Daily Liquid in the Tram
Chapter 15

Author: 老干部的颈椎病
Source: deathbydanmei

The young man turned to Chi Han pitifully: "Brother..."

Chi Han ignored the young man's pleading eyes, and said, "You, it should have been banned long ago. With your condition of overeating all the year round, it's just a slight blood thick. Up. "

The young man is Chi Wus legal partner-Qi Yuanyuan, a university tutor, and the two have a teacher-student relationship. They have been in love with each other for ten years at Chi Wus university. Very beautiful and lovely, with big eyes that are very eye-catching. They are often thought of as high school students. The biggest hobby is Chichi Chi, there is a bottomless pit that seems to have an appetite.

So after Shao Lang managed the discharged procedures, Chi Han smiled and motioned to Shao Lang not to mind his brother, and picked up his luggage: "Let's go. "

The group of people went out of the hospital and drove to the restaurant suggested by Qi Yuanyuan.

The restaurant Qi Yuanyuan asked Shaolang while looking through the dishes: "This crispy bbq pig is good. You can try it. I won't eat it. Fried rice noodles with scallops and osmanthus, sliced duck, baked snails in Portuguese sauce, Yangcheng bird cage dim sum, chicken feet in abalone sauce, abalone tart, pineapple buns, Dongxing fish dumplings, money belly, 101 fresh fruit napoleon, freshly ground soy milk soaked star spots , Barbecued pork, rice rolls...all these! "

Chiwu and Chihan have become accustomed to Qi Yuanyuan's ordering method. Only Shao Lang was a little embarrassed and nodded silently.

Then Chi Wu continued to order two vegetables before finishing.

Qi Yuanyuan was finally satisfied and sat aside to burn. Washing the dishes, by the way, I burned Chiwu's in a good mood, and said with a smile, "Hey, I only eat green vegetables. These dishes are for Xiaolang. Xiaolang, you are welcome. From now on everyone will be a family. People, feel free. "

, Qi Yuanyuan was worthy of being a teacher, and he gave full play to his occupational illness, and kept asking a lot about him and Chi Han, until the dishes were on the table.

Qi Yuanyuan looked at the green vegetables in his bowl and the golden and crispy bb pig on the table, his tears almost didn't fall.

"Brother Dawu, it's delicious?"

Shao Lang was choked by the meat in his mouth.

Chi Han said no wonder: "Leave them alone, eat yours, but next time I'll make them at home for you." While adept at picking vegetables for him.

After a meal, Shao Lang's back was soaked. The main reason was that he couldn't cope with such occasions. It was embarrassing but he felt that it felt good and a little warm.

After the meal, Qi Yuanyuan and Shao Lang bid farewell to them, and urged them to come out to gather frequently.

Shao Lang nodded as if smashing garlic, and he could be regarded as accepting his love. Although the relationship with Chi Han was inexplicably progressing quickly, I have to say that Qi Yuanyuan is a person who makes people feel like getting along with each other and is willing to make this friend.

After listening to this, Qi Yuanyuan finally walked away safely holding Chiwu's hand.

Chi Han looked at the person in front of him, couldn't hide his smile, and said, "That's right, I took my brother-in-law so soon."

Shao Lang glanced at him, walked forward quickly, and stopped after walking two steps. Yue turned his head back: "Go, why are you standing stupidly."

Chi Han laughed and followed, holding the hands of the people around him, fingers clasped tightly.


"Is Xiao Lang really an employee of your company?" Qi Yuanyuan sat in the co-pilot, staring at the red light for an instant.

"Well, yes." Chi Wu took out the thermos cup in the storage box and handed it to Qi Yuanyuan, "

Drink the water." Qi Yuanyuan took the cup and took a sip: "Wow, what a coincidence, hehe, Xiaolang and brother It's a good match, now I don't have to think about introducing someone to my eldest brother, eh, do my parents know?"

"I don't know yet." The green light came on, Chiwu released the foot brake and glanced at Qi Yuanyuan. Speak slowly: "The meat you stole just now will extend the time you can eat meat."

Qi Yuanyuan was startled, and he stubbornly said, "I just ate so much and really lost it."

Chi Wu looked cold, and said nothing .

Qi Yuanyuan hurriedly defended: "I just ate it because you didn't eat it. It was too wasteful." With two big eyes, he carefully looked at Chiwu who was intent on driving.

Chi Wu still said nothing.

Knowing that he was angry, Qi Yuanyuan quickly promised: "Don't be angry, I won't eat it secretly next time."

"Is that to eat it honestly?" Chiwu said coldly.

Qi Yuanyuan widened her eyes, and replied a little bit shyly: "Eh, is that okay?"

Chi Wu's face became cold again for a few degrees, Qi Yuanyuan suddenly stopped talking, wringing her little fingers, and silently sad.

After a while, Qi Yuanyuan looked up and saw the strange path outside the window. He was a little confused: "Aren't we going home? Where are we going?"

Chiwu didn't say a word, turned the car into a small alley and stopped. Pulled off the seat belt, rolled over and pressed Qi Yuanyuan, leveled the seat, and roughly kissed Yuan's mouth.

"Hmm." Qi Yuanyuan was stunned, and then reacted extremely quickly to loop around Chiwu's neck, and returned with a more passionate kiss, you come and me, lips lick and suck, tongues stretched into the mouth and twisted, exchanging honey liquid.

The fierce lingering kiss gradually evoked the fire between the two of them. Chiwu left Qi Yuanyuan's lips and wiped a strand of silver at the corner of his mouth with his fingertips.

Qi Yuanyuan continued to ask for a kiss in dissatisfaction, his eyes were surging and his eyes were moist.

With four eyes facing each other, passion is on the verge.

Chi Wu untied the tie on his neck, and pulled Qi Yuanyuan's hands to the top of his head, and tied it up in circles.

Qi Yuanyuan raised his leg and actively moved around Chiwu's waist and rubbed it up and down. The faint light leaked into the car, making it more white and moving, and his eyebrows were full of eroticism.

He lowered his head and bit on the nipple in his shirt, teasing with the tip of his tongue, and quickly wetted a small piece of cloth, and pressed it wetly to the skin, irritating the nipple with the cold.

"Ahhhhh, the underside of my husband is also wet." Qi Yuanyuan trembles impatiently, bringing his lower body closer to Chiwu.

Chiwu put down the legs wrapped around Qi Yuanyuan, got up and knelt to the sides of his armpits, took off his belt and took out the thick penis in his underwear, a lot of transparent liquid came out from the bell mouth of the glans.

Chiwu held his penis and moved it to Qi Yuanyuan's mouth, applying it back and forth along the lip line.

Qi Yuan opened his lips slightly, exposing the tip of his tongue, licking and sucking, and then slowly incorporating it into his throat, swallowing his mouth tightly. This series of operations was extremely skillful.

"Teacher, suck the student's semen and swallow it, okay?" Whenever Chi wu wanted Qi Yuanyuan to feel ashamed, he would call him teacher during sex.

Even if more than ten years have passed, Qi Yuanyuan will blush instantly and scold him lightly when he hears her lover call this.

When Chiwu saw this, he pierced the root of the flesh into his throat, and the glans rubbed the sensitive parts of his palate.

"Well" the penis swelled in his mouth for a few minutes, and his cheeks were slightly sore.

After thrusting it back and forth dozens of times, Chi Wu finally shot out a thick white semen, which filled Qi Yuanyuan's mouth, and even took a few waves on his face.

Qi Yuanyuan obediently swallowed all the semen from his mouth, and stretched out the tip of his tender tongue to lick the rest of his lips.

"The baby is so good." Chiwu Chong praised.

"My husband is not angry?" Qi Yuanyuan kissed his lips flatly.

"Oh." Chi Wu sighed helplessly, "How dare I be angry with my baby? It's just to stop you from eating uncontrollably. Is it so difficult? Baby. Every time I have a physical examination, I have to worry about it for several nights. A little fairy who doesn't make people worry."

"Hmm, I promise to listen to you obediently, don't eat so much, you are not allowed to get angry with me, okay?" Qi Yuanyuan rubbed into Chiwu's arms and said.

Chi Wu kissed the restless little man in his arms and rubbed his fingers on the smooth and white skin.

Daily Liquid in the Tram
Chapter 15