Father, I Don’t Want to Get Married!
Chapter 48

Author: Hong Hee Su
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Is it because of the inner closeness I built up with her? Somehow I was glad to see her and nodded slightly and bowed my neck. But she turned her head slightly because she hadn't seen me. Then she whispered to the person sitting next to her. Unconsciously, I looked next to it, and almost frowned.

'Why is Mikhail here?'

If you ask me to describe how I feel when I meet my ex-boyfriend at a meeting with friends who have came dressed up as well as possible, I can speak briefly.

'Well, I don't like it but I don't feel anything.'

Maybe because I don't have any regrets? To be honest, it's embarrassing that I didn't get a word. But as I looked at his face, I didn't care.

'But he will be uncomfortable with me.'

I turned my attention, thinking I should stay quiet as much as I can so that I don't bump into him. At that time, I could hear a sad voice.

"Long time no see, Juvellian." Maybe it's been a while since we broke up? Or is it because of the joy of being freed from me? Mikhail's expression seemed slightly upset.

'Well, is it okay to see me now?'

I thought for a moment, but I soon denied it.

'Maybe he's got eyes on him.'

As the main character of the novel, his image is very good. sweet, kind, and well-mannered. That's why you can't draw a line on me.

'Now that it's like this, I'll draw the line.'

My image has been destroyed before, so it won't matter if it's ruined any more. Honestly, I don't want to be nice to him. Soon there was an insensitive voice coming out of my mouth.

"Yes, it's been a long time." My voice contains no emotion. It was a mechanical voice that I couldn't believe came out of my mouth. I didn't want to see him anymore, so I turned my head towards Max next to me.

'Well, you don't look very happy.'

Somehow you don't look happy, it seems that you were very uncomfortable here.

"See you a little later,'' Go back to the wagon and turn there to rest, and he glances at me. I think I was nervous because I thought he would grumble in front of other people. Then, his mouth opened.

"Have a good time..." When I heard a nice low and medium tone, I opened my eyes. Although I almost spoke informally like a habit, it was an unexpected gift. Proud of it, I couldn't hold back my laughter.

"Oh, yes. Thank you." In my answer he tried to turn away.

"Well, wait a minute!" Everyone's voice turned this neck to the person who dissuaded him. Embarrassed, Rose opened her mouth with a blush. "I'd like to make a suggestion. We have an unexpected guest at today's tasting, and I think it'll be okay if we add one more person."

Rose's sudden suggestion makes me angry,

'Oh, I'm not okay...'

He did a good job just before, but honestly, I didn't believe in Max. He would be like that, because he's a bomb-like person who never knows when to explode. Moreover, since these meetings are elite, they tend to be reluctant to accept uninvited guests. I wouldn't even greet him, but I didn't have to live with frown.

"Oh, I appreciate your hospitality, but..." I tried to reject Rose's offer. But.

"Yes, I agree."

"I agree." I frowned at the unexpected flow.

'We are outsiders, how is this okay?'

Honestly, I was embarrassed. How could the nobles gathered today accept this kind of thing?

'Well, Max is such a nice person that he says my frowned clothes are pretty.'

How can I avoid this sudden situation? When I was struggling. There was a voice that saved me.

"I disagree," ironically, it was Mikhail who cried out against it. He continued, staring at me with cold eyes. "Aren't you already an exception to that?" Of course, I am the exception, but this man was absurd. However, the reason I did not rebel was that I was welcoming this situation. At that time, Rose said as if rebelling.

"The case is different, isn't it? It's a princess, I got consent in advance." Of course, I appreciated your willingness to side with me, but I was at a loss at the moment when I had to release Max.

'Oh, my God, what am I going to do?'

Three people over there are already saying they're fine. On the other hand, Mikhail is the only one who opposes. At this rate, I was going to have to take care of Max. Then, someone who had been silent all this time opened his mouth.

"I disagree. Please refrain from favoritism that goes against equity because it will only put her in trouble, Rose." The nameless ear girl I met in the dressing room. Although she cried out against it, it worked out well this time, no matter what the degree of her.

'Oh, I think we have a good match.'

I opened my mouth.

"Just like you two said. I'm actually very touched by your invitation." When the euphemism came out of my mouth, Rose stared at me with a disappointed look. 'But,··..'' I thanked her, for fear of being offended. "Thank you for thinking of my lover. But he's not used to it because he's someone from the country."

"Oh, is that so?"

"Yes, for that reason, he'd rather take a rest in the carriage. Right?" I winked at Max as I spoke. Come on, back to me, but he just glared at me with a dissatisfied look.

'No, this guy's on the trigger again. What's wrong?' (tn; Well, you just told the crown prince to wait for you in a carriage.)

It was when I was looking at him as if he was a child in a rebellious age.

"Well, he's the partner of the princess, and I'll make sure he has a lot of room to wait for." At that kindness, I could only find out who she was.

"Thank you, Lady Terrence," she answered my thanks with an expressionless face.

''Don't mention it,'' I think I was even more fond of her for her coolness.


Veronica frowned, recalling what had just happened.

'What's the big deal about having a good-looking face so far... Everyone notices and is crazy?'

She didn't want to give a room to a man whose identity was unclear, but she couldn't help it. She thought she'd hear a rant if ehe didn't give the Princess's lover a room.

'He's a petty commoner, but stupid.'

She thought so for a while. When Max's figure came to mind, Veronica felt her face getting hot. She stared at Mikhail urgently. He seemed a little tired, but even it only highlighted his beautiful face.

'Well I have to admit that he is even more handsome than Mikhail but...'

However, Veronica frowned at where Mikhail was staring.

'As expected, Mikhail is uncomfortable with this because of her.'

At that time, Mikhail's gentle voice was directed at her.

"Lady Veronica, the tea smells very good,"

Veronica replied, blushing at the sight of Mikhail smiling at her.

"Oh, I'm so glad you liked it." Mikhail, who was smiling at Veronica, looked at Juvelian's reaction.

'I'm sure you're jealous, right?'

As expected, Juvelian looked at the two and sighed.

Mikhail saw it and raised the corners of his mouth.

'Then, no matter how hard I try, you are in my grasp.'


When I saw Miss Terence, who was blushing, I was sighing.

'Why did she end up liking Mikhail?'

I wanted to stop her from falling into Mikhail's spell. Mikhail is destined to love only the princess, so she would only end up disapointed.

'Yes, as Juvellian did in the original story.'

I felt sympathy for her for her suffering from the same disease as I followed my past. I almost frowned after a sip of tea.

'Well, I think they made the wrong tea, ·····.'

Judging from the smell and search, it seemed like white tea was boiled, but it was a bit bitter because of the hot water. For a moment when I was thinking of being honest, I kept my mouth shut.

'Well, yeah. It will only hurt their feelings.'

As I have said, she won't listen to me anyway. Therefore, all I could do for her now was prayer.

'Please don't become the evil girl.'

I drank the bitter tea and wished her a good farewell.


"You can wait here." The place where Max arrived under the guidance of the servant was another drawing-room of the count.

'I can't believe you told a member of the imperial family to stay in such a shabby place.'

He was complaining for a while, but he tried to hold back the steam because the furniture and interior accessories were high-quality. But when he recalled Mikhail, who had been acting irritably all the time, he was furious.

Long time no see, Juvellian.

Contrary to the rumor that he was annoyed at Juvellian, Mikhail's eyes staring at her were stained with a very strong obsession. And when the gaze reached Max, it turned cold. Yeah, it was as if he was warning me not to covet the spot.

'You look at me like that.'

He had fierce eyes when he heard Freya's report that Princess Floyen was very fond of Lord Mikhail. Max heard she followed him around and acted regardless of her reputation, but in a way, she seamed to had came back to her senses.The sudden surge of annoyance and nervousness kept Max going back and forth in the room. Then, a window came into Max's eyes. The windows, which were quite large in size, seemed sufficient for people to come in and out.

Don't get into trouble, and wait there quietly. Got it?

He remembered what Juvellian had said in his ear, but Max ignored it and opened the window.

'Yes, I can't just wait here.'


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Father, I Don’t Want to Get Married!
Chapter 48

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