Director Loves No One
Chapter 17

Author: 江月年年
Source: Chichipeph

Song Wenye never expected that Xia Hong couldn’t control a little girl. He pondered for a few seconds and suggested, “When I’m finished, I’ll find a chance to talk to her. She’s going to join the crew soon. There shouldn’t be any problem for the time being.”

Song Wenye had been busy with projects recently. He even had to sleep at the company. There really was no way to find the time. He had to make room to call Xia Hong.

Xia Hong: “No. But what will you talk to her about? Are you sure she will listen?”

Xia Hong thought about the duo’s temper. He felt that Song Wenye didn’t need to help Chu Xiaxin anymore, because they weren’t on the same page. Song Wenye was too formal. His words might not necessarily make Chu Xiaxing feel pleasant. Rather, they might even annoy her.

Song Wenye calmly said, “If I earnestly talk about the reason, she might listen to me, right?

I think women still have to have their own careers. Relying on these methods is not a long-term solution. She had to resort to this step because of her livelihood. She only needs to seize the right opportunity, and maybe she can realize her mistake.”

Song Wenye recalled Chu Xiaxin’s tragic experience. He thought that she was forced to bow to the money, just like the naked strip incident before. It did not mean real depravity. Anyway, she was about to join the crew, and she just happened to not be able to get in touch with the mysterious investor in the meantime. In addition, her work would take over her body and mind, so her ideas might change.

When Xia Hong heard that his good friend wanted to educate Chu Xiaxin, he couldn’t help but sneer. “Are you the light of the correct path? Is this to save the girl who has fallen?”

Xia Hong thought that Song Wenye was too optimistic. If people had ever had the experience of making huge profits, it would be hard for them to work in a humble manner. Chu Xiaxin had had the taste of making easy money. How could she stop now?

Song Wenye: “What’s the problem with this? Work is essential for modern women.”

Xia Hong clicked his tongue and said, “Work is obviously only important to workaholics like you. Your outrageous chicken soup can’t even brainwash me, let alone a little girl who has been poor all the way!”

Song Wenye: “So you are not a modern woman…”

Before Song Wenye finished, Xia Hong scoffed. “Do you mean that only modern men won’t get you?”

Song Wenye’s expression remained calm. “I mean, only modern waste will not get what I said.”

Xia Hong: “…” Thank you, I was humiliated.

Song Wenye thought for a moment and said, “It will take time for her contract to change hands. You can arrange for her to work in the crew according to her wishes. I will solve this problem as soon as possible.”

Xia Hong listened to Song Wenye’s suggestion. Sure enough, he didn’t provoke Chu Xiaxin anymore. He even rarely appeared in front of her. Chu Xiaxin didn’t like to deal with the people in the agency. Xia Hong’s only requirement for her was to work in the crew, and she never asked for anything else.

As Xia Hong was a young master who had started the company for fun, he didn’t know one thing about the management of the crew. He just helped Song Wenye as time pass, occasionally showing his face in the company. In private, he also wanted to investigate the mysterious investor behind Chu Xiaxin, but he couldn’t find any leads, so he had to wait.

All the employees in the company were foxy. In the eyes of outsiders, Xia Hong’s evasive attitude towards Chu Xiaxin was taken as indifferent and disgusted. In addition, Xia Hong’s time in the company was getting less and less. Xiao Cheng and others were ready to make a move again. They thought that no one could support Chu Xiaxin anymore, so they inevitably started to be presumptuous.

After “Your Heart in a Distant Place” was officially launched, the crew went to the inaccessible suburbs and entered the closed shooting. Xia Hong only appeared at the opening ceremony. He never came to see again. The attitude of the crew towards Chu Xiaxin also began to change a little.

In the crew, Chu Xiaxing was on the phone with her “mysterious investor.” She was on the set while Han Chuning was in the city.

“Auntie, I’ve asked Uncle He to help with your contract. How have you been on the set?” Han Chuning was currently working on Chu Xiaxin’s contract. She still didn’t know the condition of the crew.

Chu Xiaxing: “I’m fine, just fooling around.”

Han Chuning was quite surprised. “Huh? It’s rare for you to play the female heroine. Why are you still fooling around?”

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Director Loves No One
Chapter 17