First Marriage Then Love
Chapter 141

Author: Mo Ying
Source: anpinguo


141. Newspaper

The latest and quickest update was from Secretary Zheng’s call, somewhat urgently he said, “Mayor Su, did you see today’s newspaper?”

“What newspaper?” He frowned and asked in a low voice.

“Well.” Secretary Zheng had a faint smile, and just said, “Wait until Mayor Su reads the newspaper, I’m afraid Mayor Su and his wife are now the most famous people in Jiang City.

Su Yi Cheng’s frown deepened, “Does it involve An Ran?” He only cares about this, he doesn’t care about any other things, as long as they don’t talk about An Ran!

“Mayor Su should still look at it yourself. Oh right, Chief Zhang’s secretary called to inform that the meeting will be at 10 am in the first room.” Secretary Zheng dutifully reported the next business, before hanging up the phone, but also with a mysterious smile said, “Well, Mayor Su, congratulations.” Not waiting for Su Yi Cheng to ask about what, he hung up the phone directly.

Su Yi Cheng frowned as he looked at the phone in his hand. He lifted the quilt and got up, picked up the clothes from last night’s passionate activity and threw on some clothes, prepared to go out to see what today’s newspaper has written.

An Ran dazedly opened her eyes. Because of last night’s madness and entanglement her eye at the moment were still thick with sleep, half got up, and asked, “What’s the matter?” Although not completely awake, but she had heard some things from his phone call, and seeing Su Yi Cheng’s appearance, it seems like something really happened.

Su Yi Cheng looked at her for a while, then leaned over, lowered his head and gave her a hot morning kiss, then with his passionate voice he charmingly said, “If you seduce me again, I promise we will have an accident!” Speaking, he bit her ears.

An Ran was shocked, she lowered her head and looked, then discovered that when she sat up the blanket fell slipped down her shoulders, and last night they were too enthusiastic that she was as naked as a newborn. Now that the blanket rolled off and sat on top of her stomach, she was exposing her snow white chest. This scene, it was not hard to let people imagine.

“Ah!” An Ran screamed out, and then put her hand in front of Su Yi Cheng and pushed him away. She pulled the quilt over herself and wrapped herself solidly, covered half her face, only exposing a pair of big eyes. Hiding in the cotton quilt she stiffly said, “Wolf! Hoodlum!” Her whole face was blushing red, hot and hard.

Su Yi Cheng laughed, while she was pushing and crying he gave her a satisfying kiss, then let go of her and got up. Because of last night’s passion he picked up the scattered clothes from the ground and picked it up for her, then with a good mood left the room.

When he closed the door, An Ran looked at the tightly closed door, and couldn’t help but mutter, “Scoundrel, big scoundrel!” Although she was grumbling, the corner of her mouth still had a smile that exposed her happiness and contentment at the moment.

Su Yi Cheng came out of the room and met Auntie Zhang who had just arrived. Auntie Zhang was holding today’s newspaper and saw Su Yi Cheng, she smiled and said, “Mister, you haven’t left for work yet, do you want me to prepare breakfast for you?”

Su Yi Cheng did not shake or nod his head, looked at the newspaper in her hand and just asked, “is this this morning’s newspaper?”

Auntie Zhang nodded, handed the newspaper to him, and said, “It’s this morning’s, I just took it from downstairs.” As she passed the mailbox downstairs she happened to see it, and just brought it in.

Su Yi Cheng nodded, reached out to take the newspaper, and looked through it. When he turned to the entertainment section, he suddenly paused, and saw a picture of him and An Ran at the hospital yesterday that had unexpectedly hit the Jiang City Metropolis Daily entertainment page headline, and the side of it had a large text, ‘Young mayor with lovely wife at the examination, behaviour shows the image of a good man who loves his wife!’ staring at the newspaper for a while, Su Yi Cheng really did not know whether to cry or laugh. He does not like publicity, has always been very low-key, since he came into politics he rarely interviews, unless it was unnecessary, he has always avoided the media. But he did not expect that while taking An Ran to a prenatal examination yesterday, this rare last newspaper, suddenly became the headline of the entertainment section!

Just when Su Yi Cheng was holding the newspaper crying and laughing at the same time, he received a phone call. It was Ye Zi Wen that guy who was calling. He looked at the cell phone, then looked at the newspaper in his hand, did not need to answer the phone, he knew what he was calling him for. However he still answered the phone, “If you wanted to tell me about what was on the newspaper no need, I already saw it.”

On the other end, Ye Zi Wen took a moment to react, and asked, “What newspaper?” That voice sounded dispirited, really unlike his normal manner.

Su Yi Cheng raised his brows, heard the difference, and asked, “You, what’s going on?”

Yi Zi Wen did not let the newspaper matter confuse him, and remembered the purpose of his phone call, he asked, “Ah Cheng, have you seen Yi Jiao recently? I haven’t seen her for almost a month.”

“Yi Jiao?” Su Yi Cheng frowned, “What’s going on between you two?” It seems it wasn’t the first time he had called him to ask about Yi Jiao.

On the other end of the phone, Yi Zi Wen smiled bitterly, only sighed and said, “I haven’t seen her since that day.”

“That day?” Su Yi Cheng did not know which day he was referring to, did not know what happened between him and Yi Jiao. He sternly said, “Yi Ze Wen, if you dare bully Yi Jiao, don’t blame me if I don’t consider you as a friend!” His own sister, he will still be distressed, even if they were brothers he wouldn’t take the bullying.

There was a moment of silence on the phone, and after a while he opened his mouth weakly and said, “Ah Cheng, I seem to be in love with Xiao Jiao.”

Su Yi Cheng was taken aback for a while, did not expect him to personally admit that. In fact, the two had grown up together, it was clear what Ye Zi Wen thought of Yi Jiao.

Ye Zi Wen had always seen her as a sister, but towards Yi Jiao’s confession and entanglement he never gave a reply, but he had also never explicitly rejected, even when Yi Jiao was seeing a boy he got anxious for a while, said that he didn’t want to see her be deceived, so he investigated that boy thoroughly, nothing escaped his eyes.

“This you should be telling the girl yourself, what’s the use of telling me.” After being silent for a while, SU Yi Cheng finally replied with that.

Ye Zi Wen laughed bitterly on the other end, did not speak, and hung up the phone directly.

Hanging up, Su Yi Cheng stood in the living room for a while, until Auntie Zhang called out for him from behind, did he finally return to his senses.

“Sir, would you like me to prepare breakfast for you?” Auntie Zhang stood in the kitchen, put on an apron for breakfast.

He looked down at the newspaper in his hand, thinking of the smiling women in the room who had been entangled by him for a night last night, the smile on his face became confused. He smiled at Auntie Zhang and said, “Auntie Zhang, I’ll make breakfast.”

Auntie Zhang also smiled and nodded. After being here for a period of time, she also knew that Su Yi Cheng spoiled An Ran, personally cooking for An Ran was not a new thing. She took the apron off and left it aside, smiled and said, “Then I will go to the vegetable market to buy today’s food.”

Su Yi Cheng nodded. When Auntie Zhang was about to leave, he suddenly remembered something, and called out to Auntie Zhang, “Auntie Zhang, just wait, can you buy some pig’s feet stew, yesterday when An Ran went to the hospital she had some cramps.”

“Oh, okay.” Auntie Zhang nodded, then remembered his words in her heart, directly carried the basket out of the door.

After Su Yi Cheng finished breakfast, he was going to call An Ran up, only to see An Ran coming out grumbling, seeing Su Yi Cheng, she started grumbling even more.

Su Yi Cheng looked at her amused, touched her head, and caught a glimpse of the scarf tied around her neck, couldn’t help but ask, “Is it cold?” He reached over to take her hand, but was unkindly patted away. In a low voice she blamed him, “It’s your fault!”

Su Yi Cheng blanked, then quickly reacted, laughed. After receiving her somewhat aggressive glare, he held back and said, “It’s okay, at home, no one will see it.”

She pinched his waist and muttered, “There’s still Auntie Zhang, so I wore a scarf, don’t want to be laughed at.”

Su Yi Cheng laughed and pulled her to the counter, sat her on top of the stool, and went around to the kitchen and sat in front of her. He gave her warm milk, then said, “As an apology to you, I admit my wrong doing, how about this, I will give you my poached eggs and ham for compensation!” As he said that he used his knife and fork to put the eggs and ham onto her plate.

An Ran stared at his white plate without the eggs and ham sausage, protesting, “Hey hey, how could this be! I can’t eat it.”

He took a sip of milk and said, “It’s all right, you need nutrition now, there’s not only one baby in your belly, now there’s two babies, so, be good and eat more, okay?”

An Ran couldn’t dispute him, muttered, pointed to her stomach and said, “Looks like in your last life was hungry, you attracted two lovers at once.”

SU Yi Cheng laughed heartily, looked at her and said, “I only need to attract you in this lifetime.”

An Ran laughed at his retort, only to laugh and scold, “Smooth talker.”

Lin Xiao Fen and Qin Yi seemed to arrive at the same time, when Su Yi Cheng grabbed his case and was about to leave he happened to meet them at the door. Because Su Yi Cheng had a meeting, he couldn’t stay for too long to chat, just said a few words, and hurriedly left.

Qin Yi and Lin Xiao Fen went in, pulled An Ran forward and inspected her thoroughly, then stared at An Ran’s stomach, with the same voice they asked, “Really twins?”

After asking, both of them each fell into tears and laughed.

An Ran also laughed, stroked her belly, and happily nodded, “En, the doctor said they were twins.” She really felt that she was fortunate, and her luck seemed to have began when she met Su Yi Cheng. This man gave her the happiness she wanted, and even gave her more than what she wanted.

“That is very good.” Qin Yi patted her thigh and cheered, she turned to look at Lin Xiao Fen and said, “In-law, if this happens then, you can carry one, and I can carry the other, this way we don’t have to fight over who wants to hold their grandchildren!”

Lin Xiao Fen also smiled, did not stop nodding, and said, “Yes, this is too good, to avoid only one, you can only look from afar, I can also look from afar, but now, there’s no trouble since each can carry one.”

The two mothers talking about holding their grandchildren was an endless topic, the two of them were exchanging words, speaking happily.

An Ran was a little embarrassed, these children seem to already be divided up, they apparently forgot that she was the children’s mother, and wish to have her children by her side.

As the two mothers were talking about how to raise the children, An Ran wanted to say something but wasn’t able to interfere, ultimately she could only sit there on the living room sofa mindlessly, and grabbed the newspaper that was sitting on top of the coffee table.

She does not understand and does not care about the facts of politics, so for Su Yi Cheng’s work she has never asked more than half a sentence. One was to avoid it, but she also has no interest at all. She first turned over to the financial section, roughly got a hold of the real estate situation in Jiang City, in fact, she only found out a few days ago that the stock price for ‘Jing Cheng’ dropped quite a bit. Huang De Xing, because of being suspected of being involved in Ling Chuan Jiang’s case was summoned to the prosecutor’s office to ask some questions, it seems like they have also closed for a week, and finally through the strength and background of his wife’s family he was able to get out, but after getting out he was pulled out of ‘Jing Cheng’, and his part of the company’s share went to a mysterious boss behind-the-scenes.

In fact, she was also listening to Chen Cheng and she said, perhaps it’s because of the last time that Chen Cheng had been feeling some guilt towards An Ran, so even if An Ran’s attitude at the beginning was relatively cold and hard, she still had time to call An Ran. After a while, the unpleasant things also slowly faded, and they have recently gradually become more connected, but generally it was Chen Cheng who usually took the initiative to call.

In fact, from her understanding An Ran also knew that Chen Cheng actually lived a very hard life, the conditions at home were very bad, and her father was very ill, the burden was all on her, before her father passed away due to an infection after surgery, she called An Ran, said that she could not cry, there was a feeling of broadcast, An Ran did not know how to comfort her, just held the phone and listened to her carefully.

She turned the page over to the entertainment section, once she turned to it, she choked. Looking at the large photo spread across the newspaper, An Ran couldn’t describe the feeling.

That photo was a secret shot, not too good, but you can clearly recognize the two people in the photo. That was from yesterday when she and Su Yi Cheng went out of the hospital door and was photographed, the wind at that spot was a little big, blowing her hair, and Su Yi Cheng very carefully reached out to block her line of sight to fix her hair, the expression and action from the photo was very gentle, very considerate.

An Ran speculated that the newspaper may have been related to the couple she met before entering the doctor's office, because only the couple had recognized Su Yi Cheng, and the mother-to-be was also a reporter before, she might have tipped off her colleague.

Reaching out to touch the picture on that paper, the corner of her mouth concealed a smile. Looking at the description at the side, the article hyped up Su Yi Cheng, said he pampered his wife, even did not mind kneeling to massage his wife’s feet, even though he was busy he took the time to accompany his wife to do the birth examination, he even wrote that he was excited to announce that his wife was pregnant with twins, he was not only the leader on the table, but also an ordinary man, who has anger and emotions, when happy and excited he will laugh crazily, said that he wasn’t as untouchable as he looked but also has blood and flesh, like an ordinary person, very lively, very real.

But when she saw the last paragraph of the text, An Ran suddenly burst into red, did not expect them to go to the office that Su Yi Cheng went to ask the doctor about the life of the husband and wife and even wrote it, but also humorously wrote, ‘It seems that Mrs. Su is pregnant, but we are suffering this young mayor.’

An Ran really wanted to cry tearlessly, and guesses that now they would be the joke of Jiang City, she doesn’t want to go out now!

At the side Qin Yi and Lin Xiao Fen were chatting, also just noticed An Ran holding the newspaper, suddenly remembered something, turned to An Ran and said, “An Ran ah, there is something…” Seeing the scarf around her neck, she suddenly stopped and asked, “What’s with the scarf around your neck?”

An Ran, slightly embarrassed, touched her neck, only shook her head, but also couldn’t say anything. Her face was incredibly red.

Seeing that, Qin Yi naturally understood, looked at her disapprovingly and said, “An Ran ah, you are now carrying children, it’s not like before, you must pay special attention to some things.” She said and somewhat complaining about her son, “You say, this son of mine, such an improper person, how could he be so impatient!”

An Ran sweated, in addition to smiling awkwardly, she could not do any other expression, and the heat on her face was even more immense.

Lin Xiao Fen also seemed to arrive at the same understanding, and had a serious look on her face and said to An Ran, “Yes, as in-law Qin said, you are now pregnant with children, but also with twins, you have to be more careful. Tell Ah Cheng tonight, he will have to bear with it for a couple more months, after all the children are the most important thing.”

Qin Yi echoed, “Exactly, exactly. No, I have to personally call Ah Cheng that brat and talk to the boy.” Then she took her cell phone out of her pocket and started to call Su Yi Cheng.

At this time Auntie Zhang brought back the vegetables, carrying the basket she asked An Ran, “Madam, this morning Mister said that your legs cramped, would you like black beans with the pig’s foot stew or would you like it just plain?”

Hearing that, the two present mothers looked at An Ran nervously, very tacitly asked, “An Ran, do you have cramps?”

An Ran smiled dryly and nodded. Seeing that, Qin Yi stood up, walked past Auntie Zhang and said, “For the pig feet stew put more black beans, no need to put other herbs, soybeans can also supplement the protein, that’ll be good.” Saying that, she took the basket from Auntie Zhang’s hand, and continued, “Here let me, this leg cramp is due to calcium deficiency, it’s better to eat more things with bones rather than taking calcium supplements.”

Looking on Lin Xiao Fen also stood up to go to the kitchen to help, An Ran finally could let out a sigh. Otherwise they would have continued to question her, she really was ashamed.

Seeing Su Yi Cheng’s picture on the newspaper, An Ran miserly patted him, and muttered, “It’s all your fault.”

That night when Su Yi Cheng returned home An Ran was still up, leaning on the headboard, holding that newspaper. Upon seeing Su Yi Cheng’s face she started to put on an evil face.

“What’s wrong?” Su Yi Cheng asked, somewhat casually. As he spoke, he took off his coat, took a change of clothes from the closet, and did not wait for An Ran’s response, directly went into the bathroom.

When he came out again, An Ran was still sitting in that position, and Su Yi Cheng noticed that her expression was a little off, but when he caught a glimpse of the newspaper in her hand, he seemed to understand.

Half-smiling he went to bed from the other side, reached straight for her and pulled her into his arms, but was pushed away by someone who was making it difficult.

Su Yi Cheng could not be thwarted, so he reached out again, and was pushed away by a certain someone again.

Persisting, determined to put her in his arms, only to see someone was glaring at him, but did not push him away, let him hold her, and then somewhat angrily turned to hit his chest, grumbling, “It’s all your fault, today many people called to question me, I will not see people now, I’ll hide at home every day, won’t go out and be a joke to people.” Although the hand was hitting him, the force was soft, not painful at all.

“Then don’t go out, I can hide you at home for the rest of my life.” Su Yi Cheng said in a good mood.

An Ran pushed him away, took the newspaper and pointed at it and said, “Thanks to your image as a leader, you are not afraid to damage the phenomenon of the tall and powerful ah!”

Su Yi Cheng did not look, somewhat proudly said, “Doesn’t affect me, the newspaper said, I look like I have blood and flesh, very real, these are praising words to me.”

“Pah, you look pretty pround.” An Ran said with some distaste.

“Of course.” Su Yi Cheng said with a serious expression.

“Pff!” An Ran laughed at his serious energy, it’s impossible to be really angry at him. How curious, with him she could feel her own happiness at every moment.

Su Yi Cheng also laughed, again hugged her back to the bed, also did not speak, just quietly held her, smelled the same smell of their own bath milk on her body, did not need to say anything, it was very reassuring, very comfortable.

An Ran leaned against his chest, hand still holding that newspaper, stared at the photo above, gently touched it. Really, looking at the photo she felt it was more and more good looking, gently murmured to him, “Yi Cheng, we should take our own photos.” They don’t seem to have a photo album, they can’t wait for the children to come out and point to this newspaper and say it’s the only photo of their parents!

Su Yi Cheng nods dearly, with a gentle voice he answers into her ears, “Yes.”


First Marriage Then Love
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