Father, I Don’t Want to Get Married!
Chapter 49

Author: Hong Hee Su
Source: TeaTime


"Lady Veronica, would you like to go out with me someday?"

''Oh, I would love to! When do you want to go out?"

"Let's make it soon." Mikhail, who was chatting with Veronica, stared at Juvellian.

'Now, what would be her reaction.'

Strangely, Juvellian was only drinking tea peacefully without a care in the world)

'Why won't you look at me?'

Mikhail felt frustrated due to her indifferent behaviour.

'Why would she engage with those nobles.'

It made his dissatisfaction towards Juvellian rise.

"Oh and I have a suggestion." When Rose spoke up, everyone at the tea party shifted their attention to her at once. It was nerve-wracking, Rose continued her speech with her cheeks dyed with a rosy color

"Well, I would like to invite Princess Floyen to be a new member of our tea tasting club. So I would like to ask the member's opinion on the matter. What do you think?" As soon as she finished speaking, two young noble girls chattered for a bit and said:

"Oh, I like it!''

''Me too!''

Both Ladies had a positive opinion towards Juvellian since she gave them the name of the

Seamstress's shop. Then the expression of Juvellian face which has been static, changed subtly.

"Ah, I am...." Mikhail, who had been looking at the expression for quite some time, could infer her feelings, even if no one else knew it. Though she was embarrassed and shy, her face was full of joy. And it was the very face that Mikhail had so long wanted to see again.

Mikhail, who had been observing her expression for quite some time, could then figure how she was feeling, even if no one else knew of it.

'Why do you make such a face to those women, but not to me?'

It was when Mikhail, who was overwhelmed with dismay, stared blankly at Juvellian.

"I disagree!" At that moment, the faint smile on Juvellian's face disappeared.

Mikhail, who saw the change, felt the inner part of his chest tingling.

'It was always like that when I treated her coldly.'

Upon realizing that, Mikhail felt angry at Veronica, who threw a vote against him.

'Nothing special.'

Veronica noticed the scary gaze.

"I'm not unwillingly against it.... There are conditions to join our tasting party!" She says while keeping her composure. The members nodded their heads as to show they were agreeing of the remark.

"Well, that's undeniable.''

"That's true. We did it when we first formed the group," Rose sighed and opened her mouth.

"Princess, actually, we have a condition to join." Even to those words, Juvellian replied as if nothing was wrong.

"Oh, yes. If I don't qualify, I can't help it. You don't have to mind." Those calm words struck Mikhail as if hinting at him of the past

Oh, I can't help it if there's training. You don't have to worry about it. It's okay.

Mikhail opened his mouth without thinking.

"You'd better listen to it first and then decide." At Mikhail's words, Juvellian's eyes began to shake faintly. At that expression, Mikhail smiled with satisfaction.


I was so embarrassed that I glared at Mikhail.

'No, why does that human intervene in other people's affairs?'

Of course, I was excited when I received the meeting proposal. It was the first time in my life as Juvellian that a child of my age liked me. But I couldn't just bear with it when I was in a bad situation.

'Now I'm in a position where I need to behave correctly to avoid any dangerous outcome'

I waited for Rose to say something, she might have thought I'd reject the offer as soon as I heard it. At that time, I found something and inhaled.

'When did he come out ?'

I asked him to wait calmly, but I was shocked to see Max staring at me from the tree.

'If people here sees him, then my life is over.'

Max is now posing as my lover. If it is discovered that he was climbing a tree and peeping at the banquet, the nobles would surely tell me :

You're not actually going out with that kind of loser? Rather, marrying the Crown Prince is a better option.

For a moment there I saw my life ending before my eyes.

"Dear Princess, did you just hear me?" I nodded to Rose's question.

"Of course."

"Oh, then are you all right?"

"Oh, yes." Then Rose and other noblemen smiled brightly at me.

"Oh, I'm really looking forward to it.''

"That's right. The moment I heard what special tea the princess was preparing, I was amazed."

'Huh? What tea?'

When I was thinking so, Rose, who was next to me, smiled brightly and felt sorry for me.

"I'll be looking forward to it.''

"Yes? What?" When I asked unknowingly, she responded with a smile to see if she thought I was joking.

"It's a tea party with special tea."

At that, I sighed and glared at the tree where Max was. Whether it's a lucky or unlucky turns of events. He had disappeared before my eyes. I'll talk to him later.

Then, Mikhail got up. "I'll go get some air."

I could see Lady Terrence standing up to catch up with the words. "Oh, me too."

Then Rose called her.

"Veronica, you have to set a date, right?" Lady Terrence sat down with a frown.

"Sheesh! All right." For a moment, I was relieved that everything passes without any issues, and I sighed as I recalled Max.

'Ah, this contract... will it really be okay?'


At that time, a shaky voice turned to me.

"Excuse me, Princess. Why do you sigh as soon as you look at me?" I could see Lady Terrence staring at me.

"Oh, that's...." In fact, I didn't pay a lot of attention. My opinion is that my safety came first, and that I have to take care of my own life. But I couldn't just put it on top of her life while she is looking at me right now. "I'm angry."

"What?" I heard a back door that seemed absurd (en; Im kinda clueless with this line).

Yes, now there's no backing down now.

"Because I was often ignored too." with my frightening words as she realized.

"Who? You, were ignored?" Yeah, you didn't want to admit it. But I understand. Because I was once in your shoes too.

"I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I didn't mean to hurt you." Even with my apology, she just stared at me without answering. I stood up. Staying here would only hurt her more. "I'm going to host the tea party as promised, but if you're uncomfortable, you can skip it. I won't bother you." I left the room, as those were my last word to her..


Meanwhile, Mikhail, who walked out of the parlor with a rough step, had a dark expression.

'He dares! Such a vulgar thing...!'

Still, the person next to Juvellian glared all the time, so it was a bit of a nuisance. But even he ignored it because it was not worth bothering. It's only funny to make fun of the insignificant commoner.

Before, when he learned that there was a guy at the end of Juvellian's gaze. And when he noticed that she was showing all kinds of expressions as she looked at it. It felt like the inside of my chest was burning.

'It can't be!'

Mikhail didn't want to admit it. The fact that Juvellian is reacting for such a petty guy. For that reason, when Juvellian looked away, Mikhail shot a glare at Max with. However, the cheeky commoner smirked while motioning to cut his neck with his hands.

'You cheeky bastard, I'll kill you!'

It was when Mikhail, filled with dissatisfaction, came out of the house in search of Max. As I passed by the sparsely populated area, I heard a deep-toned voice muttering.

"You've finally creeped out." said Max, the man who uttered the same words as an insult to the nobility, staring at Mikhail with his red eyes.

'You've lost your fear, saucy fellow.'

It is a virtue that imperial knights do not show off their martial arts easily. However, Mikhail had no intention of being generous to the common people who had irritated him.

'It's okay to break at least an arm, right?'

It was when Mikhail, who found a suitable excuse to scold the commoner, tried to make a move.


A powerful blow hit his body, and the plague was caught at a moment's notice. It was a new thing that everyone didn't notice.

'What, what is this?'

It was when Mikhail, who has not yet understood his current situation, was frowning. His body fell abruptly.

"Ugh!" It was when Mikhail who was barely trying to get up from the sudden shock. A long shadow cast over him. Soon a faint voice came out.

"As expected, insignificant things look best when they are on their knees." Inside the slightly crooked red eyes, there was as if madness was lingering in them. Mikhail stared at Max with a frightened look.

Mikhail thought that it would be just fine because he was feeling bored all this time. However, the quick movements that he was shown before and the sense of pressure from his red eyes were overwhelming.

'What is he, who is he?


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Father, I Don’t Want to Get Married!
Chapter 49