Dark Magician as a Hero
Chapter 3 Part 1

Author: Sun Tuna Scallop
Source: Imported

When I woke up, my eyes were greeted with a silver sparkle.

“N n ~tsu……”

This voice……apparently Olivia is facing my way during her sleep, while hugging me. Sigh~ my wife sleeping face is seriously cute. She is in the state when she was born, with a full figure of a young woman, her figure sleeping on my chest while breathing happily is seriously cute. Pg. 385

I try to raise my body to give her morning kiss, but somehow my body can’t move. As my consciousness returns back, I noticed that someone is hugging me from the back.

It’s feel soft as a pillow and it is warm. A fragrance that which makes me feels light drifted around. My head was sandwiched with a pair of breasts which surpassed even Olivia.

I remembered, last night, I have sex with Dianne. Even though my sexual urges running rampant, to think that I will lay a hand on Olivia’s friend……no, there is no excuse after I ejaculated deep inside her vagina. I was definitely entranced with Dianne body, but I already have my beloved.

Crickey, I’m pinned down by both of them, and I need to explain to both of them after they’ve woken up. I can’t move now, so, what to do?

My head was held firmly by Dianne, with her breasts acting as the cushions. To be honest, it felt pleasant enough to be addictive. A great willpower is required in order to wake up. Unfortunately for me, I’ve not a slightest reason to part away with this boobs pillow, so I can’t muster even a fragment of energy needed to wake up.

My right hand still can freely move. Will this wake her up? Olivia’s butt sucked my hand when I grabbed it, as if not wanting me to let go. *Squeeze* *Squeeze*…… ahh, if I can enjoy such wonderful touch in the beginning of this morning, then I will feel like staying this way for the whole day.

My left hand is squeezed and sandwiched between Dianne soft thighs. She is not heavy at the slightest, but I’m afraid that my hand will caresses Dianne pussy if I moved it, which will wake up Dianne. Besides, the feeling of her thighs is superb and wonderful.

Mu~……my movement is completely sealed. This way, until both of them are awaked, I’ll be embraced with my beloved wife, and my head will be enveloped in the breasts pillow, thus continue feeling the softness of both butt and thighs with both of my hands.

……I have no urgent business at the moment. I will enjoy these sensations until they woke up. Ahh~~~this is bliss, but if these goes on then there will be no productivity……

By the times both of them woke up, Olivia pussy were penetrated by my fingers, and she awake when I was playing with her vaginal opening. Dianne too, is not excluded since her pink protrusions was presented directly to my face. Any men will extend their tongue if there are tasty nipples right in front of them, so I did. I’ll reflected upon my actions, but I have no regret.

“Good morning, dear husband.”

Her pussy caressed, convulsing while still hugging me, Olivia smiled happily and greets me.

“What a pleasant way to wake up, Chris sama.”

Dianne let go of me, enabling me to get up the rest of my body. I reclined back on the bed and rest my head. The way how I was greeted was the first, perhaps it was due to myself reclining on my back.   Pg. 391

“My despicable unmarried body, I’ve shamelessly wedges it in between a married couple. I humbly present my apologizes.”

“Di-Dianne!? Please raise your head. It was I, who ask for it in the first place……”

Somehow, Olivia mouth is let

Before I ask for the reason, I held Dianne in my arms, and kissed her before she can say anything.

“N n ~~~ ~tsu~tsu! Chuchu *kiss*…… nnnnn~tsu……”

I force my tongue inside, duelling with hers, licking her inside chamber and trading saliva’s. Once we disengaged, a transparent thread left hanging from our entangled tongues.

“I’m hugging you to claim that you’re my woman. Even if you refuse, I will never let you out of this bed till you say that you’re mine.”

While both of us remaining naked on the bed, taking her head full of happiness, and lays it off on my chest.

“There is no way I’m going to refuse. I, Dianne Meitia, will happily serve you to the best both mentally and physically.”

Right after she said that, Olivia embraced her from the other side. Olivia who was taken by her emotions is wordlessly conveying her happiness.

“Accepting me without asking for any explanation, just the way a woman likes it. Fufu, what a heart throbbing confession. Worry not, as I’ve fallen for you even since last night. There is no way I can look at the other gentleman anymore.”

Her alluring eyes and blushed cheeks enchantingly peek to myself, while a sweet fragrance is drifting around from Dianne. Even though I’m not under the influence of the magic anymore…if Olivia is not at the other side, then I’ll already long gone pushing her down.

“W, what……um, Dianne? What do you mean? I was the one inviting you yesterday, why is my dear asking about Dianne like that…?”

“Simply put, I just want to gauge Chris sama reaction. Maybe he will ask me directly, or maybe he will demand the answer from Olivia……yet I’m getting a heart pounding confession instead. I’m falling in love more and more.”

In a nutshell, instead of shifting his responsibility, his awkwardness shatters his tough guy illusion.

“I still have my doubts. So?  What is the reason both of you sneak on my bed last night?”

“Yes, actually……”

I listened to her regarding what is happening after the curse dispelling ceremony. For now, I’m fondling Olivia’s boobs strongly.

“Hyan! I-I’m so sorry, my dear!”

“Un, since you’re apologizing, I forgive you. I’m happy for this surprise, but I hope you will consult the matter with me first beforehand. It will make me happy when you are relying in me more. Therefore, no more next time.”

Since I’m applying more pressure, her eyes moisten, Olivia gives a look implying a ‘yes’, and nodded.

O-oh, sorry about that, did I hurt you? Please don’t be sad, I’m not angry. I gently kissed Olivia who hangs her head down, and her smile instantly resurfaces.

Since she has returned back to her cheerful mood, I asked something which concerns me.

“I just want to ask. Is the blessing for marriage can be done by third party only?”

“There is no such rule. Such as man like priest, when he wants to get married, there are many cases when the groom blessed their own marriage.”

I’m not a priest, but as a Hero, I was given the ability to use Sacred Magic. It’s better if I don’t waste anymore time. I hold Dianne who is nearby, kissed her, and activated the blessing of Sacred Magic at the same time.


“C-Chris sama!”

Dianne looks at the blessing light with a shocked expression. Maybe because I’m a Hero, the light is in bigger scale than the Head Priest.  Although it’s possible to reduce the light intensity while keeping the result, those who loves flashy thing might be pleased.

“With this……we are now officially a couple. Truthfully, I wanted to do this with Olivia too, but my own blessing can’t overwrite the old one.”

Overwriting the blessing is possible by using a stronger blessing, but as expected there is no way I can compare with the blessing bestowed by the Goddess Herself.

Dianne, who suddenly received a blessing, stunned on her place, and a big droplet of tears start flowing down from her face.

“O……oooh…. you……you guys are……”

“Dianne?! Why did you suddenly burst into tears?”

When I tried to apologize, I was overwhelmed with her kiss in returns. Her cheeks dyed red, her eyes are shedding tears of joys. That expression is just like those girls deeply in love.”

“Already……I have no more regrets in life……I’m happy that you made me your wife……*sob*!  Fu ~e~e~e~en”

I was troubled to see her suddenly bursts into tears. When I tried asking for help from Olivia, I was presented with her eyes staring to me in contempt.

“M,muu…..I wished I was proposed to amazingly last time too!”

A sulking Olivia looks very cute too……I mean, help me stop Dianne from crying! Olivia, please stop pinching my arm, albeit it doesn’t hurt.

I managed to restore Olivia’s mood and stopped Dianne from crying. I feel like it would be bad to continue being naked, so I wiped out my body with wet towel and changes cloth. When we get out of our room, the preparation for lunch were just done, so we all ate a late breakfast. On the side note, I pretend to not notice those aunties knowing gaze.

By the way, the event happening inside this mansion ── the impact from my blessing towards myself (in other words, making her my wife) ── as if forming it owns legs and wings, on the next day, it became widely spread known.

“Now, after Olivia get expelled from her household, I’m glad that you get to lead a happy newly wed life. I always hold a believe that it’s not possible for a warrior to marry an Earl daughter.”

In the eyes of the other, as a no name, I must be in the state of luxury. There is no reason to be too eager, since I still posses some asset gained from hunting the monsters. However, even if the one who married Dianne is a Hero, as he is just an ordinary citizen, really feels like it doesn’t fit.

“So, now that I said it, it’s quite a feat. I’m planning to get back by sunset initially, but it’s already late, so I’ll just send out my familiar.”

Dark Magician as a Hero
Chapter 3 Part 1