For My Hero
Chapter 0 - Prologue Part 1

Source: Cenetta

I was browsing through a bookstore near my house for an assignment when I found a book with a red fixture. I thought it was an art book, but the title of the book was The Hero’s Birth. Out of curiosity, I slowly read through the first few pages of the book. It was more interesting than I thought, so I bought it and went back home.


The Hero’s Birth was a story closer to myth than a novel, but it was still fun. That trials that Noark had to face and the love between him and Roselle thrilled my heart.


But then a problem arose that made me think I was losing my mind. The red crystal embedded to the cover was shining with red light. The book was actually Silvystera’s heart. I was dragged into her world because I had her heart in my hand. She put me in the body of the heroine, Roselle, and our souls were exchanged so Sylvestera could get her heart back.


Noah’s face was the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes, which made me flustered.


“Are you okay? Get a hold of yourself!”


My body was freezing after being in the water for so long. As soon as he realized I was cold, he embraced me with his warm body. His hot hand hit my back gently so I could spit out water. There were colorful petals floating and small grassy leaves at the edge of the water. The sound of water falling behind me can be heard continuously. Everything was just like that day.




A warm hand unsteadily reached towards my mouth. As he was worried about me drowning, he glanced at my face with a cautious attitude. He face looked sharper as he brushed my hair away from my face.


Noah. I dropped in front of the hero of the novel.

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For My Hero
Chapter 0 - Prologue Part 1