Command Sousa Skill de, Isekai no Subete wo Kage kara Shihaishitemita
Vol. 2 Chapter 14

Author: Touwa Akatsuki
Source: Imported


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The Aircross was the strongest war potential of the Ryudovik, and there were only 16 of them. The Aircross Soldier Corps operates them, and within the army they were the most important and have the highest rank――as such, naturally the rank of nee-san who took command was captain.

So far attacks from outside have been mostly nonexistent, so the job of the army, was the maintenance of the public order inside the floating city. The history of the Aircross Soldier Corps was shallow, and although nee-san was the fastest to get promoted inside the corps, it seemed she had only reached until captain.

(No matter how you think about it, it means that the fate of this city hangs with us Aircross Soldier Corps……regretfully, I don’t want something like that.)

The General supervises all of the combat forces, and below that were other generals, and the direct superior officer of nee-san was the brigadier general. The units were mostly women, and that idea was by the brigadier general.

[Though Yuuki had received the results of the examination, regarding Second Lieutenant Jio, he was assigned to the Aircross Soldier Corps by his own intention. Well he is the son of the General.]

[Eh……isn’t that, abuse of authority?]

[……Yes it is. Actually, his doesn’t have the aptitude to ride an Aircross. He being able to return alive on this time, is because of the backup by his buddy Second Lieutenant Tail.]

Second Lieutenant Tail Randol. She who was the buddy of Second Lieutenant Jio, as much as I saw from the picture of her data she gave off an impression of a quiet and modest girl.

――And her original social class, was 『Slave』.

Because of the 『Charity Work』 that the family of Jio who were upper stratum citizens, she who was found from slavery, was taken custody to his Jio’s family as his servant.

From just this much information, I didn’t have quite a good impression from the personality of this Second Lieutenant Jio――but since we haven’t actually met each other, I couldn’t say anything.

[I haven’t met Second Lieutenant Jio, but he……]

[After retreating, he fell into a panicked state. At the time I left the military base, he should still be remaining in the sickbay.]

[I,is that so……]

[Second Lieutenant Tail is thankful to you. If you hadn’t attracted the attention of that main airfact, I would’ve died is what she said.]

[N,no……I, just did what I needed to do.]

I felt shy, but I intended to return a natural answer. However nee-san slightly drew back the chair use for working, and stared at me.

[……Before I knew it, you’ve become an adult. You’re, already a splendid adult.]

[Someone like me still have a long way to go. But, I want to become someone who is enough to support nee-san.]

[You’re already supporting me enough. The day that I become your subordinate, isn’t far.]

[……I disagree. For me to fight under nee-san, I think that suits me.]

At present that was fine. The place where I will use the power given to me, would be to change the foundation of this city――but as a soldier, I’ll raise achievements under nee-san.

[……Thanks for helping me. Yuuki too when you’re troubled about something, tell it to me. Since, I can’t be satisfied if I can’t return the favor.]

[Thank you. Then good night……is that fine now?]

[Yeah, good night. Tomorrow you’ll await orders at the standby area. Recently, armed groups are raising p

Not with Aircross, this time the combat will be with flesh and blood――again I’m feeling a different kind of tension, nevertheless it was a good chance to investigate how I will utilize my ability.

I left nee-san’s room, traversed the living room and went towards my room. Thereupon after finishing her long shower, Am had just gone out.

[Thanks for your hard work. You’re, unexpectedly diligent huh.]

[That’s not it, but I’ll do much as I can if it’s to help nee-san.]

[Fuun……how obedient. Even though you’re weak to older girls, do you like little girls with big breasts? If that’s the case, aren’t you unprincipled.]

[Gu……hey, the respect I have towards nee-san, is different from liking little girls with big breasts.]

[For me I don’t understand that difference. As expected of the incarnation of carnal desires.]

[……If that is really the case, then I would had definitely not left the room and instead had observed.]

I replied with a tit for tat. Am’s face gradually became red, and she looked for something to throw――and when she didn’t find any, she folded her arms.

Her sleep-wear was that of a shirt and short pants, which emphasized her long limbs. So she ties it just before sleeping huh, her dried hair was already tied with a ribbon.

[……Don’t look too much. Even if you search for something that changed, I believe there’s nothing like that.]

[I,I understand.  Anyone would’ve looked, so I just allowed myself……I’m not thinking of something strange, so please relax.]

[……Since you’re allowing yourself, then take responsibility until the……]

Am looked dissatisfied as she muttered something, and after that she opened the refrigerator and took out food, and carried it to the bedroom. ――She told me to bring that to her, she was unexpectedly whimsical. For now, while being conscious that I’m entering after Am, I went inside the bathroom.


I stepped out of the bath, and when I returned to the bedroom, Am had already finished preparing to sleep and was above the bunk bed. It seemed she had hanged her military uniform on a hanger and put it inside the closet, and has also properly put away her other clothes.

I lied down on the lower bed, and closed my eyes for a while. I wasn’t accustomed to immediately falling asleep, but I gradually became sleepy.



It seemed a habit of Am to start talking by saying [Hey]. I replied, and she started thinking for a while.

[Do you think it was good that you’ve come to this world?]

[Well at first, I was a bit bewildered. If there’s a rule that I can’t become accustomed no matter what, I have the power to change that. If I grasp the other party, then I could do whatever I want to that person.]

[……I see. I’m glad, you look like you’re having fun.]

[Rather than that, to have the occasion to sleep with a girl in the same room, that’s already something that couldn’t be compared from the previous world.]

I said honestly the things that came to my mind. It was awkward until some time ago, so I thought we wouldn’t be able to exchange words――but since Am had composed herself, I’ve also calmed down. Feeling sorry, though there was that mood.

[……You, look like you have one misunderstanding……]

[M,misunderstanding? Umm is that, about you holding goodwill to me, I’m not having that wrong impression okay.]

[That’s not it……don’t be excessively cowardly, since it’s getting hard to talk.]


For a while Am didn’t return a reply. Without change, the room became silent――has she already slept.

If that was the case then it couldn’t be helped, I’ll also start sleeping. Though I wanted to talk for a bit more, for that it seemed I needed to be more considerate.

For a teaser the title of Ch 15 is “The Incident in the Night” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Command Sousa Skill de, Isekai no Subete wo Kage kara Shihaishitemita
Vol. 2 Chapter 14