Don’t Be Obsessed With An Extra
Vol.1 Chapter 4

Author: 진주하
Source: JJ Translation

When Priscilla came inside, someone was sitting at her desk looking at the documents. The Maid Chief, Marilyn, was the maid who oversaw the palace. Marilyn put down the paper she saw, got up from her chair and greeted Priscilla. She wasn’t surprised by Priscilla’s sudden visit. It is rather quiet.

“Princess Priscilla, what are you doing here?”

Priscilla said directly.

“I need a doctor.”

“Where are you sick?”

“My maid get injured.”

“Sorry, but you came the wrong way. I don’t have that authority.”

“I know, I need Your Majesty’s permission, so I came here.”

The maid laughed.

“Princess Priscilla, forgive me, but Your Majesty is not someone you can meet easily. Even if you ask me, I can’t do it. Just come back. If it is because there are no maids present, I will send another maid. “

“She is a maid in your care. She’s dying now. I just wanted to call a doctor. Isn’t that possible?”

“Yes, I can’t. It just only one maid who can’t serve you. And I also have a lot of work to do. Stop it now and go back.”

“Only one maid?”

Oh, I’m so mad, Priscilla looked at the maid, Marilyn, with an angry face.

“You are very persistent.”

“Yes, I’m very persistent. And you have to listen to me because I know how to save your daughter. “

The maid’s eyes widened.


Priscilla curled her mouth.

“I know a medicine that can save your daughter.”

“Do you know the medicine?”


“How? I have a daughter with a disease. How do you know that?”

“Even though I live in confinement, there’s nothing I can’t find out about it.”

In fact, this was a secret only the Female Lead knew. However, Priscilla, no, Lee Se-yeon was the only reader who read the novel and knew all the information that Female Lead had.

Marilyn was biting her lip tightly.

Priscilla said with a stern face.

“I also know that you were blackmailed by Jesstina on the basis of your daughter, and that your daughter prolonged her life with the drugs she gave, and maybe, if Jesstina stopped giving drugs now, how long would it take for your daughter to be alive and dead?”

Marilyn was taken aback.

“That, how do you know that …”

In truth, Marilyn only worked under the orders of the emperor. But something happened. Her daughter grew up outside the palace. She is addicted to eating sweets that someone gave her. She tried to find out about her daughter’s illness, but every doctors who she brought shook their head.

But Jesstina came to her. Make a deal, do what she tells to her what to do every fifteen days.

She offers to give medicine to neutralize poison. And when she became empress, she said she would save her daughter and give the antidote then.

So, Marilyn had no choice but to follow Jesstina’s instructions while accepting the emperor’s orders.

The maids who had been assigned fairly according to their wishes were assigned unfairly, and the budgets given to the princesses also changed. So Jesstina then lived a luxurious life in the palace. With the help of Marilyn herself.

“If you will allow me to meet Your Majesty, I will tell you the potion for the antidote.”

“How do you tell me? How do you know an antidote that even doctors don’t know …

“I know”

Of course this problem could be resolved only after that Female Lead appeared. But now my situation is more urgent so I have to use it. I live as Priscilla, after all. No matter how the novel flows, no matter how bizarre it develops. When I lived as Priscilla, novel development was no longer a problem. I’m just Extra afterall.

The maid asked with suspicious eyes.

“Do you really know?”

“Why, could I be lying?”

“Okay, wait here.”

“No, you don’t have to. Guide me to Your Majesty’s place.”

“No, the princess who came here before becoming a concubine cannot enter without permission. Please wait here.”

“There’s no time to wait. I’m in a hurry.”

“If you head for the palace after this, you may anger His Majesty, and you will be punished.”

“I will not be killed.”

Because Priscilla is one of the princesses who is a valuable collectible item. Yes, he won’t kill her. If it’s done wrong, it only hurts a little. This is the setting for the novel. The emperor is truly a lunatic.

Priscilla looked at the Marilyn with an unafraid face. It’s a life that is dead once. Are you afraid of the punishment?

“I do not care.”

“Even though His Majesty might kill you?”

“Killed me?”

“Are you sure His Majesty will not kill you?”

“Your Majesty didn’t kill me. Certainly, no, my intuition was like that.”

“Intuition … okay, so I’ll lead you directly. Please follow me.”

As if she couldn’t help it, Marilyn took Priscilla and headed towards the emperor’s palace.


2. Accidents Caused By Illusions

The distance covered to the emperor’s palace was quite a distance, so it would take some time to leave. Look, it just took me a while to leave, so we’re doing well.

Marilyn stopped walking.

“From here on is the emperor’s palace.”

Priscilla lifted her head. The emperor’s palace, built under eight towering golden pillars and a domed roof above it, was large and grand enough to feel overwhelmed.

“Let’s go.”

When Marilyn crossed the threshold of the emperor’s palace, Priscilla following her.

“This is where His Majesty likes to take a walk. You will see there.”

Priscilla could see Michael from afar.

I admire it. Because he’s the male protagonist, he gets all kinds of fans and he’s really good. Isn’t he a man with shiny black hair, cold blue eyes, a narrow nose that looks like a cut when touched, red lips that look as sweet as jelly when you taste them, and all those tall, stiff muscles?

‘I am worried about who is not the main character, you are very kind. In that sense, I envy the Female Lead. She will have a man who has everything in his hands’.

“Please follow me.”

Marilyn took Priscilla to Michael. The knights of bodyguards try to stop her, but Michael raises his hand.

“Maid Chief, what’s wrong?”

“Sorry, Your Majesty.”

“Is there anyone wants to meet me?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Who is that?”

Priscilla has stepped forward.

“I asked to meet you Your Majesty”

Michael opened his eyes and looked at Priscilla, with her slightly curly pink hair and ruby-red eyes staring at her. So beautiful.

“I am Priscilla. Your Majesty.”

Michael’s eyes lit up.



It was the loot it brought to the empire. Judging by the fact, she is still beautiful now. It was one of the princesses which he has held hostage.

“Haven’t you heard from the maid what will happen if you leave the palace?”

“Please help me Your Majesty.”


“My maid is badly injured, she needs a doctor.”

Michael thought how much she would ask, but her request broke his hopes.

“A maid?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Michael couldn’t believe it. She was looking for the emperor just to heal a maid. Even after breaking the rule of not leaving the palace.

Michael grabbed Priscilla’s chin with one hand.

“I don’t know, you came to me for help like that.”

I was afraid of the emperor’s eyes, but I held both hands tightly. Michael, looking at her calmly, took her hand off Priscilla.

“I’ll send you a doctor and I’ll punish you for breaking the rules.”

Michael looks at his maid, Marilyn.

“You can bring a doctor and heal the wounded maid.”

“Thank you. Your Majesty.”

Michael trembled as Priscilla thanked him.

“You, follow me.”


Priscilla followed Michael. It was the living room in the emperor’s palace where Michael took Priscilla.

“Sit down.”



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Don’t Be Obsessed With An Extra
Vol.1 Chapter 4