Go to jail! 〜 The villainous daughter wants to be loved in the extra edition
Chapter 7

Author: きゃる
Source: Novels et Romans

Go to jail! 〜 The villainous daughter wants to be loved in the extra edition


Sophia was surprised.

What a shame! I guess It didn't reach the dress and it fell under her feet. time.....I tried to take the mud dumplings my apprentice Elle, was making. But Elle is moving away from me and closer to Sophia. Is she going to hit her directly?

"Vika wants you to play with us. She is the one throwing this at you." "... What?"


Elle urges a bewildered Sophia to join her. If you look at it, it looks like she made a lot of them before I knew it, and the bowl she's holding is full of mud dumplings!

--Well, no way!

I know it doesn't hurt to get hit... But two against one is a clear disadvantage!! Why? If we're supposed to be mean to Sophia, why did I become the target? 

You're a traitor, Elle! You're my apprentice, but you're a traitor! But no, it won't end like this!

I run around on my own hideout and grab some mud dumplings that are raining over me.

A half-hearted mud dumpling doesn't hurt at all, and you don't get that dirty. At any rate, I don't have time to shape them by dousing them with water. It was just an intense game of mud throwing!

The three of us ran around the yard, screaming and throwing them at each other.

But I was wrong... Mud dumplings are dangerous, I can't open my eyes!Trying to throw at them, sand got in my eyes and I can't open them now.

"Vika, don't rub it. Let me get a good look at you."

Despite the fact that she was the traitor, Elle makes a worried sound right beside me.

I open my aching eyes a little at a time to see a beautiful face peering at me up close. Those clear purple eyes, that innocent expression, it looked like an angel.

I cried out in pain, and for some reason I felt oddly nervous. My Sophia is pretty, but Elle is quite beautiful too.

Nooo, I'll be the ugliest villainous girl in the future, I've to keep it a secret!

"Please wait, Sophia will get some water, ok?"

It seems that Sophia heard her words and went to the house to get some water.

I hear light footsteps. These days, Elle is closer to my step-sister than to me.

I told you that you would be my apprentice....

It seems that even girls can't resist the sweetness of the White Rose Sophia.

Everyone around me is attracted to the pretty Sophia. I try to console myself because that's the kind of story I'm living in, but I still feel awkward about it sometimes.I'm starting to cry a little, but it's good, if someone asks me what's going on, I'll tell them it's because of the sand.

"Don't worry, Vika. It is almost clean."

Elle pats me on the head like "you're a good boy".

Sometimes I feel terribly uncomfortable because I play the big sister like this. I am a villainous daughter, being defeated by a mob character at a mud dumplings fight.

"I'm going to wash it down with water, just in case."

Thanks to Elle and Sophia, my eyes were safe and sound. But I couldn't thank them because I couldn't be honest.

"Who did think of this silly idea? Such a childish game, I ended in a big trouble because of it!"

...and it was me.

But I didn't expect it to be like a battle when all I had to do was hit Sophia's skirt. It wasn't what I planned. Moreover, this time I learned something. Sophia is surprisingly quick to run away. Well, it's partly because Elle covered for her and let her get away to safety.

"It was really fun!!" "Yeah. But I wouldn't want anyone else to get hurt again."

Surprisingly, Elle says something decent after Sophia happy exclamation.

I'm glad they weren't hurt. Come to think of it, Sophia didn't meet the prince yet. Maybe I shouldn't let my step-sister get injured until the scene where the two of them met.

More importantly, is the villainous daughter actually risking her life like this all the time?  My throat from the last peppered fruit water, and my eyes from the mud dumplings this time, I almost touched the heaven's doors!

An eye-patch villainous girl with a snarky voice - that doesn't seem to suit me... But I still want to meet Gildo in his beautiful form as illustrated when I read the extra story!

And so, that's why.

After reflecting on it, I'm proceeding with the production of 'Blood Glue', which is gentle on your skin so that Sophia won't be injured.I think I, myself was surprise with this one, just by bumping it up everything gets dirty. It's made from pomegranate juice, something sweet, tasty and good for your face's skin.Very simple to make! Put the juice thickened with flour into the intestines of an animal (just a sausage skin), and tie it with a string. When something hit it, it bursts and the object that was touched by it get dirty.

There's still some problems for the stiffness and how to throw it, but I've practiced in secret, so it's okay. Let's pretend no one saw me coming back home with my dress dirty.

I put my homemade 'blood-glue bomb' in a wooden tub and carry it into the garden with great enthusiasm.

If it burst indoors, it would splatter all over the expensive carpet and furnishings. As expected, I can't go that far. It would be hard to clean up afterwards and the juice would be a little sticky.

I'm not just trying to be a villainous daughter, I'm trying to be an environmental-friendly villainous daughter.

This part of the story is only written in the original, 'Sophia is constantly crying over Veronica's numerous acts of harassment'.

I wasn't there, so I don't know what exactly happened but...Well, I guess you can't devote pages to each villainous act. But hey, I don't suspect the author of cutting scenes off to save time...

Well, now that I'm ready, all I have to do is call Sophia. If the White Rose cries, the prince should appear... at least this time.

"Sophia, don't be afraid, come here~"

I make my voice as gentle as possible.

I've decided to follow the motto 'one evil action by day', like eating all the Sophia's favorite bread so there's none left for her. Also, I often do things like scribble on picture books. Sophia is also Sophia, she eats my favorites desserts and pulls my hair as revenge! Of course, I'll pay her back twice as much, so she hates me... the last days has been avoiding me.

"It would have been handy to have Elle around at a time like this..."

My step-sister misses Elle more than I do.

So if she calls, Sophia will be out in a heartbeat.I was mumbling to myself when I heard a voice from behind me."You called? Perhaps you've been missing me?"

When I turn around, Elle is standing there smiling at me. As beautiful and pretty as always.

"Good! You've come at the right time. Quickly! Bring Sophia with you."

I commanded my disciple. Elle, however, wanted to know why first.

"For what? Vika, are you thinking of something weird again?"

"That's so rude. Otherwise, the prince won't have show up! How rare is Prince Rafael, uhhm?"

I once checked with my father, who was a frequent visitor to the palace, to see if the prince was really there.

My father said, "Of course. You'll be surprised when you meet him," but he didn't give me any details. By any chance, is he surprisingly bad humored or what?

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Go to jail! 〜 The villainous daughter wants to be loved in the extra edition
Chapter 7