Campus Rebirth: The Strongest Female Agent
Chapter 23

Author: Tobbaco Powder
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Outside the emergency room.

Yun Yi paced up and down with uncontrollable worry on his face. The same for the nearby Gao Jian.

Although the two were anxious, they also knew that the operating room can't be casually entered.

But what made Yun Yi perplexed was hearing Gao Jian say Little Jian has been inside for a long time. He doesn't know what she was doing, to still not come out.

His own mother's life was at concern inside, but he could only wait outside. Just thinking about this, made Yun Yi unable to sit still more and more.


At this moment, the closed operating room door opened.

It was the first doctor who first appeared in view. He saw his aura relaxed, with a light and happy expression on his face.

"Doctor, how is my mother?" With this, Yun Yi rushed forward immediately and asked.

"Cough!" The doctor purposely coughed lightly twice and then announced "The operation was successful. The patient is now in good condition. I believe it will be as good as new in a few months!"

As good as new? Hearing this, Gao Jian froze for a moment.

You should know that the doctor said at the beginning that if Qin Yi Rou didn't get an amputation, her life would be in danger.

But just a few moments after Yun Jian forcibly entered the operating room, the doctor came out this time and said that the patient was fine. What's more, it was repaired to the former condition!

Does this Yun Jian really have such kind an ability?

Yun Yi exhaled a deep breath. Fortunately, Mom was alright.

Yun Jian took off her surgical gown and sterile gloves before walking out of the operating room.

In order not to worry her brother, she let the doctor go out to announce the news.

At the same time, Yun Jian also reached an agreement with this group of doctors. She can teach them this medical technique, and at the same time made them keep the secret to themselves: the operation was successfully done by them.

"Brother, it's all right." Seeing Yun Yi's pale face, Yun Jian echoed softly.


Qin Yi Rou woke up at 5:30 the next morning. Her face was no longer pale and weak as before but instead, a trace of blood returned.

Yun Jian cut up the apple in few strokes and fed it directly to Qin Yi Rou's mouth bite by bite. She quietly coaxed, "Mom, eat slowly."

It finally sunk into Qin Yi Rou, she had escaped from death's door. Holding back the tears of joy in her eyes, she looked at her sensible daughter with great relief.

Yun Yi went back to the school in the city for self-study that night. This was after Qin Yi Rou persuading Yun Yi in great length to go back to school.

Yun Yi wanted to stay behind to take care of his mother and planned to request a leave from the school. Qin Yi Rou did not agree. She was afraid that Yun Yi will delay his study.

The patient was the biggest. Yun Yi had no choice but to comply with Qin Yi Rou. The doctor also said that Qin Yi Rou was now in good condition and completely out of danger, so Yun Yi returned to the city.

Yun Jian initially intended to follow Yun Yi to the city. But now, she can only postpone her plan.

From the beginning to now, her so-called father Yun Gang has never appeared.

This made Yun Jian disdain this so-called father even more.

In the evening, she made dinner at home. Yun Jian packed it up and brought it to the hospital.

Qin Yi Rou's hospitalization fee was paid by Gao Jian on behalf of the factory.

This matter, Gao Jian and the factory had acknowledge the debt.

In order to nourish Qin Yi Rou's body, Yun Jian specially made a bowl of chicken soup and walked to the hospital.

Just as she headed to Qin Yi Rou's ward, she heard a sharp sound- a confident, and the aggressive female voice:

"Yi Rou, Yi Rou. It’s not that I deliberately want to put you on a tight spot. You see, now that you are injured like this, I am really embarrassed to ask you to return the money I lent you before. But I have no other way today. Our family desperately needs that money. Do you think you can return the money to me first?"

Campus Rebirth: The Strongest Female Agent
Chapter 23