Daily Liquid in the Tram
Chapter 10

Author: 老干部的颈椎病
Source: deathbydanmei

Just patted his chest. Oh my god, what's the situation?

Shao Lang returned to the office, put down his briefcase, pulled his neckline, and sat on the office chair. He gritted his teeth tentatively, still feeling a bit painful.

I took out the note from my briefcase, thought for a while, and finally put down the note, picked up the phone and dialed an internal extension number.

"Xiao Lin, later tell Xiao Liu to take me to a place in the afternoon."

"Okay, manager." The assistant on the phone said, holding his breath.

After hanging up the phone, Shao Lang devoted himself to work, too busy to forget himself.

Shao Lang did not finish his get off work until he was almost off work. Contacted Xiao Liu and took him to the door of Chihan Clinic.

Pushing the door open, the sign said Oh dentist's office', and the entrance is the registration desk. A nurse saw someone come in and immediately apologized, smiled and said:. "I'm sorry sir, today already fully booked, please come back tomorrow,"

Shao Long glanced at the empty clinic, "Im looking for uh, Chi Han?"

"Ah , He has been waiting for you for a day, thinking you really won't come." A low, magnetic male voice sounded.

Shao Lang turned his head around and saw Chi Han standing on the corner, wearing a white coat, with his hands in his pockets, leaning against the wall with a bright spring face.

His heartbeat seemed to be jumping out ... Chi Han walked over, grabbed Shao Lang's shoulder, and instructed the nurse at the front desk: "Xiao Mei, you can get off work and lock the door." He glanced at them with an expression that I understand, "Well, good!"

Shao Lang became wary when he heard the words: "Why lock the door?"

Chi Han put his hands on his shoulders together, snorting white. teeth, "Of course, to give my baby VIP service ah, Mel door from work who looked at it. Let's go."

"Believe you Caiyou Gui, look quickly to see, read I'm going home."

"good Gee. But..."

"But what's the matter."

"I haven't seen my baby today. Let me kiss you first."


Chi Han laughed, not caring, and brought Shao Lang into the dental clinic.

The clinic is quite big, with a dental comprehensive treatment machine and some dental equipment inside. A curtain was hung up in the middle of the space by two-thirds, and it was covered up and it was impossible to see what was inside.

Chi Han lighted his chin and signaled Shao Lang to lie on the treatment bed, then pulled the equipment and put on medical gloves.

Shao Lang became a little nervous, "You, can you do it?"

"Baby, don't question whether you can do it with a man at this time." Chi Han turned on the dental lamp, pinched Shao Lang's cheeks, and was pinched into a chicken. Mouth-like lips, took a bite, then let go.

Shao Lang: "..."

"Open your mouth."

Chi Han took the pulp electric vitality tester, and started to stimulate the teeth one by one, watching Shao Lang's inhalation reaction before putting down the instrument. "Baby, this is dentine hypersensitivity. It hasn't caused pulpitis at all. I'll prescribe a mouth desensitization paste to treat you for a period of time. Usually pay attention not to eat cold or hot sour and sweet food, and do not bite hard objects. "

Shao Lang was listening for an instant, and the man suddenly lowered his voice, "Of course, my husband's hard object can still be bitten gently."

This man is really only serious for about two minutes!

Knowing that his teeth were all right, Shao Lang was about to get up and leave, but Chi Han squeezed him down, with a deep smirk in his eyes and said, "Don't worry, it's all here. Let's have a check by the way.

"I'm all okay, what else do I need to check?" As soon as Shao Lang spoke, Chi Han put something in his mouth, so that he could not close his mouth, so he could only speak in a breath, "Yeah! Huh, hum!"

"This is a compulsory mouthpiece, for you to check your mouth."

Shao Lang immediately struggled to sit up from the dental chair, before his toes touched the floor, he was dragged back by Chi Han.

"Don't be afraid, baby, your husband is just doing a routine checkup for you." Chi Han wrapped Shao Lang's hands on the shackles on both sides of the dental chair, and leaned over to kiss him on the forehead.

"Hmm!!!" Shao Lang couldn't confidently look at the man with a beastly face and beastly heart, struggling with both hands non-stop.

"My dear, you will hurt yourself." Chi Han rubbed Shaolang's reddish wrist with his fingertips distressingly.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh!" Then let me go!

"I will let you go after the inspection, but now...no."

Chihan put the prepared things on the cart, then replaced the medical gloves just now, and put on new sterile gloves.

"My husband will do you a service first." After understanding the man's attempt, Shao Lang didn't struggle. It was not that he compromised, it was just that no matter how hard he struggled, it was himself that was hurt in the end, so he simply calmed down and saw what this man wanted to do!

"Well, really good." Seeing that Shao Lang was not resisting, Chi Han applied lubricating oil on his fingertips, stood under Shao Lang, raised one of his legs with one hand, "Honey, spread your legs."

Shao Lang glanced at him, turned his head to the side, and ignored him.

"Hey, it's okay if you don't want it, then I will tie it up with a rope?"


If sharp eyes can kill people, this damn pervert would be a hornet's nest!

But...in the end, he was forced by the man's lewdness, and slightly bent his legs--opened.

Chi Han unwrapped Shao Lang's trousers and underwear, and slowly faded to the place where he hung from his calf. Then he lifted Shao Lang's legs to the top of his chest, and his ass was exposed under the man's eyelids.

"Hmm." Chi Han started massaging his fingers around his anus, and slowly poked the hole in his eye. Shao Lang had already clearly felt that his acupuncture points began to shrink continuously. He didn't know whether he wanted to swallow something or prevent the invasion. This made him clenched his fist a little uncomfortably, and the back of his hand bulged.

"Relax, baby."

Massage for a while, and when it feels almost the same, Chi Han slowly pushes his fingers into the rectum, touches and presses down on his fingertips, while looking up at Shao Lang's facial expressions, whispering from time to time: "There is pain Is there any place? Shao Lang frowned, looked at the doctor's Chi Han, and shook his head subconsciously.

Chi Han pushed his fingers forward again until he touched a small point on the front wall, and then stopped, his fingers enjoying the tight wrapping of the hot inner wall.

At that point, Shao Lang's body seemed to have an electric current rushing from the tail bone to the limbs, causing him to tremble and groan.

"Hmm..." After

Chi Han waited for his anal acupoints to adapt to the entry of his fingers, he bent his index finger and squeezed and massaged the prostate points up and down.


Shao Lang's penis stood up straight from the half-soft and half-hard penis, and as the man's fingers kept pressing and rubbing, the front end of it flowed out of crystal clear prostate fluid.

"Are you feeling good, baby?" Chi Han continued to gently squeeze the prostate with his fingers, touched his penis with the other hand, wiped the liquid from the mouth of the bell with the pad of the finger, and then held the stem and pushed it up and down.

"Woo..." I couldn't stand it anymore. The pleasure of the front and back flanks was too strong. Shao Lang shook his body, letting tears fall from the corners of his eyes.

Seeing this, Chi Han speeded up his hand, but he was still cautious in his movements so as not to injure Shao Lang.

So, under the man's aggressive attack, "Uh-h-" The pink fleshy stem finally couldn't resist Pupu sprayed thick white semen, dripping onto Chihan's hands.

Before Shao Lang could relax, Chi Han lowered his dental chair a few points. With his legs crossed on both sides of Shao Lang's neck, he took out the swollen big cock and thrust it directly into his already widened mouth.

Because he had just been released once, his whole body was still weak and weak, and now he could only be at the mercy of a man.

Daily Liquid in the Tram
Chapter 10