Director Loves No One
Chapter 18

Author: 江月年年
Source: Chichipeph

Chu Xiaxin: “This script is just like one that you don’t spend much effort writing. What can I do if I don’t fool around.”

Han Chuning was amused by her: “Then you have overestimated me, my toes can’t type!”

Han Chuning thought the creators of “You Who in The Distant Heart” did not live up to their reputation. She could probably understand Chu Xiaxin’s feelings now. It’s really hard for her to arouse her enthusiasm for creation in the face of extremely unprofessional colleagues and shoddy production.

Han Chuning comforted: “You just have to bear with it. It was originally a problem left over by history. Don’t fight with others in the crew.”

Han Chuning was afraid that her aunt would get emotional with the bad drama group, and the last thing she wanted was to have conflicts with other people. Chu Xiaxin used to be Director  Chu, but now she was Chu Xiaxin. It was hard to ensure that she wouldn’t be targeted.

Chu Xiaxin plausibly said: “I am not a child, who would want to have a fight with them, I am an elderly person, and now I am comfortable with the situation.”

Han Chuning said, “That’s not necessarily true. Your Buddhism is also about fighting and defeating your inner demons.”

Chu Xiaxin chatted with her niece for a while, and just as she hung up, the door of the room was pushed open.

“Sis, the way the director addresses you changes so fast.” Assistant Li Jing came back from the outside to pick up the water. She handed Chu Xiaxin the thermos cup with hot water and couldn’t help mutter.

Li Jing was the company’s newly recruited artist assistant. She mainly managed Chu Xiaxin’s life affairs. She was still a young girl who had graduated and had no knowledge of the film and television industry. She only found a job using Haitou Global. Chu Xiaxin asked her why she wanted to be an assistant artist. Li Jing actually answered that it was because she was not required for other positions,  this was the only company that was willing to recruit her.

This was completely a job for a rookie who couldn’t do anything in the workplace. She was probably the nauseous one who had been sent by Xiao Cheng. Fortunately, Chu Xiaxin had always been patient with children. She had recently taught Li Jing the rules of the crew, plus the other party was obedient and hard-working, so both parties got along pretty well.

Chu Xiaxin was very disgusted with someone who pretended to know when they actually didn’t know it. But she was more tolerant of the naive and ignorant children. Li Jing occasionally did some wrong things and said wrong things, but she would not blame her too much.

Chu Xiaxin took in the aroma of hot tea in the cup and asked: “What makes you say that?”

Li Jing complained: “When Mr. Xia came to the meeting, the director called you Ms. Chu. Now that Mr. Xia stopped coming, the director began to call you by your name directly. And recently, he doesn’t even call you by your…”

During the shooting of “You Who in The Distant Heart”, Chu Xiaxin’s address in the director’s mouth went from “Ms. Chu” to “Chu Xiaxin”, and then to the recent “Hm, hey”, which could be described as plummeting.

Li Jing privately heard the company’s seniors discuss the relationship between Xia Hong and Chu Xiaxin, but after asking Chu Xiaxin for confirmation, she got the answer of denial, and decided to believe in Chu Xiaxin. After all, she had just entered the workplace and she was really angry at the director’s attitude which was like reading an open book, and thought that the other party was being too harsh.

Chu Xiaxin jokingly replied: “You noticed the changes now? You’ve been getting better recently.”

Li Jing: “How could I not notice it! He did it too obviously! ”

Chu Xiaxin drank her tea leisurely: “That’s why he is not even a third-rate director.”

She felt that the director of this kind of grass-roots team could not be called director, and what they produced was not as good as the students’ works of professional colleges, otherwise the project would not have nearly collapsed at the beginning.

Li Jing said curiously, “What do you mean?”

Chu Xiaxin: “A third-rate director doesn’t know how to make movies. He only knows how to get some attention, so he’s not even a third-rate director.”

Li Jing had never heard of this saying, “What about the second-rate director?”  she  curiously asked.

Chu Xiaxin: “Second rate directors can only make movies, but they can’t understand the people’s affections. They may start off strong but they hit their limits quickly.”

“Then a  first-rate director is able to make movies and understand the people’s affections.” Li Jing said confidently.:

Chu Xiaxin shook her head “It’s more than that.” she calmly replied.

Li Jing was puzzled when she heard that, she stared at Chu Xiaxing blankly, waiting for an explanation.

“First-rate director is a director who views the movie from both an inside and outside the movie. Their life is like a good play. It is difficult to sum up the common points in a good play, just like success cannot be copied.” Chu Xiaxing pondered for a few seconds, slightly dropped her eyes and said, “You have to have a little life, even the life of the era.”

The works of first-rate directors can no longer be considered as simple stories, instead it should reflect the spiritual connotation of the era and the country. Just as directors like to be classified by age in the history of film, their works have obvious historical traces.

When the era begins to change gradually, they may also fall slowly. That is the fate of the era.

Li Jing seemed to understand and sighed: “No wonder you are my sister, I heard it and  don’t quite understand.”

Chu Xiaxin: “Because you are still a kid.”

Li Jing muttered: ” We are about the same age…”

Li Jing and Chu Xiaxin were about the same age, but Chu Xiaxin looked much more experienced than Li Jing, she even started and worked earlier than herself. That’s why Li Jing respectfully called her “Sister”.

Chu Xiaxin couldn’t help but tease: “You call me sister just to have an advantage, if Ningning heard about it, she will be angry.” Who told Han Chuning to call her auntie, now she was at the bottom of the hierarchy.

Li Jing always heard Chu Xiaxin mention “Ningning”, but she didn’t know who Ningning was. Chu Xiaxin also said that the script of “You Who in The Distant Heart” was as bad as Ningning’s writing with her feet, so that Li Jing was full of imagination about Ningning. She thought that Ningning was a little creature who tramples on the keyboard.

Li Jing curiously asked, “Is Ningning your cat or puppy?”

Chu Xiaxin: “Pretty much the same.”

Li Jing: “Oh oh oh, is it very tiring to raise them? Actually, I really want to raise a cat…”

Chu Xiaxin thought of Han Chuning’s living habits, and described: “It’s not very tiring, but she always makes the room particularly messy, and she even lies on the bed like a bone all day, completely paralyzed.”

Li Jing: “Hah, cats and dogs are all like this!”

Han Chuning, who was far away in the city, sneezed. She touched her nose inexplicably, but she had no idea that she had been bad mouthed by her aunt.

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Director Loves No One
Chapter 18