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Chapter 531: Ten Wicked Diseases And Connection Ointment

Author: Tangcu Yu

The name of the medical book was Ten Wicked Diseases. Wang Yao took a close look at the antique book. The material was neither paper nor gold. It was the same as the books previously given by the system.

He browsed through a few pages and was immediately in love with the book. He stayed overnight to read the book. What a wonderful book!

The content was different from Treatise on Febrile and Miscellaneous Diseases, with minimal similarity.

The Ten in the name of the book actually meant to be extreme. Ten wicked diseases actually meant extremely wicked diseases, such as trauma, intoxication, and ulcer. All the cases documented in the book were very hard to treat. If Wang Yao had obtained this book earlier, it would have been easier to treat those 10 patients.

The book contained medical cases and treatment methods including herbal prescriptions. Each case was different. However, the description of symptoms was in great detail.

Is it dawn yet? Wang Yao looked through the window and found it was already early in the morning.

What about the formula? What is this? Connection ointment!

As soon as Wang Yao saw the name of the ointment, he thought about the famous Black Jade Connection Ointment in a well-known Kung Fu novel.

The ointment could stop bleeding, reduce inflammation, connect broken bones, and fix the damaged muscles and tendons.

It was not hard to get the meaning of stop bleeding and reducing inflammation. Connecting broken bones and fixing damaged muscles and tendons was really significant. Of course, it didn't mean that it would help one regrow an amputation.

The formula contained Panax notoginseng, Draconis Sanguis, hyssop, Wuteng, Bajiaotong, Guiyuan and Feilaifeng.

There were four licorice roots in the formula. Wang Yao had three of them in his herbal field. Feilaifeng was a new licorice root. He opened the system's medicine shop but didn't find this licorice root available.

"System, what can I do to obtain Feilaifeng?" Wang Yao asked.

"Upgrade," replied the system.

One single word. The system hadn't changed.

It was a nice and sunny morning. Wang Yao left Nanshan Hill early to fetch something from home. He loaded the trunk of his car with stuff and then drove to Lianshan town center.

He visited his aunt, uncle, and a few friends. He then drove to Haiqu to visit Wei Hai and Secretary Yang's mother.

Secretary Yang's mother was very glad to see Wang Yao. She obviously didn't expect Wang Yao would visit her. She chatted with him for quite a while.

"You look fitter and fitter," Wang Yao said.

"Thanks to you," she said with a smile. "Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Yeah," Wang Yao replied.

"You must let me know when you are married," Secretary Yang's mother said.

"Sure," Wang Yao said.

It was already getting dark by the time Wang Yao returned from Haiqu. Since it was getting closer to the Chinese New Year, the atmosphere of celebration was getting stronger.

Zhang Xiuying was busy with chores. Wang Yao helped his mother. He rarely went to the clinic.

Sun Yunsheng came to the village on the 27th of the first month of the lunar calendar to deliver a report on the soil sample to Wang Yao.

"Sorry, the person I asked to do the job for me had something urgent to do, so the report was delayed," Sun Yunsheng said.

"That's alright. Thank you for bringing it all the way to me," Wang Yao said.

He invited Sun Yunsheng to have lunch at his home.

Wang Yao read through the report. This laboratory did a thorough analysis. Something in the report raised his attention. This laboratory detected a horrible virus in the soil that could damage the surrounding plants badly and spread.

Microorganism? No one in the laboratory had seen this microorganism. The virus was horrible because it was unknown to people. It could cause serious problems if it spread Wang Yao needed to figure out a way to destroy the virus.

On the 28th, Wang Ru returned home. It was Chinese New Year's eve.

Firecrackers were everywhere in the village. Wang Yao and his family made dumplings for dinner. They then watched CCTV's new year's gala together. Everyone was happy.   

Another year had passed. Everyone was one year older.

Wang Yao didn't return to Nanshan Hill. He stayed at home watching New Year's gala on TV with his family. The show seemed to get worse year by year, but people still watched it habitually.

In Beijing, people were as busy as usual. Su Xiaoxue was having dinner with her family.

"Xiaoxue, do you have a wish list for the new year?" Su Xianghua asked.

"Yes, I want to go out more to learn things," Su Xiaoxue said.

"What do you want to lean?" Su Xianghua asked with a smile.

"That's my secret. I can't tell you now," Su Xiaoxue said.

"Fair enough," Su Xianghua said.

In a cottage not from Su Xiaoxue's house, Chen Ying and her brother were celebrating the new year. She thought it was the happiest day of the year because she spent the day with her brother. She had cooked a banquet.

"Sis, you don't need to cook so much food. it's too tiring," Chen Zhou said as he was helping his sister.

"I'm very happy," Chen Ying said.

It was a happy thing to spend the most important day with the most important person in her life. It was a peaceful and cozy evening.

Wang Yao received a lot of phone calls from his old schoolmates, friends, and some patients who knew his contact number. They gave him their best wishes.

"Happy New Year!"

People were greeting one another. They said these three words all the time.

The next morning, the villagers visited one another to send their best wishes. Some villagers were ready to go on holiday.

Wang Yao spent the day with his family. He only visited his relatives.

Du Mingyang came in the morning to pick up Wang Ru.

Wang Yao carried a big pack of food onto Nanshan Hill.

"San Xian, Da Xia, happy new year! And you, Xiaohei, come here. I brought you guys a lot of nice food," Wang Yao said.

He had brought a large amount of different meats.

"Take your time, and don't rush." Wang Yao patted the dog and eagle with a smile.

"Happy new year," Wang Yao said to the well-grown herbs in the field.

The herbs seemed to understand what Wang Yao said and started to swing.


Most people visited their relatives on the first day of Chinese New Year. On the second day, according to local custom, the villagers needed to worship their ancestors buried in the cemetery.

Both of Wang Yao's uncles came in the morning. They went to worship their ancestors all together. They set off the firecrackers and burned paper money. The sound of firecrackers were everywhere nearby.

Wang Yao's uncles stayed at Wang Yao's house for lunch. They drank a lot. His youngest uncle complained about his life, as usual. The other uncle bluffed about what he had been doing.

It was no wonder there was an old saying that every single one of the dragon's nine sons were different. None of Wang Yao's uncles were as nice and honest as his father.

Both uncles got a bit drunk after lunch. They went home by bicycle.

One of them had quit his job and started his own business. However, he failed. He was even in a worse situation than when he was employed. The other one just didn't cherish the opportunity to hold a good position in a good company.

Wang Yao was speechless about his uncles. His father was very concerned for them. However, everyone had their own life. Wang Yao and his father had done their best to help the uncles.

People went to see their parents on the third day of Chinese New Year.

Wang Yao was not married. Normally, they all went to his grandparent's house on the third day of Chinese New Year. However, it was different this year. They didn't go anywhere. Instead, they waited for Du Mingyang to come.

"Are you available tomorrow?" Zhang Xiuying asked.

"Yes," Wang Yao said.

"Let's go and visit your grandparents tomorrow," Zhang Xiuying said.

"OK," Wang Yao replied.

From the first day to the fifth day of Chinese New Year, Wang Yao spent most of his time visiting relatives, eating, and chatting with various people.

Most companies and organizations chose to start operating on the sixth or eighth day of Chinese New Year because six and eight were lucky numbers in China.

Wang Yao returned to his clinic on the sixth day. He didn't burn any money paper or set off firecrackers. He simply unlocked the door of the clinic.

He didn't have any patient during the day. Most people wouldn't go to see a doctor before the 15th day of Chinese New Year unless their condition required immediate attention. Wang Yao didn't think it was a good idea to delay treatment.

Chinese New Year had just passed. For some people, worry never went away.

For example, Wu Tongxing and his brother asked the family doctor to take a look at their father every day, although their father was not keen to see a doctor during Chinese New Year.

After Chinese New Year, Wu Tongxing and his brother wanted to invite Wang Yao to see their father again.

"I'll go to Lianshan as soon as possible," Wu Tongxing said.

"You'll be very busy at the beginning of the year and need to contact Dr. Wang regularly," Wu Tongrong said. "Maybe you could hire a reliable person to keep in touch with Dr. Wang on your behalf, like they did for Su Xiaoxue."

"Hmm, good idea. I'll find a reliable person," Wu Tongxing said.

Wang Yao received more good news after Chinese New Year. He had been elected as one of the prominent doctors in the county. Therefore, he had completed the mission from the system.

Ding! Om!

Wang Yao's phone rang. He saw a strange number on the phone.

"Hello," Wang Yao said.

"Hello, Mr. Wang," the person on the other side of the phone said.

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Chapter 531: Ten Wicked Diseases And Connection Ointment