Fortune Teller Master
Chapter 43 Part 4

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Fortunately, the days passed by quickly, and finally, it was the National Day Holiday. Although three days were not that long. It was already satisfying for the high school dogs.

The Class Advisor, Teacher Yu Chengze announced the vacation days with some headaches. Some couldn’t understand why Principal Wang suddenly gave the students such a long vacation while thinking about improving the quality of teaching. These students had just recovered half of their hearts when they came back from the summer vacation.

Yu Chengze sent out ten math test papers in succession with a complaining tone. He also didn’t forget to nag: “Don’t think about playing all day long during the holidays. You will have your monthly exam when you come back. This time, you will be ranked just like before. If your test result is too bad, you will shame yourself.”

When Yu Chengze left, Li Yanyu came again. After giving a bunch of homework, he also talked about the monthly exam, then especially emphasized: “I’d like to say something about the small composition in the English exam. Although I usually teach you with some guidelines, you can’t completely copy the essays in the teaching aids when you write. I’ve read a lot of teaching aids, you can just use the first one or two sentences in it, but it’s not good to be the same.”

Lin Qingyin frowned, stretched out her hand, and took the tortoiseshell out of her pocket: It’s not allowed to memorize the teaching aids? It seems I have to think of a new way!

That night, after Lin Qingyin completed this week English’s class at Xindongfang International School, she took a note from her pocket and handed it to Yang Dashai.

Yang Dashai opened the note and saw a word on it: Dream!

Yang Dashai was confused: “What does this mean?”

Lin Qingyin looked at Yang Dashai with expectation: “Can you help me write a high school English composition? Regarding this topic.”

This was a very easy request for Yang Dashai, it’s just: “My dream is different from yours. What is your dream?”

Lin Qingyin’s previous dream was to ascend to heaven, but now she was having second thoughts about this goal. This goal was too impossible in this world.

In her previous life, there was enough spiritual energy she could use to cultivate and there were many resources in the sect she could use to ascend early. In this life, the spiritual energy was very thin, let alone there were no available resources to ascend early. She couldn’t even tell if she could ascend after thousand of years.

But it was nothing. It’s fine to live for a thousand years. She wanted to enjoy all the things that she hasn’t enjoyed in her previous life.

With a faint smile, Lin Qingyin said: “My dream is to live for five thousand years, and then…”

Yang Dashai interrupted Lin Qingyin’s words by raising his hand. It took him2 minutes to write a small composition with hundreds of words and handed it over to her.

Lin Qingyin was dumbstruck when she saw the first sentence, and she couldn’t help but ask Yang Dashai: “Teacher, what did you write?”

Yang Dashai replied expressionlessly: “My dream is to travel around the world and be a travel expert.”

Lin Qingyin: “???”

I obviously didn’t say that just now!!!

Seeing Lin Qingyin protesting, Yang Dashai sneered: “If you have any comments on this composition, you can write it yourself.”

Lin Qingyin immediately showed a bright smile on her face: “No, I don’t have any comments about this composition. I think it’s pretty good. ”

Yang Dashai coldly snorted and turned around to leave. Lin Qingyin hurriedly stopped him and bit her lower lip with some hesitation. Last week, Yang Dashai have doubted that this female student was interested in him, but after Lin Qingyin wrote a note and asked him if he would like her to do fortune-telling, he no longer had such illusions.

Yang Dashai said with a little helplessness: “What’s the matter with you?”

“Do you want to do fortune-telling? The one that can tell everything about your past.” Lin Qingyin once again passed a note with her phone number to Yang Dashai: “You can think about it. After you think about it, you can go to the Public Park at 9 a.m. tomorrow to ask for divination.”

Yang Dashai took the note confusedly: “I have nothing to ask for.”

Lin Qingyin shook her head and said firmly: “No, you really need divination this time. You will come tomorrow.”

Looking at Lin Qingyin’s departure back, Yang Dashai felt like he had a Taoism Student. But how old was he? Why would he believe this kind of thing?

Yang Dashai casually put the note given by Lin Qingyin into the dictionary and thought that when Lin Qingyin came to class next time, he must talk to her well. He should tell her to believe in science and don’t believe in these illusory things. This kind of thing was nothing but made-up thoughts by humans to scam others!

He will never ask for divination!

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Fortune Teller Master
Chapter 43 Part 4

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