First Marriage Then Love
Chapter 139

Author: Mo Ying
Source: anpinguo

139. Lin Xiao Fen’s love 2

The last few words registered to her, “We met when you went home, hehe.” Lin Xiao Fen repeated it back to him, and only felt that it was ridiculous, “So I left at just the right time, right?” Like a fool she looked forward to the day that he would come and get her, agree to marry her, it turns out he never had the intention!

Tong Wen Hai didn’t say anything, in fact, he also struggled, but he also doesn’t want to miss this opportunity. Chen Wen wasn’t as pretty as Lin Xiao Fen, but to get along with someone like that was good, the most important thing was that her family background was powerful, could help him in his career. Call him selfish, call him cold and ruthless, he can admit it, he just doesn’t want to give up on his future prospects.

His silence told her everything, Lin Xiao Fen’s heart turned cold. She also doesn’t want to speak much more, took a quick glance at him, and laughed and shook her head as she walked past him. It was she who was too foolish to think that this man would be the one she’d rely on in the future, disregard everything and give herself to him, even made her parents the butt of the joke in her village, even infuriated her father to death. As she walked on Lin Xiao Fen tried her best to pull on her lips, her face was red and wouldn’t stop. She was pissed at herself, and even blamed herself!

When she got back to the school dormitory she didn’t say anything, and just wet to lie down on the bed and slept. After sleeping for a whole two days, her roommate also became aware of the situation with Tong Wen Hai. Seeing her this way she didn’t know what to say to make her better, and could only comfort her. When it was time to eat she would bring home food for her, but every time Lin Xiao Fen smelled those food she would always feel nauseous and retch. Everyone didn’t seem to think too much about it, and thought she was just very broken-hearted. After two days Lin Xiao Fen seemed to thinned down. Two days later someone suddenly ran over to her and said that her mother had sent a middle age woman to look for her, and was at the school gate right now. Lin Xiao Fen was alarmed, and as she wasn’t taking care of her body she felt weak. She directly sat up from her bed and ran over to the school gate.

The person who came was indeed mother Lin, back wrapped in cloth, her face was travel-worn. Thinking that she couldn’t get in touch with her daughter, mother Lin started to feel worried, so she packed up her stuff and came over to her daughter’s school.

She arranged a small guesthouse outside the school for her mother. As she was putting away her mother’s stuff, her mother started to question about her and Tong Wen Hai’s marriage and when they plan to do it. The hand that was putting the stuff away paused, Lin Xiao Fen didn’t dare to turn around and look at her mother. She didn’t dare to tell her mother that she was dumped by Tong Wen Hai.

Seeing her not speak, Lin mama could sense something. She quickly stepped forward and pulled her, questioning her, “What’s the matter? He doesn’t want to marry?”

Lin Xiao Fen bit on her lips, her eyes contained her tears, finally she turned around and knelt in front of her mother, “Mom, I’m sorry, I’ve wronged you and father!” As she spoke she slapped herself.

Lin mama could only feel a thunder strike down, she grabbed her daughter and asked, “Tong Wen Hai does not want you?”

Lin Xiao Fen shook her head, saying no.

Seeing her so, Lin mama got even angrier, grasped her shoulder shaking her and said, “Say it, what you’re saying is, Tong Wen Hai doesn’t want you, after playing with you he doesn’t want you, is that it!”

Being shaken like that by her mother was painful, Lin Xiao Fen could only nod, but couldn’t say a word.

Lin mama simply felt that the sky was going to collapse, she just lost her husband, and now her daughter has been abandoned. To know that in this era, a woman’s body is not intact, who would want her! The more she thought about it the angrier she got, the more she thought the sadder she was, grasping Lin Xiao Fen patting her non-stop, she said, “What evil did I commit ah, why do I have such a shameless daughter, also killed your father, why, why!”

Lin Xiao Fen just cried, let her mother scold her.

She deeply regretted it, but nothing could be taken back. In fact, after all, she is her own daughter, hitting her also hurt her. Lin mama in turn slapped her own face, while saying that she was not good, did not educate her daughter, had let her do such a thing, had harmed her husband to death. While saying that she slapped herself, every slap left a deep blood-red print.

Seeing that Lin Xiao Fen could only quickly pull her mother, said that it was okay that her mother was angry at her, do not hurt herself.

That afternoon, the mother and daughter held each other’s head and wept in the guest house.

After crying, Lin mama wanted to go to Tong Wen Hai and get a statement, but she was blocked by Lin Xiao Fen, she does not want to embarrass themselves, she wants to retain their only dignity.

At her daughter’s insistence, Lin mama didn’t have any other way. Lin mama stayed in the guest house for two days, then got up, ready to return to the village, but no one thought, on the way back, the vehicle that Lin mama was on got into an accident, when crossing the mountain and turning the corner they didn’t control it, the driver and the 20 passengers all fell down the mountain, the car was destroyed and no one was spared.

Successive strikes like that made Lin Xiao Fen unable to stand, her body broke down. At the extreme point she thought light of her life, thought to end her fate. She stood at the river bank, looked at it for a long time, and thought about it for a long time. Finally she took off her shoes, step by step she walked over towards the heart of the river. When the river gradually submerged her body, until it reached her head, she gave up struggling, determined to die, but she woke up after losing consciousness, she found herself at the hospital. Sitting beside her was a big man not too much older than her, his body dripping wet. Seeing her awaken, he smiled at her, and asked her if she was hurting anywhere, and promptly called for the doctor. That big man was Gu Heng Wen.

After the doctor did a simple inspection on her, confirming that she was okay, the doctor turned to Gu Heng Wen who was standing at the side and criticized him, “You young people squabbling and quarreling, as man you should think of your wife, how could you anger her so much that she went to go drown! Don’t you know, if you didn’t rescue her on time, you would have one corpse and two lives, then you’d be remorseful!”

Gu Heng Wen was utterly confused, and asked, “Meaning, what, one corpse two lives?” He clearly only saved one person.

The doctor glanced at him, and let out a soft sigh, “Don’t you know she’s pregnant?”

Lin Xiao Fen sat on the bed in disbelief. The doctor just said she was pregnant!

After the doctor left, Gu Heng Wen looked at Lin Xiao Fen, then asked, “Where do you live, do you want me to look for your family?”

Lin Xiao Fen did not have a response to the shocking news. She didn’t look at Gu Heng Wen, and stared blankly at the ceiling. A while later she reached out and felt her own stomach, then suddenly raised her hand in grief and wanted to squash her own belly. Fortunately Gu Heng Wen had swiftly seen that hand, and hurriedly captured it. He looked at her angrily and asked, “What are you doing, didn’t you just hear what the doctor said, you are pregnant!”

Lin Xiao Fen forced a laugh, as she laughed a tear fell, “I don’t even want my own life, why would I want this child’s life!” This child should not be here, should not come into this world, it’s existence was a mistake!

“The child is innocent, you gave him life, you should give him to the right to see this world!” Gu Heng Wen said with a serious face.

Lin Xiao Fen stared at him, just said, “This is my issue, I don’t need you to interfere!”

“I saved your life, so I am responsible for you!” Gu Heng Wen insisted.

Lin Xiao Fen stayed in the hospital for 3 days, during which Gu Heng Wen was the one who was by her side taking care of her. After Gu Heng Wen’s inquiries, Lin Xiao Fen very briefly told him about what happened these past few months. Gu Heng Wen turned silent, and asked her to go look for Tong Wen Hai one more time, see if he would go back, after all now they have a child together.

Lin Xiao Fen after Gu Heng Wen’s persuasion, ultimately went to go find Tong Wen Hai one more time, but when she waited for Tong Wen Hai after an entire day at the place they rented and did not see him return, instead she heard the news of Tong Wen Hai and Chen Wen’s marriage. Lin Xiao Fen really thought herself as a big joke.

Gu Heng Wen was not rest assured and went to go look for her, when he found her she was walking down the street, both eyes soulless, her body lifeless. He called out to her several times until she finally responded. Seeing Gu Heng Wen in front of her, Lin Xiao Fen suddenly collapsed, held him and cried bitterly in his embrace.

Gu Heng Wen didn't ask much, but knew what the outcome was.

After Lin Xiao Fen’s breakdown, she told Gu Heng Wen that she doesn’t want this child, but was severely reprimanded by Gu Heng Wen. Gu Heng Wen had always believed, no matter what resentment there was during their parents’ time, children are innocent, since they gave this child life, how could they deprive the child of the right to come to this world.

But Lin Xiao Fen insisted that she did not want to keep this child, does not want anything to do with Tong Wen Hai. Finally unable to persuade her, Gu Heng Wen accompanied Lin Xiao Fen to the hospital. In the first minute before entering the hospital, Gu Heng Wen was still trying to persuade Lin Xiao Fen in hopes of keeping this child, but Lin Xiao Fen was resolute, there was no room for negotiation.

But sometimes it really is God who made people. When Lin Xiao Fen said she wanted to terminate the child, the doctor told her she could not, the child is nearly 4 months along, has been formed in the stomach, if insist on not keeping the child, then it will be dangerous for the mother, and Lin Xiao Fen’s own physique was special, she’s the type who’d have difficulties conceiving, if she insisted on not having the child, then she may lose the right to be a mother in this life. Hearing that, Gu Heng Wen at the side insisted on taking Lin Xiao Fen out of the hospital, insisted on not aborting the child.

Lin Xiao Fen did not care, she does not want to live, why would she care if it was good for her body or not, can or cannot conceive, no one would want a woman such as her.

In a moment of desperation Gu Heng Wen said to her, if she keeps the child, he will become the father of the child.

Lin Xiao Fen was shocked, and stared at him unable to come up with a reaction. A while later, she asked, “You, what did you just say?”

“I said keep the baby, I’ll be the father of the child!” Gu Heng Wen looked at her straight in the eyes and said firmly.

Lin Xiao Fen looked at him, wondering why he would do that, “You, why would you…”

Gu Heng Wen smiled at her, and only said, “It’s fate between me and you and this child.”

Finally at Gu Heng Wen’s perseverance, Lin Xiao Fen ultimately agreed to keep the child. At that time Gu Heng Wen had already graduated, and was a language teacher at a high school. The couple simply got a marriage certificate, didn’t exchange alcohol, Gu Heng Wen didn’t say anything to his family, just said that the child was his own. The Gu family were very kind farmers, hearing that they were going to have grandchildren, they rushed to the city. The entire family lived at Gu Heng Wen’s very simple and crude dorm, their lifestyle was very simple but very happy. The Gu parents doted on Lin Xiao Fen, took very good care of her.

While Lin Xiao Fen stopped her studies for the pregnancy at Gu Heng Wen’s insistence, and after the child’s birth she didn’t return to school. Lin Xiao Fen had a very difficult time during An Ran’s birth, the child was stuck in the uterus, after two days and two nights the child was finally born. Lin Xiao Fen had lost a lot of blood, and nearly didn’t make it, finally after picking up a life, the doctor announced that she will no longer have the ability to have children. Hearing the news, Lin Xiao Fen cried for three days, even when the small An Ran was hungry crying she did not go to see her. She was sad for not being able to give Gu Heng Wen a child of his own, she felt guilty, and blamed herself. The Gu parents did not know that, only knew that their daughter-in-law, in order to give them a grandchild, almost lost her life, so even if she only gave birth to a daughter, even if she can no longer have children, they did not have any complaints, but asked Gu Heng Wen to take good care of Lin Xiao Fen.

Gu Heng Wen understood Lin Xiao Fen’s heart, in fact, he was not saddened or regretful, but he also knew that some things could not be forced. He only hugged Lin Xiao Fen and said, he was satisfied to have a daughter in this life, not regretful.

Lin Xiao Fen cried in his arms, Gu Heng Wen also cried some man tears that night.

After Lin Xiao Fen was discharged from the hospital, she did not look at little An Ran, and even resented her. Gu Heng Wen felt sorry for the child, when she cried and when she was hungry it was he who took care of it, every day he would tell Lin Xiao Fen how cute the child was, that she was growing up to be as pretty as her.

When all is said and done she was her biological daughter, no matter how much resentment there was, who would truly hate and close up their heart. There was one day when Gu Heng Wen was away teaching, and Gu mama and papa were also out, little An Ran woke up hungry, cried out so much the heavens would pity on her. Finally Lin Xiao Fen couldn’t bear it, and climbed up from the bed, looked at the child in the cradle, tears streaming down, she instinctively embraced the child, kissed it and loved it, she quickly lifted her shirt and breast-fed her.

When Gu Heng Wen came back to see Lin Xiao Fen sitting at the bedside feeding the child, he smiled, and went towards to the mother and daughter and brought them into his arms, bowed his head to kiss the mother and daughter’s crown.

Lin Xiao Fen was finished, and turned to look at Gu Heng Wen sitting on the side.

The two seemed to have a meeting of the minds, Gu Heng Wen also turned to look at her, the corner of his mouth encouraged her to smile, he reached out to hold her hand.

Lin Xiao Fen squeezed his hand back, then turned to look at An Ran and Su Yi Cheng and said, “This is the secret we have been keeping for over 30 years, we have been worried about what would happen if you knew, because we did not want to lose you, so we were always in constant fear. Originally your father and I did not intend to tell you at all, it’s just now that we feel the need to tell you. Yes, An Ran’s biological father is Tong Wen Hai.”

An Ran looked at them, hand tightly grasping Su Yi Cheng’s hand. For a while she couldn’t say anything.

Su Yi Cheng turned to look at her, patted her hand, seeming to encourage her.

An Ran turned to look at him, then turned her head, looked at her parents. The corner of her mouth had a faint smile, she said affirmatively, “I only have one father, before, now and in the future, that is Gu Heng Wen!”

Lin Xiao Fen and Gu Heng Wen looked at each other and smiled.

An Ran let go of Su Yi Cheng’s hand, came forward, and directly hugged her parents, “Dad, mom, I will always be your daughter!”

Lin Xiao Fen and Gu Heng Wen did not speak, held her tightly, the two of them nodded their head vigorously together.

That night, An Ran’s childishness must have stayed at home, as Lin Xiao Fen wasn’t able to leave, when An Ran stayed over for the night she must also sleep with Lin Xiao Fen, and finally had to force Gu Heng Wen to the guest room, and Su Yi Cheng slept in An Ran’s old room.

Lying beside her mother tonight, An Ran quietly asked, “Mom, what’s the most fortunate thing in your life?”

She hardly thought about it, Lin Xiao Fen rested her head on the pillow, a smile on a mouth, she said, “The happiest and luckiest thing in my life is that I met your father, met a man who loves me so much!”

An Ran also smiled, lying on her side, she softly but proudly said, “I have the best father in the world.”

In the dark Lin Xiao Fen gently sighed and said, “When you were abandoned by Mo Fei that year, sometimes I really thought, why are the Heavens so cruel to us, to have the same destiny, made us mother and daughter have the same experience.”

An Ran then understood why her mother was angrier than she was when Mo Fei had left her, not even after a week, she became so thin. Now that she thought about it, it turns out she had gone through the same fate, both mother and daughter had been abandoned for the same reasons, can’t help but say that it was truly dramatic. What’s even funnier that the women who had stolen their men were the same mother-daughter pair, some things were really doomed, everything else is fate.

An Ran turned her head, and held Lin Xiao Fen’s hand under the quilt, and said, “But in the end we met very good men.” Mom met her dad, and she met Su Yi Cheng, both men were gentle, loving.

Lin Xiao Fen chuckled, nodded and said, “Yes, the Heavens couldn’t be so cold to us, gave us such two good men.” After that, she turned to look at An Ran, reached out to stroke her face, and said, “You never had let go of Mo Fei, seeing you always reject any new affection, I would always worry, worry that you wouldn’t have my luck, to meet your dad. But after you married Yi Cheng, even though it was very rushed, but we can all see, Yi Cheng really loves you, looking at him reminded me of your father in those years, just as gentle and considerate.”

An Ran nodded, “En, he’s really good to me.”

“That’s good, that’s good…” Lin Xiao Fen nodded, patted An Ran’s back, and said softly, “Sleep.”

An Ran did not say anything more, slowly closed her eyes, just like a child in her mother’s arms, the mother gently patted her to slowly to sleep.

The next day Su Yi Cheng thought that it had been two days since he did not go to the office, so early in the morning he directly went home to change clothes and hurriedly rushed to work, while An Ran stayed at home. Lin Xiao Fen specially took a day off, ready to accompany An Ran to go out to buy some pregnant baby supplies.

Ling Chuan Jiang’s case had involved many people and many issues, and Tong Wen Hai was one of them. In his home after the third morning, Yan Li’s investigation team went to him directly and asked him to cooperate with the investigation, and this time it was not only simply to cooperate, Yan Li’s side has some substantial evidence of corruption during his time in office. Of course, in addition to some of the municipal committee staff that were involved, more and many enterprises of the city were as well involved.

When Su Yi Cheng went into the office to deal with some of the urgent documents, Secretary Zheng knocked on the door, and said that there was someone outside requesting audience, claiming to be An Ran’s colleague.

Su Yi Cheng frowned slightly, but still nodded and allowed them to come in.

Xiao Xiao with her big wavy hair trampled in, the length was cut short, she entered with sunglasses on. Su Yi Cheng did not recognize her for a while, until she took off the sunglasses, then he could see the face, and was certain they had met before. He put on a distant smile and looked at her, and said, “Miss Xiao, did you need something from me?”

“I thought you wouldn’t recognize me.” Xiao Xiao said self-deprecatingly. They had met several times, yet in Su Yi Cheng’s eyes there seemed to only be one person.

Su Yi Cheng just smiled, does not offer any explanation. He will not deliberately remember people, but his memory is good, after meeting once he would always remember, even if they were in his periphery.

Xiao Xiao took out a dark yellow file bag from her bag, put it on the table, pushed it in front of him, and said, “This is the evidence and information that Jing Cheng did bribes to take some items through illegal means.”

Su Yi Cheng looked at the paper bag on the table, looked at her again, raised his eyebrows, and did not hurry to reach for it.

“You must find it strange to think why I’m giving you this thing, right?” Xiao Xiao said.

Su Yi Cheng shrugged his shoulders noncommitantly.

Xiao Xiao’s eyes flashed a hint of ruthlessness, slowly opened her mouth and cruelly said, “They won’t let me off easy, so I naturally will not let them go free.” As she spoke, the hand on her lap clenched into a fist. She followed Huang De Xing for six years, did not mind having a status that wouldn’t see the light, but what did he give her after six years, he saw her being beat up viciously by his wife, then helped her up, even fired her, ruthlessly blocked her every path, he has no affection whatsoever, so don’t blame her for being merciless!

Xiao Xiao stood up and just said, “Let me bother you with this information.” When she finished, she left, and when she got to the door, she remembered the paper bag she was carrying, folded it back, put it on his desk, and said, “It’s An Ran’s clothes, help me say thank you for her.” After that, there was no moment to stay, and turned straight out of the office.

Su Yi Cheng took the contents out of the paper bag and took a look at it. It contained evidence pertaining to Huang De Xing’s gifts to Tong Wen Hai and Ling Chuan Jiang.



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