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Chapter 530: Youngsters Should Be A Bit Conceited

Author: Tangcu Yu

"No problem." Wang Yao smiled.

The driver had waited outside early. When he arrived at the airport, Wu Tongxing took the time to see him off.

"Mr. Wu, there is something I want to ask your help with," Wang Yao said.

"Please, go ahead," he said in a hurry, seeing Wang Yao was so serious.

"I hope you can take care of Gu Yuanyuan. Don't make difficulties for her," Wang Yao said.

That's all? Wu Tongxing was shocked. "OK."

"Thank you," Wang Yao said.

When the time was up, Wang Yao got on the plane. Tongxing was still thinking about what Wang Yao had said. The doctor may like the beautiful woman.

The Wu family would not bother Wang Yao for a girl. Wu Tongxing immediately arranged people to find out the reason.

"A child of the Wu family?" one of his associates asked.

"Yes," Wu Tongxing replied.

When he heard that he was a family member, he knew that it would be a little easier to figure out.

Wang Yao flew to Dao City. At this time, there were no planes to Haiqu. The Wu family had already arranged for people to meet him in Dao and take him to Lianshan County.

In Jing…

"Mom, have you been to see the Su family?" Guo Zhenghe peeled an orange and handed it to his mother.

"I have been there. You came from the county for this, right?" Li Tongxiu looked at her son with affection.

"Correct," he said.

"Do you really like Xiaoxue or do you just value the resources of her family?" Li Tongxiu asked.

"Both." In front of his mother, Guo Zhenghe did not hide anything. He also knew that concealment was useless, and his mother was smart.

"Song's words are very vague," Li Tongxiu said. "She said that it is necessary to wait for her daughter to fully recover."

The smile on Guo Zhenghe's face was slightly stagnate. "I can understand."

"How is work?" his mother asked.

"It's very good," Guo Zhenghe said. "What about my sister?"

"She is in the south of Yunnan," Li Tongxiu replied.

"It's almost New Year. Hasn't she returned yet?" Guo Zhenghe asked.

"I guess your sister must be unsatisfactory to the family. She does not agree with the marriage." Li Tongxiu rubbed her forehead.

In her heart, she was also disgusted with this marriage that lacked an emotional foundation, just like her marriage. There was no feeling between each other. The marriage was purely for the family's interests. Feelings could be slowly cultivated, but who would not want to be free to find a caring person? She had experienced all and knew the pain. But, in some things, she was also helpless.

"Zhou Shijing is not bad, but my sister does not want to take him. Why didn't you help to refuse it?" Guo Zhenghe asked

"How could I refuse it? The old people of the two families set it up," Li Tongxiu said.

"They also set the marriage between Xiaoxue and me, didn't they?" Guo Zhenghe asked.

"That's not the same. No one outside the families were present at that time. Maybe it was only a joke between them, but your sister and Zhou Shijing are different," Li Tongxiu said. "They set this relationship in the presence of many people, including your father and me. Zhou Shijing's parents were also there. We all know it."

"So, why didn't you object?" Guo Zhenghe asked.

"At the time, your sister was unborn. It was an infant matrimony. Plus, you know your grandfather's temper," Li Tongxiu said.

"Let's put my sister aside for now. Let me talk about my business. I really want to marry Xiaoxue. Mom, you have to help me," Guo Zhenghe said.

"Yes, I know. Have you been in contact with Wang Yao?" Li Tongxiu suddenly thought of the young man. "He came to Jing. When I went to visit the Su family, I saw him there. He saved you and your grandfather. It is a good thing for us. His ability is very strong. We should think of some ways to pull him to our side. We should hire him."

"I have thought about that. But, according to my understanding, Dr. Wang does not ask for reputation or profit. He prefers to crouch in a small mountain village. His idea is somewhat unique," Guo Zhenghe said.

Wang Yao gave him the feeling that he had none of the vigor and vitality that young people should have. He was like an old Taoist priest of 60 or 70 years old in a Taoist temple on the mountain. What should young people pursue? Popularity, money, and beauty.

Many people tried their best to stay in Jing because it was bustling and full of lights. There was no night. It was full of opportunities. In higher ranking areas, like where they were, they were the tide players of the era, striking water 3,000 miles away. The younger generation should touch higher places, see the different scenery, explore passion, and express views to the society.

Only hermits liked to indulge themselves in mountains and rivers and focus on self-cultivation and high morality. Those were all under-appreciated and psychologically problematic.

At least, that was what Guo Zhenghe thought. Of course, he never said it to others. Since his face was always filled with a sunny smile, very few people knew his inner world. Even if they were his family or close to him, they could only understand a small part of him.

"I will consider your matters and talk to your father to see if there is a good way," Li Tongxiu said. "What you have to do now is solidify the foundation and not let people know your shortness."

"You don't need to worry about that," Guo Zhenghe said.

When Wang Yao arrived in Dao, it was already afternoon. Someone had waited at the airport without a pick-up card, but they quickly found Wang Yao.

"Dr. Wang?" the driver asked.

"It's me," Wang Yao said.

"Director Wu arranged for me to pick you up." The driver introduced himself.

"It must be a bother for you," Wang Yao. It took nearly three hours to travel from the island city to Lianshan County.

The car was large and comfortable. It was the top model of Mercedes-Benz, like a business class. This was the first time that Wang Yao had sat in such a car. The position of a boss was indeed comfortable.

The car was flying down the road. The sky outside was getting darker.

"Sir, do you need to eat something?" the driver asked.

"No, if you need to rest, we can go to the rest area and stop a while," Wang Yao said. "If you don't, we can go straight back to Lianshan County."

The driver kept driving all the way and went straight to Lianshan County. It was night by the time it arrived in the village. He stopped at the entry of the alley.

"Well, this is my home, thank you," Wang Yao said. "Be careful on the road."

"Ah, then I will go back." The driver turned around and headed back to Dao.

At home, Wang Yao's parents had just finished a meal and were sitting on the sofa watching TV.

"You are back! Did you eat yet?" Zhang Xiuying asked.

"Not yet," Wang Yao said.

"I have rested a bit, so I will cook something for you," Zhang Xiuying said as she began preparing a meal.

"Is the matter in Jing going smoothly?" Wang Fenghua asked.

"It's supposed to be. The old man's illness has stabilized." Wang Yao drank some water.

"Don't you go out before the Spring Festival," Zhang Xiuying said.

"I am not going out," Wang Yao said.

There were still a few days before the Spring Festival. Unless there was something special happening, Wang Yao would not go out.

"The rice is ready," Zhang Xiuying said.

After eating, Wang Yao chatted with his parents about the matters in Jing to spare them from being worried.

"While you were out the past few days, there were a few people who came by. They said they were your friends and sent a lot of gifts," Zhang Xiuying said.

"Well, did you ask their names?" Wang Yao asked.

"I remember them," Zhang Xiuying said.

"That's good. Tomorrow, I will go out to my aunties' and uncles' family to send some gifts," Wang Yao said.

There were many gifts at home. They could not use them up. It would be better to give some to relatives and friends. Plus, the younger generation should visit their elders' homes before the Spring Festival.

"Yes," Zhang Xiuying said.

At 9 p.m., he went out to Nanshan Hill. Once out of the village, it was black in the south. Nanshan Hill was still very quiet. The dog eagerly greeted him.

"I still think here is better!" Wang Yao sighed after going up the mountain. He did not miss the prosperity of Jing at all.

On the mountain, the lights were dim. Wang Yao recorded the old patient's condition and the treatment process in a notebook that was specifically used to record difficult miscellaneous diseases. He closed it after confirming that there was no omission.

"Yes, there are rewards for the mission!" He suddenly remembered that he had finished the task of curing difficult miscellaneous diseases.

To complete the task he had to cure 10 cases of incurable diseases in six months. The reward was one medical book and one prescription. The failure penalty was that the system could not be used for three months.

Elixir Supplier
Chapter 530: Youngsters Should Be A Bit Conceited