Go to jail! 〜 The villainous daughter wants to be loved in the extra edition
Chapter 6

Author: きゃる
Source: Novels et Romans

Go to jail! 〜 The villainous daughter wants to be loved in the extra edition

She said it as if relieved.

But mindlessly, Elle's face seems to be red too...Well, sunburn surely! Maybe she was digging a hole so madly outside in the sun that it burned her skin and made it red."It was hot, wasn't it? I'm sorry."

Even though she's an apprentice, is she too much of a tomboy? 

I apologized again, and she laughed at me, saying it's okay. As it was, I waved and Elle left, accompanied by the person who came to pick her up.In the end, the prince didn't show up.Today is my...eighth birthday.The date is right, and I was waiting properly until the evening...

"If Sophia and the prince don't meet up, the main story won't start in the first place! No! Does that mean my plan failed?"

Frustrated, I paced back and forth in the parlor.

Another thing that bothers me is... everybody turned a blind eye to what I did! I was expecting them to be angry at me for throwing water to Sophia and making holes in the garden, but what! Nothing either! Maybe it was because of my birthday, or because I act as the big guy of the house, but no one not even made a comment about it!

My step-mother went outside looking for me, but she didn't blame me for what happened to Sophia, maybe she doesn't know yet? My father pays attention from time to time, but he's not here today because he's having problems with the estate he manages.

I'm not going to say that my father. "You used to dote on me, but the moment Sophia appeared, you forgot my birthday." I'm not sulking to that point but!

It's normal, any father would adore a step-daughter like Sophia. That's how honest and adorable Sophia is. She's childlike and innocent, and even her smile is great.

Even though I have decided to be mean, each time she smiles I feel like seeing an angel. It's no wonder that the prince was captivated the moment he met her.

"Anyway, prince! I'm sure the date was the right one and I've arranged it properly for you. All the hard work I put into throwing water to Sophia and digging holes in the yard is ruined."

You have no idea how much I hate you now!

How long do you think you'll have to wait if you don't see her today?Are you trying to fall in love with someone else?

I shuddered for a moment at the horrible feeling

Shocking my head, I hurriedly dismissed my fears. If the original story changes, I wouldn't meet Gildo either! If the main story doesn't start, the extra story neither!

But, let's think it again... The prince is only eight years old, just like me.

I don't know if he has memories of his past life like I do, but he's a child, maybe it's too early for him to fall in love. Besides, there should be no prettier girl than my Sophia.

Then suddenly I realized something.

"Well, what about Elle? "

Noooo! Elle is trying to steal the title of the prettiest heroine from Sophia.

Was it a good idea to make her a villainous disciple just because she was a mob? 

I forgot to ask her where she was from and how old she was!!! time I see her, I'll have to ask her how old he is! Yes!

Cha-- And while it's fine to let her help, I'd better make sure she doesn't meet the prince in person, just in case, yes!

It's a strange eighth birthday...

The tea party was ruined, and my dress is a mess, but it wasn't too bad, I thought to myself, laughing.

After that, Elle continued to visit our home from time to time.

I later realized that she had a lot of adults taking care of her. And the first time my father met her, he bowed to Elle!

If the current Duke greets her like that, does that mean Elle is on a superior category?  There shouldn't be a princess in this country, I think, maybe she's a princess from some other country?

My father says it's a secret and won't tell me.

When I ask him about it, he always gets distracted and remember that has something to do somewhere else. I don't remember ever reading about a mob character so powerful in the novel.

Still, somehow I managed to get her age out of her.

Surprisingly, she's eight years old, just like me! Because of her small body, I thought she was about Sophia's age...

"Vika, I came all this way here and you didn't welcome me? "

Elle is getting more and more brazen these days. And what's Vika? I'm Veronica.

"But, you look prettier if I call you Vika"

"I don't have to be pretty. I'm a villainous daughter.""But still, Vika's pretty."

Elle's words made me flinch involuntarily.

Is it because a girl who is more beautiful than me is complimenting me?Stop! It is not the time to be happy.The prince hasn't shown up after six months, so I'm actually in a hurry.

"You know what? I'm not waiting for you, I'm waiting for the prince. Ugggh, such irresponsible! I don't know when the real story will start..."

"What do you think about giving up?"

"No way! Do you know how hard have I to work to keep my image of villain? Each day! I've to work hard each and every day!"

Today I am going to make mud dumplings and hit Sophia with them.

Time is ticking away without the prince making an appearance. I, as the villainous daughter, have to work hard to harass her.

By the way, in the original story, she even injured her by embedding a stone in a mud dumpling.

However, as expected, I would feel bad about that, after all, I was bullied in my previous life. I'm able to, at least, distinguish between what's good and what's bad... well, honestly, bullying itself is... But-- Oh, let's forget it for now!

"And then? What are we doing today?"

Elle next to me is thrilled for some reason.

If you want to call her unladylike or childish, she's always had more fun than me at this, it seems.The other day, I accidentally drank my own water with chili peppers, which I swapped with Sophia's fruit water. Elle said that she tasted it and was normal, so told me to drink it too.As I was worried about having made a mistake, I sipped it to check and ..... "Soooo hot!!" Elle laughed at me as I ran looking for water, and Sophia too!The young Sophia doesn't seem to understand what's going on. She seems to have mistakenly thought that I wasn't harassing her, that it was our way to play. She was scared of me, but she easily accepted Elle and talked to her casually!!

When Sophia and Elle line up, the atmosphere is cheerful, as if it was the only place where flowers bloomed.

The two beautiful girls are a feast for the eyes. But I'm not supposed to be nice to them. For that reason, I think Sophia should just be friendly with Elle only. Of course, if the prince comes, Elle will instantly be isolated.

"Come on, I'll do my best to make a great one!"

I taught Elle how to make mud dumplings. She prepares the bowl of sand, so I added water to the sand to harden it a little at a time.

"Don't forget to sprinkle some dry sand after the water "

I used to make them a lot when I was in nursery school, so I'm second to none when it comes to making mud dumplings. Sure enough, Elle was frustrated because the ones she made broke in the middle of the process.

It's only a mud dumpling, just that mud. It takes some skill to grip them, that is all.

"Vika is amazing! How do you make them so round and clean?" "Well, It's not..."

I found myself more concerned with making my own mud dumplings shiny while teaching Elle than bumping Sophia.

"I mean, no~. I don't want to make beautiful mud dumplings. I'm just trying to get Sophia's clothes dirty."

"Hey, why don't you just give up?"

"That's all Elle knows to say!"

Just then, Sophia walked by.

She was wearing a pure white dress that was asking me "pleaseeee throw some mud". Wanting to fulfill my mission as a villainous daughter, I, of course, didn't hesitate to throw it at her.

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Go to jail! 〜 The villainous daughter wants to be loved in the extra edition
Chapter 6