First Marriage Then Love
Chapter 140

Author: Mo Ying
Source: anpinguo


140. Twins

The latest and fastest text version update is in the ‘Report on the Serious Violation of Ling Chuan Jiang’s Case’. On September 28, the Provincial Disciplinary Inspection Committee decided to expel Ling Chuan Jiang from the party as well as from the public office, and its evidence about the criminal and criminal problems were transferred to the judicial officers for handling according to the law.

On the TV, the intellectual female anchor was broadcasting the latest news, her face looked calm and did not have too much expression.

An Ran turned off the TV with the remote, and saw the preview on the newspaper delivered this morning. Recently, the hot news in Jiang City seemed to be the Ling Chuan Jiang incident. Almost all the big papers were covering this, this incident has become the talk of the entire town of Jiang City.

An Ran does not care much about this. She just thinks that Su Yi Cheng’s work seemed to have become busier these days. There were countless dinner parties and countless nights out.

Getting up, a little bit uncomfortable, her stomach seemed to have grown suddenly in this half-month, and then it bulged. She was only less than 4 months, but to others it seemed like she was 5 months or so.

Auntie Zhang, who was wiping the tables and chairs, saw her get up and went up to help her. “Slow down, be careful.”

An Ran smiled helplessly. “Auntie Zhang, I am fine, don’t be so nervous.”

Auntie Zhang insisted on holding her up and then let go of her. Looking at her slightly oversized stomach, she couldn’t help but spit out, “Say, how is your stomach so big, when my daughter-in-law was pregnant, only at 6 months was she this big.”

An Ran only smiled, she didn’t understand either. Before Lin Li had joked that Su Yi Cheng gave her good meals, and the nutrition was too good, so that’s why this three-month stomach become a stomach that would be 5 or 6 months to others. An Ran turned so red. In fact, she also felt that her nutrition was too rich. Both mothers were very kind to her. Today, Qin Yi sent her chicken soup, and tomorrow, Lin Xiao Fen will send pigeon soup. Anyway, the two alternated, and neither were breaking the cycle. Although An Ran was tired of drinking soup, she didn’t want to dismiss their good intentions, so even though she didn’t want to drink she still tried her best to drink it all.

“I’m going to the doctor for a check up this afternoon, I will ask the doctor at that time.” An Ran just smiled and told her. As she spoke she gracefully let out a yawn, “Auntie Zhang, I’m a little sleepy, I’m just gonna go lie down for a bit. “

“Oh, sure, then I’ll cook in a bit, that way you can eat when you wake up.”

An Ran nodded, and went into the master room to lie down.

Her stomach was too big, it was even flat less than a month ago, nothing could be seen. It was like she wasn’t pregnant, but now it is.

An Ran smiled and shook her head, her hand stroked her stomach, and the baby in her stomach seemed to feel it. It hit the place where her hand was stroking, and the frequency was still high, it seemed to have a good beat. For a while it was not very obvious. She looked it up, it usually takes about 4 months to have fetal movement. She is less than four months, and it is considered to be relatively early for fetal movement.

An Ran giggled, her hand touched her stomach, she whispered, “Naughty little one.” The corner of her mouth was a happy smile that couldn’t be contained.

She still remembered the first fetal movement. It was at noon, she was excited and called Su Yi Cheng directly, but she couldn’t tell him clearly on the phone. She was so excited that she didn’t know how to express it. At that time, she nearly scared Su Yi Cheng to death, and he left in a middle of a group meeting and rushed home. Upon seeing her on the sofa, wanting to cry and wanting to laugh, he thought something had happened, and asked her what happened. At that time, An Ran thought that the fetal movement really made her conscious of being a mother. Somewhat moved, she couldn’t help but stay down on the sofa, looked at Su Yi Cheng while crying, unable to utter a word.

At that time he was getting more and more anxious as he watched her cry, the normally calm and level-headed man couldn’t help but be worried. He circled around An Ran and inspected her, couldn’t tell what the issue was. It was ultimately Auntie Zhang who came out from the kitchen who explained everything to him, happily told him about the fetal movement, that she was crying because she was excited, because she was touched, these were the emotions of a first-time mother.

Hearing what was said, Su Yi Cheng was relieved, that worried heart was also at ease. Then he looked at the An Ran who was laughing and crying, and held her into his arms. He whispered into her ears, “An Ran, you scared me to death.”

An Ran finally came up with a response, as her emotions were slowly steadying itself. She reached out and hugged him back, admitting the guilt and whispered back to him, “Sorry, I, I was just too excited.”

The two held each other for a long time that day. Su Yi Cheng then slowly released her, stared at her stomach, then looked up at her again, and asked, “Is she still moving?”

An Ran knew that he was talking about the little baby in her stomach, and shook her head. Actually when it moved it was just a slight movement, but she clearly felt the child in her stomach, it was clear and intense.

Su Yi Cheng as a little disappointed, as he wanted to be involved in everything about the child, including the first fetal movement.

Suddenly it seemed like the child heard Su Yi Cheng’s strong wish, An Ran’s stomach once again had a small movement, but this time it felt a lot more obvious.

“Yi, Yi Cheng!” Afraid that he would miss it, An Ran excitedly hit his hand, because she was excited, she also became somewhat speechless. “Quick, quick, quick!”

Su Yi Cheng was delighted, and quickly reached out to stretch his hand towards her bulging belly. When he placed his hand on it, he really did feel a movement. He looked at An Ran, the always cool-headed and serious man now looked like a child, that expression was in wonder, how inconceivable, and he was even more excited than An Ran, “I, I felt it, she’s kicking me, really strong!”

An Ran laughed at him, how could it be strong, it was obviously just a small, faint movement.

Su Yi Cheng’s hand kept stroking her stomach, the smile on his face was in fascination! Suddenly, the smile on his face was immediately replaced by a frown, he looked at An Ran’s face, as if he had been wronged, even innocent, and said, “It stopped.”

An Ran smiled, nodded, and said, “En, it’s stopped.” It was still the first fetal movement, it wouldn’t last a long time and it wouldn’t be a big, obvious movement.

Su Yi Cheng was a little disappointed, and muttered, “Just then, I haven’t said hello her, tell her that I’m her father.”

An Ran felt that this father-to-be has an IQ lower than those who fall blindly in love. If they say those who are head over heels in love have an IQ of zero, then right now Su Yi Cheng has an IQ of a negative number! She laughed and told him, “Fool, she’s still so small, even if you greet her she won’t know it.”

“Really? Su Yi Cheng frowned with some distress, “Didn’t you say she can sense things?”

An Ran chuckled and looked at him, at that moment she really felt that she was the world’s happiest and most fortunate woman.

For the next few days the child moved a couple more times, and when they were both there together, but don’t know if it was just a coincidence or not, every time when An Ran called Su Yi Cheng over, that movement stopped. The first time was a coincidence, what about the second and third time. An Ran jested that she must be a little lover that he had let down in his past life, and now his little lover is still angry with him. Su Yi Cheng did not believe in folk tales. That night he kept his hand on her stomach the entire night, kept his eyes open and did not sleep, afraid that once he fell asleep he’d miss something, but that night An Ran’s stomach did not make any movement, not even a bit, until the next day, when Su Yi Cheng had black circles underneath his eyes and was about to go to work, the little one in her stomach immediately made a movement, and it was much stronger than the previous ones.

Thus it had been one week since Su Yi Cheng last felt the fetal movement, ever since then he hadn’t experienced any movement, causing him to feel very depressed. Every night he would speak to An Ran’s belly, but it seemed to have no effect. An Ran seemed to be helpless too.

An Ran carried a happy and content smile, she propped her hand on the bed, and gracefully let out a yawn and closed her eyes.

When Su Yi Cheng returned Auntie Zhang happened to be in the kitchen making lunch. Seeing that Su Yi Cheng was back, she was a little surprised, “Mister why are you back at noon!”

Su Yi Cheng placed his briefcase on top of the counter, and grabbed a pair of slippers from the shoe cabinet, while changing his shoes he said, “It’s An Ran’s prenatal examination, I will come with her.”

Auntie Zhang then understood, so it was because of An Ran’s prenatal examination that he came back. She had thought that he would be quite busy because of recent events, and was worried that he wouldn’t be there with her. She smiled, “Mister is very nice to the Mrs., truly enviable.”

Su Yi Cheng had changed his shoes, then grabbed his briefcase, just smiled and said, “Aren’t married couples like this.”

Knowing that this person would be the one who you spend the rest of your life with, if you don’t get along, then the future days will be very long. If you quarrel everyday and find the other annoying, how tiring life would be!

Auntie Zhang smiled and nodded, “Yes yes yes, what Mister said is right, married couples should be like this, be kind and love each other for a lifetime.”

Su Yi Cheng laughed, and just asked, “Where’s An Ran?”

“The missus said she was bit tired, so she went into the room to sleep for a bit.” Auntie Zhang stated.

“En, I will go in and take a look.” Su Yi Cheng nodded, as he spoke he headed towards the room.

Opening the door to go in, he just saw An Ran lying on the bed, one hand on her belly, the corner of her mouth carried a faint smile, that sleeping face is face of satisfaction.

Su Yi Cheng quietly placed his briefcase on top of the cabinet and walked over to her. He bent over to her, and placed a kiss on the corner of her mouth.

An Ran made some noise, but did not wake up.

Looking at her, Su Yi Cheng also had a content smile. He reached out and placed his hands on her swelling belly, lightly pasted his hands on it, then left kisses on her belly. He quietly whispered to the belly, “Baby, I’m dad.”

Recently he had been busy until late night, last night he even worked to make up for this noon, and was in the studio working until the wee hours of the morning. Right now looking at An Ran, he really is a little sleepy.

He gently released her, then took off his own coat, and headed to the other side of the bed. He placed his arm on top of her head, then put it underneath her neck, so that her head would be resting on his arm, then he pulled her back close to him, so that the two were spooning each other, sticking closely together. He reached out and placed his ten digits across her stomach. Then he slowly closed his eyes, and little by little fell asleep.

Auntie Zhang looked at the clock on the wall. It was almost one o’clock, the lunch that she had made was getting cold now. Today they seem to be sleeping for quite a while, compared to previous times they are sleeping longer and it’s been nearly an hour since she’s seen anyone get up. “Perhaps it’s because someone is with her, which is why she is sleeping particularly well.” Auntie Zhang muttered to herself, the corner of her mouth carried an ambiguous smile.

After another hour, the door to the master bedroom was still closed shut, from beginning to end no one had come out. This time Auntie Zhang could not wait any longer, and was about to go over there to wake them up. Although she’d feel embarrassed for disturbing the two people in the room, but seeing that a certain person has an appointment for 2 o’clock, if she doesn’t wake them up now, they will be late!

“Knock knock knock….”

There was a knock on the door, the sleeping Su Yi Cheng suddenly awakened. In a low voice, he says, “What is it?”

Auntie Zhang quickly reminded them, “Mr, the meal is ready, and it’s almost one o’clock, you guys have an appointment at 2:30 with the doctor.”

And at this time, An Ran who was still asleep in Su Yi Cheng’s arms slowly woke up, her misty eyes blankly looked at Su Yi Cheng, unable to to ask why he was in the room right now.

Seeing that An Ran was awake, Su Yi Cheng was not worried, and just said, “Okay, I know. An Ran and I will get up right away.”

From outside, Auntie Zhang heard so, replied positively, then turned around and reheated the lunch that had turned cold.

An Ran blinked a few times, certain that the person before her eyes was Su Yi Cheng, she was somewhat happy, and puzzled, “Why are you home?”

Su Yi Cheng smiled, pinched her nose, and said, “You have an examination today.” He said so before, that he would come with her to greet this new life, he doesn’t want to miss any of this child’s development.

An Ran looked at him, chuckled and rubbed his face, said, “I thought you’d be so busy you’d forget.” Recently he seemed to constantly be busy, she truly thought that he would forget. She didn’t remind him, as she didn’t want to disturb his work.

“Fool, you and this child are more important.” Su Yi Cheng pulled on her hand and kissed it.

An Ran smiled happily because of his words.

Seeing her smiling face, Su Yi Cheng’s heart skipped a beat, and he did what his heart desired, he leaned forward, and kissed those enchanting red lips, tongue swept through her mouth, plundering everything.

An Ran instinctively responded, her hand slowly rose to hold onto his head, those delicate fingers inserted into his soft hair, she slowly responded to his enthusiasm.

It has been approximately 2 months since discovering her pregnancy, because he was worried about the baby, Su Yi Cheng has never dared to mess around, deeply afraid that he would hurt her and their baby. Sometimes when it was really hard to endure, he could only hug her tightly, put his head onto her shoulders, and when he really, truly can’t hold it in, he could only rush into the bathroom and give himself a cold bath, to cool off his fiery passion.

The process was painful, but the pain was sweet to him, because it was his duty and responsibility to his wife and child to endure it, and his wife and child would be his sweet burden, he would happily endure everything.

The kiss between them would always change. At the point where it had not gone to far, Su Yi Cheng, although reluctant, but still rational, chose to push her away, let go of her lips, and like the previous times, put his head on her shoulder. An Ran naturally understood his subtle change, and knew that he was enduring, but powerless. She could only reach out and wrap her arms around him, those small hands patted and comforted his back.

A while later his natural physiology started to wane. She could hear Su Yi Cheng’s dark voice speak into her ears, “An Ran, in a while we should ask.”

His words were full of hidden meanings, but An Ran understood him. He wanted to ask about making love!

This kind of realization made An Ran turn red A while later, as if a mosquito buzzed by his ears, she nodded and hummed, “En.”

Actually she had a desire to taste only him, so after so long, she also missed the feeling of their bodies together.

Su Yi Cheng chuckled, and hugged her even tighter.

An Ran was embarrassed further by his chuckle, she reached out and slapped him, feigning anger, "Hateful.”

Su Yi Cheng let go of her, just saw her face red like an apple, looked very pretty. He couldn’t help but peck her on the lips, but didn’t dare to push it further. After pecking her promptly released her, he does not want to hold her and ‘fire up’ that process, that wouldn’t be good.

“Let’s go, let’s eat first, after we’re done we can go to the appointment.” Su Yi Cheng took the lead and turned over off the bed, and went around to the other side and helped her up.

As he left the room, An Ran pulled on his hand, looked at his face, and asked, “Is my face still red?” She could still feel the heat on her face. She didn’t want to go out and be laughed at by Auntie Zhang, she would really feel shame.

Su Yi Cheng pinched her nose jokingly, just smiled and shook his head, “Fool.”

Then after those two words without saying anything else, he pulled her hand and went outside.

Auntie Zhang reheated the food again, looked at Su Yi Cheng’s beaming appearance, then looked at AN Ran’s red face. Just one look at them, she had an ambiguous smile on her face.

An Ran of course noticed the change of expression on Auntie Zhang’s face, and she knew that her face was not only slightly red. This could give people misunderstanding, so she felt really angry and annoyed, only glared at Su Yi Cheng, then reached out to pinch his waist.

Su Yi Cheng yelled out painfully, “Ah!”

Auntie Zhang standing at the side raised her head, and looked at them. The ambiguous smile on her face seemed widen even more.

An Ran was taken aback, did not expect him to yell out. In fact, she didn’t pinch too hard, the force was just enough for him to eat pain and not call out!

Taking the chance when Auntie Zhang was not looking, Su Yi Cheng raised his eyebrows up and down.

An Ran only then understood that that was his plan, it was really good and funny.

After dinner Su Yi Cheng drove her to the hospital. They were late to the appointment by a few minutes, and they missed the prior appointment. Su Yi Cheng sat with An Ran at the door, walking down there were a couple of pregnant women, many of them were accompanied with their husband. There were only one or two who, because of their husband having business, came with their mother or mother-in-law instead.

An Ran sat on the plastic chair. Overcome with boredom, she leaned on Su Yi Cheng’s body, grabbed his hand and fiddled around with it. Su Yi Cheng put his hand on her back, and protected her from the front.

Suddenly An Ran’s feet started to cramp, it was so painful that her face wrinkled up into a dumpling. Su Yi Cheng was shocked at this sudden situation, because of too much concern and tension made Su Yi Cheng frazzled, completely clueless on what to do.

“An Ran, how are you?” Su Yi Cheng was a little frazzled, he could only repeat the same words into her ear.

An Ran couldn’t speak due to the pain. She wanted to reach out, but because of her slightly large belly it became very inconvenient, the mother-in-laws sitting on the side quickly lent out a hand and gave them some tips, “Don’t look on so awkwardly, rub your wife’s legs, they should be cramping, more kneading.”

Hearing that, Su Yi Cheng finally reacted, even nodded. He half-knelt in front of An Ran, put An Ran’s legs on top of his, then gave her message. A while later, the pain slowly started to subside, An Ran looked at him and shook her head, “It’s okay, doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Su Yi Cheng did not get up right away, grabbed her leg and messaged it for a while more, so that the muscles were her cramps were wouldn’t be so stiff.

An Ran was a little embarrassed, because right now Su Yi Cheng was in a half-kneeling posture messaging her legs. People say that a man’s knees were gold, to kneel on the ground should be to their parents, there was no such saying for the wife. An Ran wanted to pull him up, but Su Yi Cheng insisted on messaging her for a little longer.

The couples sitting around them watched him, smiled at An Ran, and just said, “Your husband really loves you.”

An Ran nodded slightly awkwardly at them, her face a little red but embarrassment.

“Seeing how your stomach is so big, you should be a little more than 6 months along?” Someone asked.

An Ran just shook her head with a smile, and just said, “Just about 4 months.”

The crowd was a little surprised, looking at An Ran’s belly, some did not believe that she was only 4 months along.

Just when Su Yi Cheng was still kneading her legs, the door to the office behind him was opened, only to see a couple of the same age as them rush in. The woman wore glasses, looking refined, the hair on the man’s head was combed very neatly, appearing as if they wanted to look like those social-elites.

The couple seemed to have just finished their examination, when they were about to leave, the spectacle-wearing wife suddenly stopped in her step, stared at Su Yi Cheng who was slowly kneading An Ran’s legs. Her eyes went wide, looked at Su Yi Cheng for awhile speechless. The husband beside her seemed to sense something different, he turned to his wife and asked, “What’s wrong? An acquaintance?”

An Ran also looked at her in confusion then looked at Su Yi Cheng.

Su Yi Cheng frowned. He tried to recall if they had met before but he didn’t seem to have any impression of her.

The woman finally returned to her senses, she looked at Su Yi Cheng excitedly and shouted, “Special Assistant Su!” Suddenly remembering something, she quickly shook her head, “No no, right now I should be calling you Mayor Su!”

Upon hearing that the people around them were shocked, unable to come up with a reaction. The pair that just seemed to be an ordinary lovely couple turned out to be the city’s acting Deputy Su.

Su Yi Cheng did not have an impression of this woman, he just looked at her, slightly frowned and asked, “You are..?”

That woman quickly smiled and said, “I’m a reporter for Jiang City News, I interviewed you last year.”

Su Yi Cheng thought for a while longer, then finally seemed to remember that he did accept an interview for the media, he now remembers an impression, a female reported surnamed Qiu. He smiled and nodded at her, “I remember, Reporter Qiu.” Saying that, he politely reached out to her and her husband to shake their hands.

“Oh, Mayor Su has a good memory.” The reporter smiled and turned to explain to her husband in a whisper.

The nurse in the doctor’s office came out of the room and shouted, “An Ran, Gu An Ran was not here, if still not here then we’ll have to cancel the appointment.”

An Ran then responded, reached out to pat Su Yi Cheng, gave a faint smile to the woman and her husband.

Then she looked to the nurse and said, “I’m here.”

The little nurse looked at her and said, “Come in.”

Su Yi Cheng nodded to reporter couple, and then helped An Ran get in safely.

At the fourth month of pregnancy the main examination is an inspection of blood test, urine test, ECG, ultrasound, and Down’s Syndrome screening, because they only saw a few fetal instabilities, so An Ran already set up that little card, so the blood and urine test could be exempt, no need to be done, but they still need to do an ECG and ultrasound, in addition to the Down’s screening.

Lying in a hospital bed, the instrument moved back and forth on her stomach. Su Yi Cheng held An Ran’s hand in one hand, eyes looked straight at the image on the instrument. The doctor pointed to the image and explained, where the head was, where the hand was, where the foot was, and then suddenly stopped, looked at the above image for a while, as if confirming above, and then smiled and turned around, looked straight at Su Yi Cheng and said congratulations.

Su Yi Cheng was made confused, did not know what was going on, and asked puzzled, “Doctor, what’s the problem?”

The doctor was a middle-aged woman, smiled and pointed her pen back at the computer’s image, and said with a smile, “Look, it’s not one pair of hands, it’s two. Congratulations, your wife is pregnant with twins, so the stomach will be much bigger than normal people.”

Su Yi Cheng was shocked, unable to react. An Ran who was lying on the hospital bed was the same, for a while neither could respond to this joy.

The doctor naturally understood the reactions of the young parents, only smiled and shook her head, but did not urge them, let them slowly react, and waited to tell them the next matter.

Finally the inspection was finished, the two people came out from the doctor’s office. Suddenly Su Yi Cheng was reborn, he held An Ran up and turned her around several laps, at An Ran’s yelp and the crowd’s attention shifting to them he puts An Ran down, then happily announced to everyone, “I’m gonna be a father!”

An Ran laughed, patted him, and scolded, “Fool, you knew that long ago.”

The crowd followed with a smile, and even the couple who was about to go in to the examination room stopped and stood at the door and forgot to go in.

“My wife is pregnant with twins!” Su Yi Cheng loudly announced, declaring his joy and happiness at the moment.

Hearing that, the people who sat with An Ran came to congratulate An Ran and congratulated them on this family planning, in this age where each family could only have one child surprisingly could have two angelic babies.

After laughing, Su Yi Cheng’s mood slowly settled down. Holding An Ran’s hand, he had a smile that could be contained.

Then smiling asking him if he’s going or not, Su Yi Cheng then remembered that he seemed to have a very important question that he forgot to ask, turned his head and said to An Ran, “Just wait.”

An Ran was lost, looked at him puzzled and asked, “What? What’s going on?”

Su Yi Cheng smiled at her strangely, turned towards the office again and went in. Luckily the couple inside was asking something about the child, was not able to avoid the situation, so he smiled at them apologetically, then turned to look at the doctor and asked, “Doctor, I want to ask, now that the child is 4 months old, if we go back to doing married couple things is there anything we should take note of?”

The doctor was stunned by such an unabashed question, and for a while didn’t react, but just stared at him.

In addition, the couple who was getting a check up was also stunned, never thought he would come back to ask this question. The young wife was even blushing from his direct question, and the young husband was laughing until his stomach ached.

“Doctor?” Not waiting for the answer, thinking of An Ran who was waiting outside the door, Su Yi Cheng could not help but urge, “Is there anything we should pay attention to?”

“Keke!” That doctor only coughed, looked at him seriously and said, “After three months the baby should be fairly stable, it’s reasonable to say that you can go back to the normal married life, of course, what you should pay attention to is the vigour and the frequency, should not be too much, and should pay attention to position, do not press down on the woman’s stomach. In addition, the last three months are also a dangerous period, should avoid intercourse.”

Su Yi Cheng nodded earnestly, “I see, thank you doctor.” Then with a calm look he retreated from the office.

As they walked to the hospital parking lot, An Ran couldn’t help but be curious and ask, Su Yi Cheng, “What did you go in for?”

Su Yi Cheng’s face remained unchanged, with a normal face he said, “Nothing, just asked the doctor about some precautions.”

Saying that, An Ran then remembered that they were too happy from the news, and forgot about the pregnancy, what they should pay attention to with twins, for example eating and exercising. At the same time, nestled in Su Yi Cheng’s thoughtfulness, she quickly asked, “What did the doctor say, what do should we look out for?”

Su Yi Cheng looked into her eyes, the corner of his mouth half pulled into an evil smile, asked, “Are you sure you want to know?”

“Of course, I am pregnant, have to pay attention to what, I certainly want to know what I should do so that the fetus is well, was just too happy that I forgot to ask.” An Ran said with a serious face.

Su Yi Cheng cleared his throat, looked at the people who came and picked up the car, opened the door for her and just said, “Get on the car first, I’ll tell you after you’re in the car.” He could almost predict her reaction after he tells her.

An Ran nodded, and obediently sat in the car. She watched him go around the car and get on the other side, when he closed the door she asked, “What did the doctor say? What should I pay attention to?” Mothers-to-be will always be especially concerned and excited about the baby.

Su Yi Cheng couldn’t help but smile, and finally couldn’t hold it back. With an honourable look he said to An Ran, “The doctor said that as long as we take note of the vigour and position there will be no impact.”

An Ran was stunned, frowned slightly. Why does it seem like she’s standing in a fog, she doesn’t understand!

Su Yi Cheng smiled and pretended to be a decent person.

“What do you mean? I don’t understand.” An Ran was thinking that she doesn’t quite understand, looked at Su Yi Cheng’s face with doubt.

“Haha.” Looking at her innocent face and bewildered look, Su Yi Cheng really could not hold back a smile, and laughed out loud.

“What are you laughing at!” His smile made An Ran feel a little more suspicious.

Su Yi Cheng laughed for a while, leaned forward, and whispered something into her ear. He watched An Ran listen, that face burst into redness, her eyes couldn’t help but widen.

Su Yi Cheng let go of her, and enjoyed the anticipated change in expression, smiling evilly.

An Ran simply felt that her face right now was not her own, it was burning up immensely. She didn’t even think that he would go back in again just to ask that! Staring at him, she scolded him, “You stinky hooligan!” He has this straight and serious image! If someone let this out, see how he’ll keep the image of a mayor, and stop people from laughing their teeth off!

Su Yi Cheng laughed, did not mind her own evaluation. There was still some redness on her face, he placed a heavy kiss on her lips, then let go of her, and somewhat proudly said, “Only to their wife is a hooligan man a good man!”

An Ran really felt that it was funny, it’s good that she didn’t follow him in, otherwise she would have dug herself a hole on the spot, where she wouldn’t have to face people!

The news that An Ran was pregnant with twins was known by the Gu family and Qin family by the evening. Lin Xiao Fen and Qin Yun were especially excited, said that they have to come over that evening to see, but was rejected by Su Yi Cheng, and said that he wanted to bring An Ran out, they won’t be at home. Both mothers were unable to find a way out, and could only wait until tomorrow morning.

Su Yi Cheng hung up the phone, An Ran asked curiously, “We still have something tonight, where are we going?” She heard what he had said on the phone, but he hadn’t told her about their plan to go out!

Su Yi Cheng smiled mysteriously and did not speak.

That evening, Su Yi Cheng had specially let Auntie Zhang go home from work early. Just when An Ran was about to dress up, thinking that he was really going to take her out, Su Yi Cheng shook his head and said that they aren’t going to go out.

An Ran was doubtful, even more confused.

Su Yi Cheng seemed to deliberately make it mysterious, said that he was going to cook and prepare a candlelit dinner for her.

An Ran smiled happily, his cooking was as good as a restaurant chef, so she did not mind that they could enjoy great food at home without going out.

He made it like the last time, only this time Su Yi Cheng paid more attention to the harmony of the food, a small steak with Chinese food and a few refreshing dishes. Although it looked a bit out of place, An Ran still ate it happily.

After dinner, Su Yi Cheng hugged An ran on the cough as they watched the classic American blockbuster “The Lake House”, in which Keanu Reeve’s handsome looks infatuated An Ran. After calling her name a few times with no response, a certain leader became a little mean, and just when the movie was getting good, he suddenly reached out and turned off the TV.

An Ran then reacted, turned her head to look at the man behind her, and asked, “What? It was getting good why shut it?”

The certain someone was jealous, completely unreasonable, held her face so that he was looking at her seriously, but also somewhat childishly asked, “Tell me, who is more handsome, me or the golden haired blue-eyed person on the TV?”

An Ran, even if she was slow, could see that this someone was jealous, but to be jealous of a person on TV was funny, and confidently said, “Of course, my husband is handsome!” Her expression was serious.

The person looked at her and didn’t say anything, then lowered his head and kissed her lips, hot enough to plunder everything about her.

An Ran, in order to appease him, just held him and smiled and accepted the response he had given. But she was also ignorant to the fact that she was slowly stepping into the trap of a big gray wolf!

That night, Leader Su finally ended his over-two-months abstinence. He held Mrs. Su and slept in satisfaction, and the Mrs. Su finally understood the meaning of ‘small wins and new marriages’ of other people’s marriages after more than two months. An Ran felt that if she was not pregnant, she would reckon that this someone would not let go her.

On the bed, the two embraced each other. Suddenly, a cellphone rang out at this time, scaring An Ran that she instinctively got up.

“It’s okay, I got it.” Su Yi Cheng patted her back and let her lay back down again. He sat up and took the cellphone from the bedside table. His voice still hoarse in the morning, “Hello?”

It was a call from Secretary Zheng, who somewhat urgently said, “Mayor Su, have you seen today’s newspaper?”


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First Marriage Then Love
Chapter 140