Daily Liquid in the Tram
Chapter 16

Author: 老干部的颈椎病
Source: deathbydanmei

"Um...husband, come in..." Qi Yuanyuan bent his knees, stepped on the roof of the car, lifted his waist and slammed his pants down.

Chi Wu sneered, his generous and thinly callused palms squeezed the round buttocks erotically, and then took out the lubricant and squeezed it into the moving cavity.

"Ha...uh..." Qi Yuanyuan lowered his head and saw her husband's finger, poke into the internal acupuncture point, and thrust himself to expand, feeling soft and even hotter.

Chiwu did not withdraw until the small acupoint could accommodate the four fingers. The swollen penis was pressed against the acupuncture point and slowly advanced.

The hole is already ready to expand the corridor, and it is still a bit difficult to accept the inhuman size, Qi Yuanyuan adjusts his breathing as much as possible, relaxes himself, and the tight and soft intestinal wall begins to peristalize, enveloping his lover's fiery heat.

"Does the baby hurt?" Chiwu gritted his teeth and endured.

"Well, it doesn't hurt, come in quickly." After knowing that Qi Yuanyuan was ready, Chiwu lifted his waist and slammed into him.

"Hahhhhhhhh" Qi Yuanyuan climbed his hand on Chiwu's shoulder, looking at the man's masculine and handsome face above him, his forehead was wet with sweat, and his hair was scattered, his eyes seemed With the vast galaxy falling, it shimmers dazzlingly, and he is getting better and better, and I love him more and more. It's great to meet him in this life.

"What's wrong, babe?" Chiwu wiped the teardrops at the corners of his eyes.

Qi Yuanyuan shook his head and sniffed: "I love you so much."

Chiwu sighed, and a kiss fell in his eyes: "I love you so much."

Tonight's stars were unexpectedly dense, and the moon hid in the clouds and covered it. There is a room full of love inside the car.


The tram became shameful place for sex in the morning rush hour.

The tram was still overcrowded, and Shao Lang wasted no effort to squeeze in.

When he stood firm, Shao Lang found that he had forgotten to tie his tie. He was annoyed. He blamed the big idiot. He tossed him for so long last night. He got up again in the morning, and he couldn't even drive the car today. I forgot when I rushed out.

Shao Lang leaned against the corner with a full belly, yawning again and again, his eyelids heavy.

When I was about to close my eyes and rest for a while, I felt something strange from my lower body.

Shao Lang moved forward angrily with his hands rubbing his ass, and the hands behind him began to knead even more brazenly.

Shao Lang reached behind and pushed away the strange touch, but was caught with his backhand.

"Stop it," the man simply sealed his mouth.

"Be a good little girl, this brother will make you feel good." The man said crudely, rubbing his hands in Shaolang's crotch, rubbing it up and down from time to time, making Shaolang a little bit painful and unable to speak.

"Hmm!" Shao Lang wanted to struggle. The man was as powerful as a bull.

Without paying attention, the man's hand went into his clothes, accurately found the sensitive points, and teased the still aching nipples. The fiery hard object poked into the seam through the cloth, as if a heat wave was burning at the hole.

"Look, the Sao point of the little girl wants his brother's big cock." The man's scorching breath came from his ears, and his neck felt wet and sticky.

"Um!" The trousers were roughly pulled off by the man, and the fiery and huge glans was directly pierced into the red and swollen flesh cavity that was tossed by Chiwu in the morning.

Shao Lang's eyes instantly shed tears of humiliation.

"Oh, it's damn tight." The man was familiar with finding the spot, and kept attacking that place. Before long, the tunnel was hot and soft, and there seemed to be a warm current gushing from the heart of the acupuncture point, as the man thrust fiercely, Take out the acupuncture point and wet the part where the two are connected.

"The little slut spilled so much juicy water, which wetted my brother's pubic hair, naughty little slut."

"Uuuuuuuu" Even though Shao Lang tried his best to resist the man, he couldn't stop the thrill of the tide. The sensitive spots in the deep hole were hit hard by the thick hard stick, and his body was like a fire. The vertebrae spread and burned all over the body, and the moan couldn't cover up and blurted out.

The tram happened to stop and impact at this moment, pushing the huge and unimpeded flow of Shao Lang's body into the deepest point. The acupuncture point twitched. Shao Lang couldn't help whispering: "Ah! Husband is too deep. woo can not stand, "

" A well-behaved baby, didn't your husband tell him if you can not stand it."

The man is supposed to be at home, Shao Langs really can not stand this kinky play before being forced to agree, the scene of pretending to meet for the first time on the tram.

"Oh, my husband, please, ahhhhhhhh, okay" Chi Han is now the most unbearable Shao Lang learns to act coquettishly when making love, but every time I eat this set, my heart feels so soft, I really want to day and night Holding his arms and fucking all the time.

Chi Han took a bite on Shao Lang's shoulder, thrusting his lower body, his fingers finally touched the solitary fleshy roots, and rubbed the bell mouth with his fingers, and more water flowed out and wet the fingertips.

Chi Han raised his arm, inserted his fingertips into Shao Lang's mouth, and coaxed: "Baby, taste the sweetness of my honey."

"Hmm" Shao Lang sucked on the finger that was soaked in his juice, as if it was the honey-smeared candy, the tip of the tongue licked around the finger in a circular motion.

Chi Han smiled and took out his fingers, and then he stroked his rosy lips, making a deep tip on his lower body.

"Oh huh!" Shao Lang bit his lip in time, his eyes swelling, his small acupoints convulsively clamped the giant roots, his penis twitched and quivered and ejected turbid fluid.

Chi Han didn't toss him anymore, followed him a few times, and all the hot semen sprayed into the acupoints, causing Shao Lang to spasm again.

Once out of the tram.

"Hey, don't be angry, baby, are you going to work overtime tonight? Husband will pick you up from get off work?" Chi Han smiled at the same pace behind Shaolang.

Shao Lang turned his head and glared at Chi Han, and said angrily: "No!"

Chi Han walked over and took his hand, "Okay, I will pick you up on time."

"What are you doing, there are people watching." Shao Lang reprimanded softly, his eyes glancing at the passing pedestrians.

"Then give me a kiss and I'll let you go." Chi Han lifted his lips and smiled like a ruffian.


"Just kiss me and I'll leave."

Shao Lang looked around the crowds, took advantage of the fact that no one was paying attention to them, and pecked Chi Han's face quickly, "Really, go back to work, you." Turned around and left.

Chi Han touched the saliva mark on his face with a smile on his brows. When Shao Lang disappeared from his vision, he drove back to the clinic.

The end.

Daily Liquid in the Tram
Chapter 16