Dudu’s Diary
Chapter 1

Author: 月半要分家
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My name is Dudu, and I’m three years old. I’m a cute and smart baby. Though my mother will never admit this and will always say that I'm spoiled and fat, but I know that my mother only said this because she is jealous of my cuteness. In fact, she's the one that's spoiled and fat. But this cannot be said in front of her, otherwise she will explode.

My father is a great hero, his duty is to save the world, that's why he didn't come back to see me until I was 3 years old, but since I'm broad-minded, I don't blame him at all.

There are still many stories about our family, so let me write them down for you one by one.


"Children, open your hands and keep your back straight, like a beautiful little swan, Come, follow the teacher......."

In a huge dance classroom, a female teacher with a beautiful figure and a soft face and wearing a beautiful white ballet dress in front of a floor-to-ceiling mirror slowly doing ballet movements. Behind her is a group of girls in small ballet costumes, aged five or six years old, Each one is seriously imitating the teacher, trying to complete the graceful and moving movements.

Many of the parents waiting for their children outside the classroom looked at the serious and lovely appearance of their little girls through the glass on the door, with smiles on their faces, feeling very satisfied with the teaching quality of this dance art center.

This is a well-known dance art center in the whole city and even the whole country. It is called Tianyi. It is located in the business district of the city center, which is large in scale and professional in teaching. All the teachers under its name come from professional dance colleges and universities and are considered as the best in their profession. just for these teachers alone that countless people had come to sign up every day.

This situation has led to a large number of people coming to seek advice every day. Tianyi's consulting teachers are as tired as dogs every day.

As at this time, in the counseling room, five counselors are busy receiving consultants. patiently answering their questions.

"My baby has to drink a glass of milk and small fruit snacks at ten o'clock in the morning and three o'clock in the afternoon, but I have read your class schedule. There's no rest at 10:00 or 3:00, this is really unreasonable. You need to adjust your class hours, in this way, I can safely send my baby to you to practice dancing. "

At the desk of the last counselor, a woman wearing a bright silver skirt with heavy makeup and wearing a pair of super-large sunglasses is holding a Louis Vuitton bag on one hand and a six or seven-year-old girl in the other. While pointing at the timetable, her face was full of dissatisfaction with the class schedule of the training center.

Yu Shanshan tried hard to ignore the smell of perfume in the air which was strong enough to make people want to sneeze, she resisted the spitting flute in her heart and pulled out a polite and professional smile, and calmly explained, "Madam, our class hours are uniformly arranged by the center, and the class hours in each period are fixed and cannot be changed. You can modify your child's snack schedule and take it during recess. Would that be alright?"

When the woman heard this, her brow wrinkled up, with worry plastered on her face, she said "Of course not! My baby's diet is arranged by a professional senior nutritionist, and everything is already fixed with its own time. Do you think you can just change that?"

Damn it-- I've never even heard of a fixed time for snacks before. What's wrong with changing it? Is there a problem with changing it? It's weird.

Yu Shanshan took a deep breath, silently telling herself not to get angry with this weird person, and continued to work hard to be patient, "Madam, our class time really can't be easily changed. I hope you can understand. I think it doesn't matter if your child's snack time is early or delayed."

As soon as Yu Shanshan's words fell, the woman stretched out her fingers with bright red nails and pointed at her discontentedly "What did you say? What do you know?! Can you afford it if something happens to my baby? Who is your supervisor? I want to see the supervisor! "

Yu Shanshan particularly hated people pointing fingers at her. What's more, the woman's saliva is sprayed on her face. If this happened in the past, she would've slapped this person's face already. However, considering her current situation, she had to hold a machete in her heart and imagine cutting up this person to death a hundred times. Only when she felt better did she continue to patiently deal with the situation: "Madam, if you want to see our supervisor, I will make an appointment for you. Please come back after making an appointment."

The woman never thought that Yu Shanshan would have such a completely unyielding attitude. what's more, she's now so angry that she almost poked Yu Shanshan's face with her fingers. "Is this your Tianyi customer service attitude? I didn't expect the Tianyi's employees to look like this. How can I be rest assured that I can put my child here! "

As if we're begging for your children, Tianyi does not accept all applicants anyway,

Children who are not qualified enough to pass the assessment will not be accepted at all. Where on earth does this woman acquire the self-confidence to talk such nonsense here?

It's really weird.

Yu Shanshan quietly rolled her eyes. She didn't want to talk to this strange person any more, "Madam, since you are worried, then you can go to another training center, you are free to go now" she simply said.

"Is this how Tianyi entertain customers?"

The woman slapped the table in front of Shanshan. Her voice was so sharp that it could almost pierce the eardrum. A pair of sharp eyes looked at Shanshan's fat figure in disdain, and the irony on her face is almost overflowing.

"I seriously doubt Tianyi's professionalism now. Ha ~ people like you can even work in Tianyi, could it be that Tianyi does not teach dance, but actually busy with raising pigs? "

"Be polite to me!"

The woman's sarcasm poked Yu Shanshan right in the heart like a sharp sword. The small universe in her heart is now on the brink of explosion. She can't think this customer is God anymore (*"Customer is God" similar to "Customer is always right"). All she wants to do now is to beat this woman till she meets God instead!

"Not being polite? What, you don't want to be told that you look like a pig? "

Seeing Shanshan's angry appearance, the woman scoffed and continued attacking with disdain, "I can't believe that a pig like you can come to work here. Is it possible that our children will look like you when they are sent here to dance? How can any parents dare to send in their children? Alas, anyway, I can't be assured if my child will stay with someone like you. "

Yu Shanshan hated it most when people said she was fat, she can't bear hearing the word "pig" used against her. But this woman is just was like a pig on the left and a pig on the right. She's almost poking her lungs, she is going to explode with anger!

Yu Shanshan wondered when she had been so angry like this, and whether if she could bear it, or her name would not be Yu Shanshan.

In an instant, Yu Shanshan's small universe in her heart finally burst and pointed at a woman's nose with a lot of firepower:

"You have the nerve to talk about me, when yourself looks like a bird, with triangular eyes hanging to your nostrils and a sharp, sour face. It's up to you if you still want go out and see people. You don't seem like a good person at first glance, so you're just gonna hang the three words "Bao Fa Hu" on your body.

If I were you, I'd stay at home and I won't come out, so I won't stain others people's eyes and reduce the appearance of the city!"

Yu Shanshan's words came out one after another like a barrage, the words are sharp and humorous that it immediately caused a lot of people around them to giggle.

Of course, the woman didn't think it was funny at all, she was absolutely furious. She immediately took her bag as a weapon and threw it towards Shanshan in anger, and if she could've, she probably wanted to throw a knife at her as well.

Yu Shanshan dodged to the side, the bag attack was successfully avoided. However, she refuses to be bullied easily. After avoiding it, she stepped back out, raised her foot, and "Pow!". Suddenly, one foot stepped heavily on the Louis Vuitton on the ground.

"Ah-- my bag--"  The woman watched helplessly as Yu Shanshan stepped on her favorite bag, she's going crazy, this is the limited edition that she asked someone to buy this year. She can’t even bear to take it out at ordinary times, yet now it's being trampled by this fat woman.

The woman felt all the blood of her entire body rushed to her head. Anger burned her whole mind, "Ow" She gave a loud cry and rushed violently toward Yu Shanshan, in posture looking like she wants to give scratch her to death with ten sharp nails.

But Yu Shanshan is not waiting to be beaten either, the inner desire to fight is also stimulated because of this woman. Hence, regardless of everything, she also showed her own sharp claws, as she faced the woman's attack, she's willing to fight back!

In an instant, the they began fighting.

The whole counseling room jumped up until the security guard came to separate the two women.

As for Yu Shanshan, she was naturally invited to the supervisor's office for "tea".


It was a few hours before Yu Shanshan came out of the supervisor's office.

Wu Jing, who had been waiting outside anxiously for a long time, saw that she's finally  out and hurried to meet her. She took her arm and asked:, "How did you get out? How's it going? You okay? What did the supervisor say? "

Yu Shanshan pouted depressingly, the whole people looks gloomy. "I lost my salary and bonus this month, boo hoo"

"Only salary and bonus are deducted?" When Wu Jing heard the words, she was greatly relieved and patted her chest, "That's good, that's good, it scared me to death. I'm so afraid that the supervisor will fire you directly. I won't be able to save you by then."

Yu Shanshan crouched down, hung her head in pain, and pulled at her hair,

"I've just been deducted my salary and bonus, do you still say okay? What's so good with that? I can't live without salary and bonus! The heavens want to kill me!"

Wu Jing hates iron for not becoming steel and poked Yu Shanshan in the forehead.

"You have the nerve to say that! You know you can't live without money but you fight with customers? How many times have I told you need to keep your temper since you work directly with customers. Who do you think you are?"

Yu Shanshan feels aggrieved. "It's really not my fault. I did try to keep my temper. It was the woman who was unreasonable, you have no idea how strange she is. Why does her baby have to eat snacks and milk at ten and three? Then demanded to change the class schedule, I can’t make any sense to her! And it’s not my initiative. It was that woman who hit me first, that's why I fought back."

"I know that there is something wrong with that woman. If it weren't for that, do you think it's as simple as the supervisor to deduct your money this time?"

Wu Jing sighed and stretched out her hand to pull up the person on the ground.

"But you can't work with people directly. 'The customer is god', when we open the door to do business, we can't offend the customers. Now that you work with people, even if you are legit reasons, the supervisor will still punish you. What if the supervisor dismisses you directly?

Don't you remember that this is your twentieth job already? Do you have any idea how hard it took me to get you in here? Plus, if you lose this job, where else are you going to find such a well-paying job to support you and Dudu?"

As soon as the words fell, Wu Jing paused for a moment, was instantly reminded of something, and cried "By the way, where's Dudu? Where did you take Dudu? Didn't he come to work with you? "


I was confused on how to write the name of the kid, it's 嘟嘟 which is an onomatopoeia. Other MTL says it should be "Doodle" but it doesn't seem right. Right when I was about to give up, I finally discovered this page http://3g.en8848.com.cn/kouyu/basic/kyzylc/198744.html 

What’s the name of your dog? 你的小狗叫什么名字? 

My dog’s name is Dudu. 我的狗叫嘟嘟。 

Dudu is a nice name. 嘟嘟这个名字很好听。

So Dudu it is. It's a nice name. (╯°□°)╯︵ oɥʇǝɯɐusƃopɐʇᴉsᴉʎɥʍ

"Bao Fa Hu" 暴發戶 - A person who suddenly became rich due to luck. They usually are stereotyped as arrogant upstarts and does not behave nicely.

恨铁不成钢 a Chinese idiom which is literally translated as 'to hate iron for not becoming steel' which means to feel resentful towards something or someone for not meeting expectations and/or impatient to see improvement

Dudu’s Diary
Chapter 1