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Chapter 528: First Meeting

Author: Tangcu Yu

After learning the Su family was having a guest, Wang Yao said, "Then, I will leave."

"OK, I will see you out," Song Ruiping said.

When he got out of the door, he saw a graceful woman coming in from outside. She seemed around 40 years old. She was well maintained and had an extraordinary temperament, like Song Ruiping.

"Ruiping," the woman said.

"Sister Xiu, come in and have a seat," Song Ruiping said.

"Hello, auntie." Su Xiaoxue said.

"Hello. How are you recovering from your disease?" Li Tongxiu asked.

"Very well, thank you," Su Xiaoxue replied.

Li Tongxiu looked at Wang Yao.

"I have never see that young man. I don't remember who has such a son in Jing?" She subconsciously thought that he must be a son of a big family and he a good boy since Song Ruiping personally saw him out. But, she did not remember who has such a child.

"Dr. Wang, be careful on your way," Song Ruiping said.

"OK. There is no need to see me out," he replied.

"Dr. Wang?" Li Tongxiu stared at Wang Yao.

He was the person who saved the boy's life in Lianshan County, was invited by Sirou to help the old man at a crucial moment, and pulled Su Xiaoxue back from the edge of death and almost cured her disease. The name of this person had become quite famous in this small circle in Jing.

Wang Yao had traveled thousands of miles away to save the life of her father, which spared the whole family from turmoil. All of it was due to him. At that time, she had something else going on, so she had been unable not stay with her father. She didn't see Wang Yao, but she heard about him from her family afterwards more than once. This was her first time seeing him.

Li Tongxiu turned and walked quickly to Wang Yao after thinking a bit. "Hello, Dr. Wang."

"Hello, and you are?" Wang Yao asked.

"Ah, I am Zhenghe and Sirou's mother, Li Tongxiu," she said.

"Hello, Mrs. Li," Wang Yao said.

After learning who the woman was, Wang Yao saw the resemblance. Guo Sirou's eyebrows were quite similar to the woman in front of him.

"Thank you for saving Zhenghe," Li Tongxiu said.

"Ah, you are welcome." Wang Yao smiled.

After a few words, he left with Chen Ying.

"Can I still see your brother at this time?" Wang Yao asked.

"Yes, I will arrange it right away." Chen Ying was delighted.

She had heard that Wang Yao would be leaving the next day, so he didn't have much spare time. She figured he would not be able to go to see Chen Zhou, so she did not ask him about it. It never occurred to her that he would suggest it himself.

They soon arrived at the treatment center where Chen Zhou was.

Since the last treatment, he was still awake, which shocked the hospital doctors. They asked his chief doctor, Dr. Zheng, how he had treated him.

"Oh, here you are!" When Dr. Zheng saw Wang Yao, he almost felt like crying.

"Hello, Dr. Zheng. How is my brother?" Chen Ying asked.

"All arrangement have been. Please, come with me," he said.

After receiving Chen Ying's call, Dr. Zheng had arranged everything as quickly as possible. It was partially because Chen Ying was a main investor. More importantly, it was because she was bringing the young doctor with her.

"Look," Dr. Zheng said.

Chen Zhou had bright eyes and graceful eyebrows. What's more, his eyes were sharp and piercing.

"Do you remember who I am?" Wang Yao asked.

"Hello, Dr. Wang," Chen Zhou said.

"Good." Based on his temperament, Wang Yao didn't see a problem. After listening to the voice and feeling his pulse, he confirmed there was no problem. "There is no problem for the time being."

This situation did not mean that he was fine. It had been like this last time, but he had suddenly relapsed after a period of time. Wang Yao had never found the reason.

"Will he relapse?" Chen Ying asked.

"I am not sure," Wang Yao said. "There is the possibility."

"What should I do?" Chen Ying anxiously asked.

"We still need to observe him," Wang Yao said. "You must start from his daily life habits and find out why he suddenly fell ill."

"OK, I must strengthen my observation of Xiao Chen," Dr. Zheng said.

After the brother and his sister talked for a while, Chen Ying left.

"Sir, can I pick up Chen Zhou out and have a Chinese New Year together?" she asked.

"Have a Chinese New Year together? Will they agree on that?" Wang Yao asked.

"They are OK with it, but we have to make sure that he does not get sick during that time," Chen Ying said.

Wang Yao was silent for a while. "It will be easy. I will boil down another medicine today."

"What do you need me to do?" Chen Ying asked.

"Nothing. I have medicinal herbs, and there are many medicinal herbs provided by the Wu family." Wang Yao smiled.

In the evening, Chen Ying invited Wang Yao to a private restaurant for dinner. After dinner, Wang Yao went back to the Wu's home.

The old man has awake. "Dr. Wang."

"How are you feeling?" Wang Yao asked.

"I feel more comfortable," the old man said.

Wang Yao sat at the bedside and felt the old man's pulse.

"The potency of the medicine still exists, but it has weakened," the old man said.

"Continue to take the medicine," Wang Yao said. "Take the same amount of both medicines as earlier."

He then gave the old man a massage to dredge his acupoints.

"I will come again tomorrow morning. In the afternoon, I will go back to Lianshan," Wang Yao said.

"Dr. Wang, can you wait for two more days until my father's condition is..." Wu Tongrong was quickly interrupted.

"I have already set it up with Mr. Wu in advance," Wang Yao said. "The old man's condition should be guaranteed through the Spring Festival as long as he takes the medicine regularly."

"This… Well, I will arrange it right away." Wu Tongrong was slightly embarrassed and promised Wang Yao's request.

"Then, I will go leave now," Wang Yao said.

After seeing Wang Yao leave, Wu Tongrong returned to the room.

"We can't let him go back," the family doctor said. "His body has just improved. We must strike while the iron is hot to further strengthen his treatment, which may even reverse his condition. But, he..."

"I know what you mean, Xiao Wu." Wu Tongrong smiled and patted him on the shoulder. "I want him to stay more than anyone else."

In just one day, everyone in the Wu family saw Wang Yao's extraordinary ability.

"Tongxing had already discussed this with him beforehand, so we must let him go tomorrow," Wu Tongrong said.

"But, old Mr. Wu is..."

"What do you think about my father's current situation?" Wu Tongrong asked.

"There is no problem, now. It has improved," the family doctor said. "It is hard to say what the future holds."

"Tomorrow I will invite Dr. Li and Dr. Chen to come over to see him," Wu Tongrong said.

Since Wu Tongrong has decided, that family doctor would not say anything more. After all, Wu Tongrong was the old man's son.

That night, Wang Yao decocted medicine in the small yard. Codonopsis pilosula, the fruit of Chinese magnolia vine, Chinese Peony, poria, cocos, yushuai… The medicine was specially used to treat mental paralysis. The last herb was to set the soul.

Last time, Chen Zhou had obviously improved after taking this medicine. His spirit recovered to be clear. It had been maintained until now. This was a good sign, but the reason for his relapse was still unknown. The role of this drug was to extend his waking time, allowing him to spend a warm Spring Festival with his sister.

Since Chen Zhou got this strange disease, Chen Ying had been alone at the festivals, whether it was the Mid-Autumn or Spring festivals. They originally were reunion festivals, when a family would gather together. She only had one younger brother. But, she couldn't reunite with him normally, which caused her great sorrow.

The medicine's color and taste showed it was almost finished. Since the medicine was originally for nourishing yin, so it was no problem to boil it down at night.

After Wang Yao finished it, he turned off the lights and slept. The next day, he got up very early.

"Sir, you are up so early." Gu Yuanyuan had gotten up even earlier than him.

"Didn't you sleep well last night?" Wang Yao asked, seeing her little black eye circles.

"No worries," she replied.

"You have insufficiency of vital Qi and blood. It makes your body weak. You should pay more attention to rest," Wang Yao advised.

"Hey, thank you," Gu Yuanyuan hurriedly said. "Breakfast is ready."

After eating breakfast, Wang Yao went to see the old Mr. Wu. His condition was stable. It was even better than the previous night. When he was seeing him, the other two old people also came.

"Good morning." Wang Yao smiled and greeted them.

"What about his condition?" one of the old men asked.

"It's much better than yesterday." Wang Yao did not hide anything and told them the truth.

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Chapter 528: First Meeting