Director Loves No One
Chapter 1

Author: 江月年年
Source: Chichipeph

In the white and elegant hall, numerous celebrities and artists had gathered  to bid farewell to the famous director Chu Xiaxing. Dressed in solemn clothes, they took turns lining up to the mourning hall to complete the ceremony, shaking hands with the relatives in grief.

 Chu Xiaxing did not have a husband or children and therefore the funeral was organized by his niece Han Chuning. Han Chuning became 24 years old this year. At the moment she was filled with sadness and bore a gloomy expression. Although Chu Xiaxing was her aunt in terms of relation, she was no less than a godmother emotionally. So, of course she was in shock.  

Han Chuning tried hard to meet those who came to mourn. Chu Xiaxing had a high reputation in the circle, and there were many men and women who had visited.

“If it wasn’t for director Chu who promoted me, I still don’t know where I would’ve been now. She was definitely a great director who was not inferior to men…” The man’s eyes turned red when he said that. He suddenly cried out, “Director——, Xiao Wang has come to see you——.”

Han Chuning looked at the man who was crying and fell to the ground. Suddenly she was a little at a loss, and finally she cried in silence. When everyone saw this, they didn’t know how to cheer her up. The man who sat on the ground crying had worked with Chu Xiaxing for many years. Outsiders only thought that he had deep feelings for Director Chu.

“Drop it, let’s say I’m not inferior to a man, back then when you screwed me, I didn’t see you remember the promotion.” Chu Xiaxing drifted lazily past Xiao Wang, who was crying bitterly. She felt that the other party’s cry was really irritating, so she floated back in  midair, and couldn’t help but mutter, “If you have the ability, you can come down here to meet me, and you actually can add a play for yourself…”

Chu Xiaxing was a soul now. She was patrolling the sky above her funeral, and it was quite disturbing to hear the sobs below.

She did not feel any grief over her own death. More than sixty years of hardships of a journey had added to her experience. All through her age, she had seen many things, and a funeral was also a form in the final analysis.

She wandered in the mourning hall for a while, then she was bored and wanted to drift away with the wind. The sincere tears of relatives and friends made her feel blocked, and the hypocritical performance of the passers-by made her feel irritated. She just wanted to blow the heads of those people.

Because she had worked in Vanity Fair all her life, even at her farewell funeral, this habit of acting hadn’t been reduced, not even by half. She broke up with her former friends for profit, and reconciled with rival alliances. Now everyone seemed to have forgotten about the past love and hatred entanglements, and gathered here to mourn her, true or false.

Chu Xiaxing was loved and hated by many others before her death, but after her death, she became a goddess because of her achievements, and along with that she was now regarded as a perfect person in film history.

Chu Xiaxing was too lazy to listen to the audience praising her achievements at the funeral, she simply floated out leisurely, flying to the sky freely, without even looking back.

She felt that it was quite interesting to be a wandering soul. She also knew a lot of ghosts who had just passed away. They were floating in the sky together, waiting for the first seven days to return home. It was said that after the first seven days, they would disappear naturally.

“Why does it look different from us?” Chu Xiaxing looked at the golden white soul beside her that looked like a Milky Way, but she found that there was a light blue unknown creature in it. Naturally, she was quite curious. She had always been very brave and frank in her speech, even if she did not know the spirits around her, she dared to open her mouth to ask questions.

“Ah, it’s a living soul. I guess it was accidentally mixed in…” The soul next to her actually responded.

“A living soul?”

Director Loves No One
Chapter 1