Don’t Be Obsessed With An Extra
Vol.1 Chapter 3

Author: 진주하
Source: JJ Translation

“This is the resistance of a weak woman … this is interesting.”

Michael smiled and looked at Margaret,

“What’s Jesstina doing?”

“She made a mess of the palace.”

Perhaps, she destroyed the furniture in the room because someone she thought was insignificant attacked her.

Her pride will be deeply hurt. She will break the palace by making a mess. No princess in the palace can touch Jesstina. Because she is the true owner of the palace.

But for the first time, Priscilla appeared before Jesstina. A weak princess who doesn’t have any strength.

“Keep watching from now on.”

“Is Your Majesty thinking of allowing Princess Jesstina’s behavior?”

“Leave it.”

“Lately, Princess Jesstina’s behavior has strayed. At this point, a warning …”

“Warning? Why should I do that?”


“Just let her do whatever it takes.”

Michael doesn’t care what Jesstina does. The more problems it causes the better.

The day will come. That day is the day Michael hunts for her Bugatti kingdom. Until then, Jesstina was an essential tool for making up the cause.

“Enough, get out.”

“… Yes, Your Majesty.”

When Margaret comes out, Michael takes the book that has been covered up again, and until dawn the light in the emperor’s office does not go out.


In the dungeon within Rosemary Palace, which was said to be the most beautiful in the palace, a series of shouts erupted.

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“I was wrong. Princess Jesstina, please.”

Two maids were hung from the ceiling of the cellar and were beaten violently. Jesstina sat down to appreciate them.

“My pride is hurt because you didn’t straighten it. Can’t catch that bitch, you dare to go against my orders?”

The terrified maids beg and beg.

“I have committed a crime to die. Princess Jesstina, I’m sorry …”

“Please save me.”

“If you sin, you have to die, where do you ask for forgiveness?”

Jesstina looked at the other maids. They were also afraid, because the hanging girl looked like their future.

“Even if you want to beg, do it until you can’t anymore.”

“Yes, Princess Jesstina.”

The maids who heard her orders beat the maids who were hanging from the ceiling with whips. Every time the whip flew, the maids shouted.

“It’s noisy, I’m going to die.”

And then the whipping started again.

It ends with the body drooping. Jesstina frowned and grabbed her nose.

“The lowly things smell like blood. I have to get out of here. Get rid of them immediately.”

“Yes, Princess Jesstina.”

Jestina left the basement and immediately took a shower. By the way, the maid accidentally poured a lot of water to wash her face and the water got into her eyes.

“What are you doing! Who do you want to kill?”

Jesstina grabbed her hair and dipped it in the bath. As the maid struggled, Jesstina, who had pulled her away, shouted.


“Ugh, ugh, yes, yes.”

When the maid went out, another servant came in and met Jesstina while taking a shower.

When taking a shower, Jesstina’s eyebrows did not open. No matter how much she thought about it, it was because Priscilla was too shy.

She got up from the bath, and called the maid.

“Yes, Princess Jesstina.”

“Who should I to blame at, if a maid can’t recognize the owner?”

Rann, who paid attention to the meaning of Jesstina’s words, answered with a smile.

“Of course, the one who first sinned against the owner.”

“You think so too.”

“Of course.”

“What punishment should be given?”

“Of course, you must first bury the sinner for not knowing their true owner.”

“Of course I thought I should do that.”

“I’ve taken good care of one of them.”

Jesstina had no choice but to be more confident. She got up with a hum. Because Rann came out with a confident face, she wouldn’t give up hope.


In a quiet room. Priscilla sat by the window, looked out the window, and enjoyed quiet thought. It was the only time for her to rest.

That’s not good. As if something big was going to happen. The weather is bad too. The sky that had been bright just a moment ago was now full of dark clouds.

“Somehow I’m nervous …”

‘Then I couldn’t see Lien’

She went to get some snacks, but she didn’t come even after several hours had passed.

“Why doesn’t Lien come.”

Priscilla shook her head.


Trying to get rid of her worries and suddenly someone knocks on the door. Priscilla got up from her chair and opened the door.

A girl with a young face was standing at the door crying.


The girl suddenly fell to the floor.

“Princess Priscilla, please save us. I dare ask you like this. Please ask His Majesty to call a doctor. I will beg like this.”

When a young girl pleaded with her face down, Priscilla felt very guilty.

“What do you mean?”

“I am Princess Priscilla’s maid of honor. I am Lien’s sister, Lily. My sister is in critical condition, please help me.”

Once again, the unpleasant situation occurred. Priscilla picked up Lily.

“Where’s Lien now?”

“It’s in an inn.”

“How’s the doctor?”

“I couldn’t call the doctor, so I came to Princess Priscilla to ask for it.”

Lily took Priscilla’s hand and begged.

“Please. Can you ask His Majesty to call a doctor?”

“Do you have to get His Majesty’s permission to call a doctor?”

“Yes. Especially, the maids of ordinary people like us can’t even get close to the Imperial Palace Medical Center. I have to go outside the imperial palace to get treatment, but my sister can’t even move now.”

Priscilla’s expression darkened.

“Let’s go to Lien first. Please lead the way.”


Lily stole her tears from her sleeve and took Priscilla to the inn where Lien was.

“This is my sister’s room.”

Priscilla opened the door and entered. It was a single room with one bed and one table. Priscilla approached the bed where Lien lay.


Lien was covered with bruises and cuts.

“Princess Priscilla?”

When Lien tried to get up, Priscilla laid her down.

“Don’t move, just lie down.”

“Oh, but …”

“Just lie down.”

Lien nodded repeatedly. Priscilla asked with a calm face.

“What happened?”


When Lien couldn’t answer easily, Lily answered in tears.

‘Sob, sob.’

“My sister was taken to Rosemary Palace and beaten.”


“The maid who doesn’t recognize the owner is also guilty of sin … sister … ugh.”

Finally, Lily cried sadly, and her emotions seemed to escalate. Priscilla let her cry. After a while, she barely cried and began to calm down.

Then Priscilla said,

“I have to call the doctor first, we’ll finish that problem first.”

Lily looked at Priscilla with a happy face.

“Thank you. Princess Priscilla.”

As Lily bent her back, Priscilla patted her on the shoulder.

“Don’t worry too much. I’ll go and find a doctor, so you have to take good care of your sister.”

Priscilla took Lien’s hand.

“I will be back.”

“Princess Priscilla …”

“Hang in there.”

Priscilla left the two sisters alone and left the inn. Then she went straight to the Maid Chief’s place, who were watching all the maids in front of the concubines.

Since she moved only under the order of the emperor, no matter how much a princess asked, she couldn’t do anything. That’s why Priscilla visited her. Because she knows the contents of this novel well. The emperor will definitely know what happened in the palace. Because of the butler’s report.

Priscilla opened and entered the maid’s visiting room. Find out where the maid’s room is. Not hard. Since it appears several times in the novel, I know its approximate location.



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Don’t Be Obsessed With An Extra
Vol.1 Chapter 3