Blood Moon Hunters
Chapter 148

Author: Mang Guo Suan Nai Bing
Source: TapRead


All the people present were surprised both at his identity, a demon king from the ancient timesno wonder he was so strongand the fact that Wang Bugui was the most powerful prodigy in the age!

Wang Bugui got such a high comment of an ancient king of the Evil Spirit Race, which indicated that the Blood Demon King held a high expectation to him. Even such a master thought that Wang Bugui's potential was so terrible?

The demonic soul seemed to be able to see through what these people were thinking. He said, "Don't doubt that. If he can really go to the Queen Mother of the West relying on his Sage-Realm cultivation base, it is definitely that he is the most powerful prodigy in this age."

"Even in the ancient times, there were few people who could do that, not to mention the Age of Dharma Decline!"

"After seeing the Queen Mother of the West, they had all become the most powerful one of their generations, and become an immortal eventually. Such kind of people you know includes Dugu Baishi and the God of War."

"Do you think if they are the most powerful prodigy of their generations? Though the Taoism power is determined by one's cultivation base, when one comes to the Queen Mother of the West, it will improve to a higher realm!"

"So, the people who can see the Queen Mother of the West are the strongest prodigies of that age!"

The words of the demonic soul had shocked everyone for a long time. He even mentioned the immortal swordsman and the God of War. The two men could see the Queen Mother of the West which was the best proof.

At this time, some people were happy while some were sad. The former ones were really happy for Wang Bugui; the latter ones felt really sad that they had been born in the wrong age where they met such a powerful competitor.

The so-called genius identity was nothing in front of this person, because what he was best at was to suppress geniuses, and to make them unable to lift their heads again in this age.

It was no wonder that the eras in which the descendants of the Palace of the Human Emperors appeared were their eras. All the prodigies could only be foiled in front of them. They would build their invincible road to be an emperor with the demise of all the other geniuses.

However, they had to accept the fate. Since they were born in this unfortunate but great era, what they could do was to accept everything. Although they were suppressed by the potential Human Emperor, the Path to Immortality would appear in this age.

Perhaps this was their chance. Everyone knew that to become an immortal or an emperor was extremely difficult, but they had a bigger chance. If they cultivated hardly enough, there would be hope for them to step on the Path to Immortality.

"The strongest prodigy can't disturb my heart, and I'm not afraid of fighting him!" Leng Yueyan looked solemn, and her words were full of firmness.

"Amitabha. The so-called the strongest is just a kind of fame. I worship the Buddhas, and only aim to be a Buddha." Ning Zhe recited the Buddhas. He was not affected by the words of Leng Yueyan and the demonic soul.

"The more powerful my opponents are, the more they can motivate my understanding of the swordsmanship!" Feng Tianming's Sword Core was not shaken as well. In his heart, he had already regarded Wang Bugui as a friend mediating together.

Only such a strong opponent would improve his swordsmanship. Moreover, his biggest goal was not to defeat Wang Bugui, but to catch up with Dugu Baishi.

This most powerful immortal swordsman since ancient times possessed amazing swordsmanship. His understanding of the swordsmanship was far beyond that of Feng Tianming. So, his only goal was to strive to become an immortal swordsman.

Only when he achieved to be an immortal, could he be qualified to pursue the footsteps of Dugu Baishi. He knew very well that he couldn't surpass Dugu Baishi, because this person was almost perfect in all the aspects about sword.

Through out the history, his swordsmanship was the most unique and striking; his sword core was the most powerful; his sword bone was the firmest; his sword power was the strongest.

And his killing intention, it could almost tear the sky up. When he entered the state of the unity of sword and human, his offensives would be invincible!

Feng Tianming could only look up to Dugu Baishi who was rarely seen. As for Wang Bugui, his future achievement might be able to compete with that of the immortal swordsman and the God of War.

Thinking of this, Feng Tianming couldn't help but move his sight to the picture, eager to see the final result.

"Our boss can certainly see the Queen Mother of the West, and we should pay more attention to cultivation, so that we won't be dragged far behind by boss!" Yu Wude grinned.

Then he began to look at the picture with his brothers. Not just them, everyone was waiting for the consequence.

In the space of the picture, Wang Bugui was now only thirty steps away from the Queen Mother of the West!

He also admired his own perseverance which supported him to this position. Although he had used the Whole after Thousand Disasters on the way, it didn't take much effect. After all, it was mainly aimed at strengthening cultivators' bodies.

Its effect on primordial spirit was minimal; the speed of repairing primordial spirit was slower than the speed at which the scars expanded. All the eyes of the rear beasts had opened now, all cast on him.

They should have been worshiping the Queen Mother of the West. But now it was like they were worshiping Wang Bugui. Attracting so much attention, could he come to the end?

"Whew! Whew!..."

He looked at the beautiful figure under the peach tree gaspingly. Although he couldn't see her face, he could perceive that it must be extremely charming, otherwise his heart wouldn't be filled with an indescribable feeling.

He bit his teeth and continued to move on hard. He almost resorted to the Eight Limits Universal Order. It seemed that his feet were carrying a few mountains, and every step would use all his strength.

When he took the last thirty steps, there was another way of oppression greeting him, which was issued by the Queen Mother of the West. Taoism was the origin of one, one the origin of two, two of three, and three of all, which was also a kind of theme of the picture.

It took him fifteen minutes to take ten steps, and then a stronger Taoism power was added to suppress him. He was almost forced to slam to the ground.


Almost all the scars on his primordial spirit were enlarged. He looked like a glass man who was about to be broken. A single press only would crush him.

He immediately activated the Whole after Thousand Disasters Skill, and after an hour, half of the scars were recovered. However, he had to continue to move on. Every second of staying would waste his primordial spirit power.

Gritting his teeth, he took another ten steps forward. But at this moment, he couldn't stand still and was almost forced to fly back by the third new Taoism power. He bent over, trying to make himself keep stable. But he would still kneel down at any time.

His eyes could only see a blurry scene which was gradually deepening.

"Come on!"

He shook his head violently to stay awake, and the blurred vision slowly cleared. Then he stepped forward again. When he took the first step, he went down immediately.

After resting for a while, he took the second step, which drove all his cracks to expand instantly. His subconscious mind had intended to give up, and his body was shaking.

There seemed to be a voice asking him to no longer keep on and just go back. But how could he give up since he had arrived here?

"Come on! Don't give up!"

He ordered himself, and then took three steps in succession.


He screamed in pain, and his scars had begun to fall from his body. It looked like he was composed of pieces of broken glass.

However, instead of quitting, he still took move forward desperately. After the sixth step, his arm began to break. After the seventh step, both of his arms were broken.

He was still moving on. After the eighth step, his left leg suddenly erupted. When he took the ninth step, his right leg was also broken.

And his body was also covered with scars at the moment, especially at his Shen Tang. There was almost no good skin on his forehead. Hot blood ran down from his head, so terrifying.



Yun Jinghong and the members of the Blood Moon Hunters screamed out, tightening their fists. Even the outside him was seriously injured so much, not to mention his primordial spirit inside.

"I, can, do, it..."

He still didn't give up. Only the last step was left. The bloody past appeared involuntarily in his mind at this moment. This nightmare had been with him for a long time.

Every night he would wake up from the nightmare. He didn't want to be as weak as before. He told himself in his heart that he must be strong, be strong enough to frighten all his enemies, so that no one could take anything away from him!


Without his hands and feet, he then used his teeth to bite and used his head to drag him forward slowly. On the way, his lower body began to break little by little, and his every move would make him more painful.

Slightly move his broken body, and he could see the Queen Mother of the West. But now, the upper half of his primordial spirit was almost broken. His broken eyes looked ahead unwillingly.

"Come on!!"

He made a bellow, tried his best to move his head. And finally, he was dragged to the Queen Mother of the West.


He was losing his consciousness slowly, and he only had a small part of his upper body now. He tried to see the figure in front of him with his remaining eye covered with cracks. When his sight slowly became clear, his eye was widely opened again.

The appearance of the Queen Mother of the West became finally clear. She was really beautiful, as if the word "graceful" was specially created to describe her!

Moreover, she was looking at him with her eyes filled with tenderness, like a mother looking at her injured baby.


He seemed to see his kind mother for a moment. The outside him even began to tear.

He knew this was a fake, just an illusion in his heart. But he still burst into tears with excitement. His mother had died for many years, and to see her again was so difficult.

"Poor kid, you've suffered. Come to me..."

Suddenly, the Queen Mother of the West moved. She reached her hands out to hold Wang Bugui in her arms. He was conquered by the maternal warmth instantly.

Even if he knew all of this was fake, and it was a dream, but he was still willing to sink into it. He didn't want to wake up soon, because this gentle embrace reminded him of his mother.

He winked his tired eye, finally recognizing the person in front of him was the Queen Mother of the West, not Alice, his mother. But he still smiled at her. In the next second, his eye slowly closed.

Everything disappeared and the space turned into darkness. He was lying quietly in the arms of the Queen Mother of the West.

Blood Moon Hunters
Chapter 148