Dark Magician as a Hero
Vol. 1 Chapter 3 Part 2

Author: Sun Tuna Scallop
Source: Imported

I was told by the Prince to come to his office. Guided by the maids, we enter the room. Inside the cluttered office room, there are not only the Prince and his personnel Jeanne, but Trabant san is tagging along for some reason.

“Chris samaaaa! You had me worried!”

The overly friendly uncle comes to me crying. I shrugged him, yet he turned around and throws his hug again. I tried setting him up on my sleeping magic, but due to his obscenely high magic resistance, the magic is ineffective. I’m embarrassed enough to have my wife cling to me while crying. Pg. 419

“You asked me about the whereabouts of the big monsters, so I told you about the Mao-Shu……but why alone! And you went without making any preparations! You might have not survived!”

Just when I thought he stopped crying, he went angry. By the way, I was on the Golem carriage when I was listening to him. The Golem carriage boast a speed higher than the swiftest horse. Once it starts running it can come to that speed fast enough.

I received it from Dianne instead of dowry. It is a lot of fun to cruise through the meadow at high speed. time I will bring along my two wives along for a ride.

“Well sorry for making you worry, I promise I won’t go alone next time. Since there is no injury this time, and I wasn’t in any particular dangerous situation as well, I hope you can tolerate just this one time.”

You know, that, I just want to show to my wives how cool I am. I was feeling bad since I has done literally nothing since I was branded as the brave, so I am trying to excuse myself, finally he reluctantly accepted. [ is my granddaughter……] so I thought what I would hear from him, but he just appears mumbling on his own about the manners, so I sit on the sofa without saying anything.

“Chris dono, that giant wolf [Moon Wolf Kurt] has appeared in the last 50 years ago. Since then, it has reign over the place and repeatedly killed of all that approached. How did you manage to defeat such a Mao-Shu?”

I took a sip of the offered tea and roughly told him what happened.

“Firstly, yesterday afternoon after the Prince took off, Olivia’s best friend, Dianne Meitia arrived. Various things happen so I decided to marry her. The news was spread along the streets on the next morning due to the aunties working in the mansion.”


Me, Meitia! The billionaires who are the 3rd most important person in this kingdom is……

W, wife! Is he sure he is not mistaking things……?

“Wow~ congratulations, Chris sama.”

“Thank you, Jean……no, Mrs. Caroling.”

The Prince escort, I heard that this tanned skin beauty is now Prince Carl, so I rephrased when she interjected “No, it’s fine to continue calling me Jeanne.”. I heard that she is one of the powerful knight out there, but she is a nice and cheerful person.

“If only Olivia has been in contact with her household, though I’m glad that we got married when the pioneering project is in processes. When she became my bride, I thought it was horrible when she was wed with a brave from a commoner bloodline.”

Nononono! Even the royal family will court the brave for marriage!

Chris sama! You are the furthest people from the commoner right now. You are way higher!

“Ufufu, I guess all men are like that.”

Since I married two beautiful women, I need to have something so that I can see eye to eye with them. Although it is embarrassing to be a nobody for now, I want to leave a great track record that nobody can doubt in the future.

“There are rewards for hunting down big things, and since I ha

You can’t simply defeat a Mao-Shu that easily!

Please don’t treat hunting down monsters as if going out for a walk!

“Instant decision making! Truly befitting a brave.”

Ugh, both Prince Carl and Trabant san are keeping silent, are they angry? Was it bad to behave arbitrarily on my own? Now that I think more about it, I have two wives to take care of, I should have been more careful.

“Afterwards, I went to the east meadow with the Golem carriage. After confirming that there are no people nearby, using a technique opposite for repelling the monsters, I used a monster elimination technique. It’s a truly extensive technique.”

Don’t use it then! Not to mention in a solo fight!

“Umm……when you say it is ‘truly extensive’……that, just how long did it take?”

A blue-faced Trabant san asked. It’s unsurprising for the great priest to be busy, even the Prince looks like he has accumulated fatigue from overworking and now clench his hands around the area of his stomach. Tiredness will surely weaken the stomach and intestines.

“There are about 100, 000 last I checked the [Storage Space]. Of course, the large dogs were attacking furiously too.”

A hundred thousand! That is on the level where everywhere you are looking are filled with the wolves!

What is this person doing!

“You were surrounded by so many Moonlight Wolves! T, then, how did things go!?”

Now, as the brave, I have acquired something, the Sacred Magic. it is technique which enables me to create miracles by borrowing power from the Goddess. And the total magic power increased due to the expand of the ‘vessel’.

The ‘vessel’, it is referring to a limit on what a man can output they magic at one time. The bigger it is, more output can be produced.

“At that time, I tried to take down the nearest largest one with the Fire technique. Then the flock start getting wary. In other words, they fear getting burned by flames.”

Doesn’t he care about the viciousness of the leader of the crowd?  pg. 429

The fear won’t be invoked if the cruelty done was half baked.

“T, then, what did you do? *thump**nervous*”

“Afterwards, I increased the power to the max to increase their fear. The Dark Magic is a technique to interfere directly with one soul after all.”

It is possible to increase their fear by sheer force, but it is easier to amplify the emotions of the targets which make things more efficient.

“If I activated the magic in wider range to cover all the wolves present, even if they run away, I couldn’t let my guard down……when the fear becomes excessive, their spirit will die and their action will be influenced by their body alone.”

Even before becoming a brave, it is pretty normal to encounter a large number of servant’s monsters but taking on a hundred thousand of them at once is still a foolish errand. I think the number should be nearer to a ten thousand……no, since the [Storage Space] is not large enough, did I usually leave them at the meadow?

A, are the Black Magic that brutal!?

Dreadful, he makes it looks easy, but a normal person can’t heighten someone else fear, not to mention increasing the radius to bring large scale effect.

“W, what happened to the Mao-Shu then? I don’t think such an extraordinary species; the Moonlight King will fall to it that easily.”

“No? It was already dead by that time. the advantage of this emotion amplifying magic is that it ignores the magic resistance of the opponent. This might sound surprising, but the leader of the bunch is actually quite timid.”

Just once! The opponent that I need to carefully plan to take it on, this guy just need to fight it once!

The Dark Magic is extremely effective against the Mao-Shu!

“Ooo~~~~as expected of our hero! not only can you use amazing magic, you are very knowledgeable as well!”

Dark Magic is extremely effective against another living creature. Not to mention that the wildlife is purer in existence. But Human is a species with high intellectual, therefore the effect is not stable due to their ability to supress their emotions.

“Then, when a large populace of a creature dies, wouldn’t you usually hear stories like there are suddenly many undead around? It is highly to happen due to the regrets left during their living are consummated by the land which in turn polluted the land.”

“Wha! Then, what should we do now!?”

Hearing about the undead, Prince Carl immediately get on his feet and asked.

“Un, I already took out all the malice lingering around that place.”

Did he purify it with the Divine Magic?

As expected from the brave.

This is not related to the brave status, this is something more personal. If the vessel has enlarged even just a half more, assistance from the temple is required to deal with the lingering malice.

“By utilizing the existing malice, I construct a sweeping technique which implants fear of death in the monster’s subconsciousness. A hundred thousand worth of lingering malice can extend to extraordinary range.”

Oh, he is surprisingly a prideful person.

Teaching this person, a belief is………I got a feeling that he will turn into the greatest hero.

“A technique which manipulate the malice, you said!? I’m scared *shudder**tremble*”

“It is not effective against human, and the effect should last around one year or so. That was why I returned back to collect all the wolves carcasses into my [Storage Space].”

“The technique that continuously inflicted a large area of monster for a year is comparable to defeating the Mao-Shu itself!”

I noticed that the Prince has his face turned red, a red face……. don’t tell me that he is angry? Surely, there are several moral codes that I have breached when I manipulated the malice, but is that worth stifling his eyebrows like that? I don’t want to evoke a displeasure from someone from the top. I’m worried since he was making a difficult face.

I need to seriously consider how to reward this person. I mean, he is connected to the Count of Meitia, albeit only yesterday. To think that the Count was motivated enough to send his daughter to the frontier…so, if I only think of his status as a brave, disregarding his relationship to Meitia……that would be an offence to the household which basically hold about the same power as the royal family!

“Umm……C, Chris dono achievement is too great, therefore please let me talk about it to His Majesty the King. Would you please leave the Moonlight Wolf demonic core here? It is necessary as a proof.”

A demonic core is crystal which fuelled the magic power inside the monster’s body. We can use it as a tool for daily works, which makes it indispensable to life. Of course, the demonic core that are usually seen used in daily life are those salvaged from a weak monster. The higher the demonic core rank, the higher is it value. A demonic core from a Mao-Shu is worth at least a castle.

Since I has destroyed his plan which he put much efforts in till now, I hope his mood will improve once I gave him the valuable demonic core. In order to success in life, I have to keep my boss happy. Even I know how to read the atmosphere.

“The large wolf kept inside the warehouse, was it Kurt? I will salvage it. I don’t think the other hundred thousand are worth it for your man to dissemble.”

I can’t give him cash money even if he handed in the Mao-Shu! What to do, I have to offer him something before I go back to the kingdom……a status? My position won’t allow me to bestow anyone a title, but without an apparent reward, I might offend the other side. The oblivious top dogs from the temple……or even the household this person is married with!

What should I do now, Prince Carl looks like he is giving off a weird vibe? As the man responsible for the frontier development, were there many things that he need to take into consideration? I thought that monster hunting is good, was it perhaps a bother……I guess nobody will feel happy once their planned works were devastated. Pg. 439

Prince Carl looks like he was thinking very hard for a while, an idea seems to be appeared in his mind, and he started smiling at my direction.

“Nearby Chris dono residence, in future there will be an industrial zone built there, a craftsman street. We are planning to build a commercial department in the near future with the high expectation of an incoming traders. After the survey and division are over, we are only selling out the right to build a building and open a store on the land……out of 500 blocks, I’m going to award 100 of them to Chris dono! We will talk about taxing and other specifics later. Apart from that, I will award you for supressing the Mao-Shu once I’m back from the capital later.”

I heard the aunties talking about it before. They were talking about how the merchants are coming to inspect the newly developed zone, even though only the roads were just built. One block is roughly equivalent to the size of a large hotel.

For now, the vacant land which has not been developed yet are used as the playground for children. I was absorbed in the ball game devised by Prince Carl. Every day when I came back home covered full in mud, the aunties were laughing at me in half amazement.

“The commercial district……it is in my neighbourhood, but still it is too much for me to accept.”

“No worries! Aren’t one of your wife a daughter of Meitia family? Once you send the request, I’m sure they will send the expert here. Besides, by providing a win-win situation for both, you might actually make your relationship closer. You might even be a favourable son in law!”

t-this way Count Meitia will be convinced. I will let the temple has a portion of the Mao-Shu later so that they can celebrate with a festival or something. Now that everything has been turned upside down, I don’t have the leisure to mind my actions anymore! I feel bad for my body to be worked to near death.

“Trabant dono, I will send you the portion of Mao-Shu body after we have extracted its demonic core. I want the temple to organize a festival to celebrate the first Mao-Shu that was defeated by our hero. This way, the trust in your temple will rise too. please confirm the development phase for next month.”

“Umu! But wouldn’t it be better for the Carolling Foundation to take the lead as the sponsor? The temple doesn’t mind this cooperation, but……”

It seems like both Prince Carl and Trabant san are in heated discussion about something. Being a leader must be great hassle, since both of them has entered their own world, should I head home now?

Dark Magician as a Hero
Vol. 1 Chapter 3 Part 2