 (Azure)

「I understand his point. But someone would have to hold back the King during that time. It would be faster to try to defeat the King instead. We will see if it is outside of my power abilities. I also hope that we can have a safety margin. It is necessary during improvised battles, to be able to respond to emergencies in order to survive the death game. Like now. If we cant defeat the 『Troll King』now then even ten years to defeat the 『Water Dragon King』is insufficient.」(Fenrir)

「Then you need to be the leader, so we can defeat it faster. Right?」(Azure)

Azure-san grins while looking at me.

「That is, Azure-san and Sakura-san please keep the Cat-bus back. Also, set the golem and the unicorn to back them up. Vai and Mary keep the 『Troll King』busy so I can prepare. Uni-kun, support those two. Vio is to focus on healing.」(Fenrir)

Everyone nods to my instructions.

The 『Troll King』is glaring over here without attacking. A battle was declared, but the actual fighting doesn’t start unless it is attacked. At any rate, its great that it gave us time to prepare.

「Well then, Lets Go!」(Fenrir)

Everyone rushes forward with my order. At the same time, the Cat-bus starts to move. I get a pentashield and a reinforcement boost ready. Chanting with spells is long. Unnecessary long for battles. Therefore, its best to start off with spells.

「Eh? Fenrir-chan…Whats that…」(Vio)

Vio, who is beside me watches what im about to do.

「I’ll explain later, for now concentrate on the battle.」(Fenrir)

After the pentashield and the quadruple body strengthening is completed, I finish off with the kemonoka skills, BEARARM and GAZELLELEG. YES! Full buff complete!

Vai and Mary, who received my signal, took the opportunity to release their attack skills and increase the distance between them and the 『Troll King』.



I stepped forward to release an attack on the 『Troll King』.

「Fire Javelin!」(Fenrir)

A fire spear impacts the 『Troll King』leaving considerable damage. With this, I have also gained the 『Troll King’s』attention. The 『Troll King’s』turns towards me and attacks with a right hand swing. I step to the right, and with the Sword of the Origin Dragon in my right hand I preform a horizontal slash. I swing with my left hand to preform a downward slash while moving to get into position.

And in position, I start moving for my attack. I attack with every step, then avoid an attack while sweeping my sword. I attack while also using High-Jump. (TL: High jump sounds better than High step) Move , Attack, Move , Parry, Attack, Turn, Attack, Move , Parry, Cross-step, Attack, High-Jump, Attack, Attack, Parry, Cross-Step, Attack, Move, Parry, Move, Attack, Parry, High-Jump, Attack, Move, Parry, Attack, Turn, Attack… ――――I perform a dance worthy of my two nicknames.



Two amazed voices leak out at the sight they have seen for the first time.

The moves of the Sword Dancer look supernatural. But, while avoiding with a margin of a single sheet of paper, slowly, blur of attacks show their effects on my health.

With the deployed Pentashield, I barely received any damage, and what damage I received was immediately healed by Vio.

『Your attacks are wonderful. Likewise, let me show you my strength to match yours.』(Troll King’s)

Its a strange feeling that Totoro is speaking. It’s attacking seriously now?

As Vai also agrees, Totoro speaking doesn’t match up.

The 『Troll King』 takes a position that looks like crouching with his hands together. When I see it, I immediately shift into a position to avoid.

「Everyone separate!」(Fenrir)

From the stance, the 『Troll King』, bounds into the sky with both of his arms above him. (TL: like superman)

『Grand Sprout!』(Troll King)

At the next moment,  trees shaped like spears thrust out of the ground to fill the area.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Crafting Thread

893: Carbuncle Crafting in Ai-On is a joke Its just recipe collecting really

894: Sofia-deruka That’s not true While its necessary to gather materials based on a recipe, Production skills are still necessary The process is interesting

895: Carbuncle Did you read my post? I’m telling you that the recipes are boring

896: Luke & Bishop >>895: Really

897: Carbuncle recipes and production skills If the materials were arranged everything could be easily made like pressing a button Isn’t creative ingenuity to make items is a real thrill of the production process? Why would it be fun to quickly gather recipes instead of researching each one?

898 : Sofia-deruka >>897: You have read too much manga and Light Novels You just want to make items with special traits, Right? That’s impossible, This game doesn’t cover everything.

899: Workaholic 897, I know what you mean Real craftsmanship can be done with a button I wanted this game to require some ingenuity

900: Carbuncle >>898 Huh? No one said that Are you satisfied with recipes that anyone can use? It makes me laugh. lol

901: Sofia-deruka >> 900 You head must be empty lol Thats for general Produciton If you want to use a hammer to forge a sword, why dont you just say it? lololol

902: Carbuncle 901 >> Bastard, Do you want to fight? It maybe normal for an MMO, but it doesn’t have to be in VR.

903: Flame Chef >>901 >>902 Both of you calm down

904: Dedrick Well, Calm down As 901 says, lets say a blacksmith makes items by hammering them normally. This would mean that amateurs without any background knowledge wouldn’t be able to produce anything.

905: Sinbad This isn’t a simulator game.

906: Dedrick Still it’s awful Wouldn’t it take a few days of work if you had to forge realistically? In games we can’t wait as much Even if it only took a few hours, it’s still much faster with just a button from the beginning

907: Carbuncle That’s what I’m trying to tell you.

908: Quilliam What about Crafting in other VR games? Does anyone know how those are?

909: Sasayan I don’t know all of them, but most should have the same system like Ai-On I heard there was A VRMMO where you could make your own unique items with creativity, but I heard that it turned into a big mess

910: Luke & Bishop >>909 What do you mean?

911: Sasayan The system crashed because there were so many original items that were created endlessly by players.

912: Quilliam Ah…


Angel In Online
Chapter 9