Director Loves No One
Chapter 20

Author: 江月年年
Source: Chichipeph

Director Wang often randomly tried the actor’s position on the set. Occasionally, he would come up with new ideas, wanting to boldly try other shots. He often acted on his impulse and finally discarded them all.

Chu Xiaxing just secretly pointed out Cao Yangang’s position, which surprised him, so he asked quietly. Her mind was like a bright mirror [1. something that provides clarity and insight]. Every time, she would accurately point to a position, as if she had a screen in her mind. She was even clear about the scene of each person.

Chu Xiaxing blew her top when she recalled the messy shooting. She frowned and said in a cold voice, “Because he is a pig and has no idea.”

As a director, Director Wang couldn’t even talk about a drama. She feared that he was even worse than a pig. Pig’s meat could at least be sold at a high price, but he was just a useless good-for-nothing. Some directors would do the sub-shot scripts, and the more experienced ones had the sub-shots in their minds. Only those who had no idea, like Director Wang, would try on the spot. It wasted everyone’s time.

Had Chu Xiaxing expressed her dissatisfaction so directly, like in the past, she would have scared the people around her to silence. They would not dare to speak in front of Director Chu.

However, Cao Yangang was a natural-born fool. He seemed to be born insensitive to the atmosphere. Instead of shutting up, he happily reminded her, “You talk like a child. I know you are angry with the director. It’s okay for us to have a private talk, but you’d better be polite in front of Director Wang.”

Cao Yangang only thought that Chu Xiaxing had just started working and didn’t know how to restrain herself. He didn’t have the ability to observe words and expressions like Xia Hong. He was naturally immune to Chu Xiaxing’s aura, truly regarding her as an ordinary girl.

He didn’t think that Chu Xiaxing had much lethal power. He mistakenly thought she was upset and emotional when filming and was afraid that she would offend Director Wang and be punished. Hence, he kindly mentioned it.

“…” Chu Xiaxing looked at Cao Yangang in disbelief. She didn’t expect that she would one day fail to control even a little-known actor. Furthermore, she was evaluated as a “child” by the other party.

Chu Xiaxing looked at Cao Yangang’s stupefied appearance. She felt both angry and funny, “Lad, there’s a reason why you won’t be popular in the future. You really can’t read people at all.”

Xia Hong was from a well-to-do family. Although he didn’t understand Chu Xiaxing’s details, he could smell the crisis and knew who could be provoked and who could not. Cao Yangang’s radar was quite slow. He couldn’t read people’s eyes at all, and he couldn’t judge the situation, which was very fatal in the film and television industry.

“You should be quite suitable for acting as a comedian. Maybe you can be a professional.” Chu Xiaxing joked. She knew that Cao Yangang had no evil intentions, so she didn’t get angry. She just thought that the other party’s vision was too limited. It was easy for him to follow the wrong leader.

If an actor followed the wrong person at the beginning of his career, he would undoubtedly take many detours and suffer a lot. There were too many decent liars in the entertainment industry. If one had no ability to judge people, sooner or later, they would fall.

Cao Yangang seemed confused and touched his head. He felt that Chu Xiaxing was a little arrogant. But when he thought that she had real ability in acting, he attributed it to the talent of the other party. It was inevitable that she would be haughty and aloof.

In the hot summer, with the hot wind blowing on the face, the afternoon on the set became more and more difficult to endure. In addition, the shooting location was so hot that it could make people faint. The staff were sweating on their foreheads while the cameramen held their collars and fanned wildly to get some coolness.

Chu Xiaxing sat and waited in the hot sun. Beads of sweat dripped down her nose, causing the little makeup artist to frequently come over to do retouching. Everyone’s mood was a little irritable. She stared at Cao Yangang shooting on the set.

Cao Yangang’s face had turned red, and he was panting. He just finished a lap vigorously and looked anxiously at Director Wang in the shade, hoping that the shoot would pass. The performers around him were also sweating. They were running while wheezing and panting.

Director Wang sat under the sunshade. He crossed his leg, looked at the replay, and muttered, “Not good. Let’s take another one…”

Cao Yangang asked for advice modestly, “Director Wang, which part is no good?”

Director Wang: “Hard to say, let’s just take another shot…”

What he meant by another take was wanting Cao Yangang and the group of actors to run a lap again. Everyone was uncomfortable walking under the scorching sun, let alone running desperately. Cao Yangang didn’t know how to improve. He opened his mouth and wanted to ask for help again, but he was perfunctorily led by Director Wang.

Assistant Li Jing stood beside Chu Xiaxing and whispered, “Filming is so frustrating. It goes round and round every day…”

Li Jing had never been in a crew before, and she didn’t know how a drama was shot, either. It was natural that she couldn’t understand Director Wang’s ways.

Chu Xiaxing: “You’ll move in a circle if you follow the wrong leader.”

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Director Loves No One
Chapter 20