Father, I Don’t Want to Get Married!
Chapter 50

Author: Hong Hee Su
Source: TeaTime

Translator; Leah. Editor; AND


His instinct was warning him. 'That man in front of you is dangerous.'

But Mikhail didn't want to back down. She was a thoughtless woman who pursued her goals without even being aware of the dangers around her. He didn't know if she was just slow or stupid but when Mikhail saw the man in front of him smiling, he was appalled.

'I can't just let such a dangerous man stay by that stupid woman.'

There were many flaws, but Juvellian was his property and now there’s a bug attached to her, so he had no choice but to be troubled.

Mikhail, who was contemplating, stood up and stared at Max.

"Who the hell are you, you son of a bitch?" Max barked, with a slight twitch on his forehead.

"There’s no need for you to know." At the rough voice, Mikhail grabbed and unsheathed his sword.In an instant the tip of the blade was pointed towards Max’s throat

"Tell me." The silver blade didn't even shake. Mikhail was determined to cut him down if he were to spit out nonsense. Max stayed calm, even though he wasn’t sure if his neck would be sliced.

"Didn't Juvellian tell you? I'm her lover." as Max stated that, Mikhail was infuriated. He wanted to cut down this bastard in half. But the fact that he was unsure of the outcome of going against this person, made him to hesitate. Mikhail raised his voice, losing patience.

"Fuck! She can't love something like you! Who are you? What are your intentions?" At that moment, a stern and cold voice stopped him from talking

"Mikhail Albert Hessen, put that sword down this instant." Mikhail flinched. He never thought she'd call his name in that kind voice. Then, she repeated. "Put the sword down right now." Mikhail's hand, which was holding onto the sword, fell down at those cold words, as if it was an order.

"Juvellian." He called her name out, but all he received was a cold look

"It’s not Juvellian, I'm Princess Floyen. Please refrain and keep our boundaries Lord."

The difference between a duke and a marquis was only a rank above, but the gap was undeniable. However, Mikhail had never felt the gap even when he was dating her. She who was higher in status.

Please call me Juvellian, Mikhail.

Because the Juvellian he knew has always treated him without any reserve. But now, the gap between between their status was blatantly clear only when she finally draw the line.

"Excuse me, Princess." No, I just made a mistake. Mikhail wished for Juvellian understand the situation. Unfortunately, all he received was a cold remark

"Why were you pointing a sword at someone else's lover?" Mikhail was confused as where we the always calm blue lake-like eye went away. Instead she continued to interrogate him; "Explain yourself."

“Princess, I…….” Mikhail opened his mouth to make up an excuses, but a cold voice cut him of before he finished.

"Are the Imperial knights this easily rattled to use their sword? My father will be disappointed if he finds out." After she finished speaking, she passed by him and headed straight to Max.

"Are you all right?" A sweet tone that Mikhail couldn't believe as if that the owner of the voice just spoke coldly a moment ago. Looking at her, Juvellian's eyes were filled with warmth. "I told you to wait, Max."

She let out a heavy sigh, even if she was speaking discourteously in informal manner. She made no assumptions. "Well, honestly, it must have been frustrating. I apologize." Mikhail’s face frowned when she apologized again.

'Why do you apologize when you did nothing wrong?'

At that moment, the past came up. Yeah, the day I got annoyed with her for coming to me after the training.

Oh, you must be tired. I'm sorry.

Actually, I wasn’t actually tired that day, I was just annoyed. I was just irritated because I knew she would be annoying. For Mikhail, Juvellian is the most pleasant person and the one who is always diminishing his frustration. It wasn't until now that I realized I have done a bad decision

'Why did I do that?'

Mikhail was staring at Juvellian, he was filled with regret. He could see her reaching out her thin slender hands towards Max.

"Come on." Mikhail clenched his fist tightly. That warm smile, her calm and pleasant voice, that Juvellian was originally his. It was not something to be taken away by a fake nobody. Without him realizing, Mikhail snatched Juvellian's wrist. (tn; don't touch her you bastard)

"Juvellian, let's talk for a moment." It was when Mikhail was about to pull her along, holding Juvellian’s slender hands. Mikail’s wrist was grabbed tightly.

"Let her go." Unlike before, his eyes were filled with bloodlust. And the strength of his grip that he held as if to break his arm seemed to belong, not to a man but to an angry beast. Mikhail tried to shake off Max's hand, but it strangely didn't budge. When Mikhail was getting off the castle, Juvellian's voice could be heard.

"Stop it, Max,'' the sudden persuasion somehow unknowingly made him loosened his grip.


At that moment, he was conflicted with his actions he remembered what he once said to his teacher disregarding him.

I think I found it. My weakness.

Conflicts with his emotion began to rise

'I can't believe she's my weakness.'

I've never lost a war, so I'm completely ignorant of myself. To me it was natural that the concept of weakness was rejected.


"Max, if you keep doing that.… Haa. Please…..." Max looked into Juvellian's eyes. Eyes with a calm but warm light, and looking at them, he somehow felt strangely relaxed.

"Okay." The hand that was holding Mikhail's crushed arm was released. Then Juvelian said with a gentle smile.

"Thank you." Considering that even that smile was for him, Mikhail thought to himself.

'Yes, this is how it should be.'

No matter what you do, Juvellian will always be on his side. Convinced of his fake belief, Mikhail the corners of his mouth rose. Then, Juvellian, who had been staring at Max all the time, turned to look at him.

'Are you finally looking at me?'

But Mikhail couldn't be happier.

"Let go of my hand right now, Mikhail Albert Hessen." He felt like his heart was being slashed by the harsh voice that was ordered order.


I could see Mikhail shock look on his face as soon as I finished. Yeah, it’s ridiculous really. This would be my first time to demonstrate such authority as I always been informal with him, but it was natural that I was behaving like that since I favored him so much to the point he was used to how I treated him before. Now, there was no reason for me to keep acting that way towards him anymore.

"I told you to let go. Can't you hear me now?" In reality I, the Duke's only daughter, is of higher rank. In the end, he let go of her hand without any complaint. I glared at Mikhail and caress my wrist thinking it might be bruised since there were red marks.

'Oh, that's really annoying.'

Until now, he has done nothing to wrong me, so I treated him as nice and polite as possible. However, there was no reason for me to be considerate of people who were not even considerate of me.

"Exercising force on towards another person without their consent is an act of violence. I hope you refrain from doing this to anyone else from now on." For a moment, I remembered that Max had just grabbed his wrist a moment ago.

Since Max has done something to his hands as well, then I have to speak on his behalf.

I sighed and said..

"But since my lover himself has grabbed you, I will forgive your rudeness." He raised his head at the words of forgiveness. Then he uttered with a dreary voice.

"You said you loved me the most, but why would I come here and see you ignoring me?" I frowned at his remark as I was baffled.

'No, it's better to pretend you don't know.'

I didn't even feel it was worth it to reply on his ridiculous remark. Mikhail looked at me like that and smirked.

"Are you trying to get my attention?" No, what kind of change in attitude is this? In fact I think I'm going crazy for this embarrassment.

'I don't know why you're doing this to me again.'

His sudden strange behavior is giving me a headache. In fact I can deduce why he is acting this way.

'Oh, yeah. He has been stalked and pestered by me for two years.'

It's unfortunate, but if I were leave things as they are, he might think that I’ll fall for him all over again.

"I'll say this to establish an undeniable fact. I'm no longer interested in you anymore.I've been respectful to you, out of guilt and pity, but I want to make it clear that I'm not interested in you."

'I thought I should clear up the misunderstanding', but he looked at me and shouted.

"You said you loved me!"

‘Undeniably that was true’ as I nodded.

"I did." He was looking at me with an odd look on his face, as if he knew I was going to sulk. Purplish violet eyes and flushed cheeks. If you were to guess what that expression mean it’s easy to understand.In fact, if it were me from before I might have expected something else. But now it no longer matter. My relationship with him has been cut off.

"But not anymore."

As I finished speaking, I went to Max, who was seemed impatient.

"Let's go." But he didn't budge.

'You're sulking because I told you to let go of Mikhail's wrist.'

I crossed my arms and said to comfort the little one.

"I'll buy you cake. Please don’t be mad at me... Okay?" Then he flinched and moved his arm to make it easier for us to join his arms.

'How much do you want to eat cake? What a simple person.'

For a moment, I looked back and said.

"Don't talk to me next time. Because I no longer wish to get involved with you again."

After sincerely telling everything I had to say, I thought, walking in the carriage.

'What kind of cake shall we eat today?'


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Father, I Don’t Want to Get Married!
Chapter 50