God Blood Warrior
Chapter 5

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Half a month later in the evening, in the restaurant of viscount Fergus castle.

On the ceiling, a huge lotus shaped crystal lamp sprinkles bright light. Just one lamp makes the wide dining room bright as day.

The crystal lamp is not the grease lamp in Gray’s room, but a rune lamp made by a rune.

If you look closely, you can see that the center of the huge lotus shaped crystal is surrounded by a circle of weird runes.

Some of these runes are like wild animals lying on their back, some are like sacrificial actions, and some are like standing snakes What’s more, it’s weird lines that don’t look like anything.

The cost of this kind of lantern is extremely expensive. Even if it is based on the family background of the Viscount, it can not be installed in every room. It can only be placed in some important rooms, such as banquet hall, dining room, conference room, etc

Under the light, there were seven people sitting around a long table.

On the main position is a middle-aged blonde, wearing a long coat with two rows of buttons on his chest and a rabat collar around his neck.

He had a little golden beard, blue eyes, and a kind of dignity that he did not show himself. He was the master of the Viscount’s castle Emerson.Viscount Fergus。

And sat opposite him, a woman with brown hair.

The woman wore a low cut black dress with a large sapphire necklace around her neck, which made her look elegant.

Although her face is a little old, but you can see her beautiful when she was young, but her lips are a little thin, which can not help giving people a mean impression.

It was Milan Harris, the wife of viscount Ferguson, a woman from the Baron family.

On the right-hand side of viscount Fergus, two men and a woman, three young men, in turn, were the big brother Bernal.Fergus The second brothe Elli.Fergus The third sister Caroline.Fergus 。

The former two inherited the golden hair and blue eyes of viscount Fergus, while the latter inherited the eyes from Viscount Fergus, but her hair color was inherited from the Viscountess. she were about one year older than gray and with the excellent genes of viscount Fergus and Viscountess.

On the left-hand side of viscount Fergus is gray and his sister Sarah.Fergus 。

Both have black hair, inherited from her mother who died of depression, and blue eyes, which is inherited from Viscount Fergus.

Ding Ding!

The sound of the collision between the knife and the white porcelain plate sounded softly.

In the restaurant, viscount foggs and others have finished their meal, and only gray is still eating. This is his second dinner.

It was the first time gray had come to the restaurant since he was injured.

Seeing gray who was eating his second dinner, some people were calm, such as Viscount Fergus and his wife, such as Gray’s nominal elder brother Bernal, because they had already heard from the servants that Gray’s appetite had increased greatly in recent days, and each meal had to eat for two one’s.

Some people stare at gray in surprise. For example, Caroline, the third sister of the body, is more indifferent to the two illegitimate children brought back by her father, because the influence of the other party is almost zero.


He put the knife and silver fork on the porcelain plate, took the cloth from the maid next to him. Gray wiped his lips and hands, and said with a slight embarrassment.

“I’m sorry, father and madam. I’ve been eating a lot lately.”

Originally, he was going to eat only one serving. He was going to go back to his bedroom and ask Barbara to pick up another. However, he thought that his appetite had suddenly increased in recent days. I’m afraid that he had already been known by Viscount Fergus, so he didn’t hide it.

“No harm.”

Viscount Fergus spoke faintly.

“It’s time for you to grow up. You really should eat more.”

Said Milan, Mrs. Viscount Fergus, with a faint smile on her face.

The smile on the face is perfect and impeccable, with a sense of intimacy, without the slightest sense of estrangement.

But gray knows that all this is a disguise. The original owner and sister of the body are come to this castle. She is the most unhappy one. After all, they are the children of viscount Ferguson’s lover. Which real wife would be happy to live with the children of her husband’s lover?

Moreover, if the assassination really came from a few of the four, I’m afraid that the Viscountess’s lead would be indispensable. After all, if you want to mobilize people without disturbing Viscount Fergus, you can only let her mother’s family do it.

“How is your recovery?”

Asked Viscount Fergus again.

“Thank you, father. It’s almost all right.”

Gray said with a slightly “excited” look.

With that, even he felt goose bumps.

Now it is not original Gray who dominates the body. There is no father son relationship between him and Viscount Fergus. However, in order not to show any abnormality, he has to “behave”.

Now, he is facing the threat of behind the scenes. He can’t do without the protection of viscount Fergus. If he loses the protection of viscount Ferguson, the assassin will come immediately, so the umbrella of viscount Fergus can not be lost.

Moreover, he doesn’t think that Viscount Fergus is really good to the original owner of the body, at least not all the time. In his opinion, viscount Fergus is a person who pays more attention to interests than relatives.

In the previous 16 years, viscount Fergus had paid little attention to the Gray brothers and sisters and visited them only a few times. That’s why their mother died of depression.

When gray showed his excellent talent for blood warrior, he suddenly felt as if his conscience had discovered that it was all because of the talent gray showed. In the final analysis, it was because of the value of Gray’s present talent.

“That’s good.”

Viscount Ferguson seemed satisfied with Gray’s performance and said with a faint smile.

“In practice, you can ask your elder brother Bernal. He is now a median blood warrior.”

“I will, father.”

Gray responded with a “respectful” response, then looked at his nominal elder brother Bernal.

“I’ll probably disturb brother Bernal by then.”


Bernal said with a sunny smile on his face.

to him, Eli, Gray’s second brother, due to the presence of viscount Fergus, shrank his usual contemptuous expression on his face, and watched coldly the “interaction” between them.

He didn’t know about Gray, but he knew about his big brother who hated Gray better than he did.

After dinner, the conversation lasted only a moment and ended. After saying hello to Sarah, gray went back to his bedroom and lay on his back in the soft bed. His mind was full of thoughts.

“My body is indeed in some kind of metamorphosis…”

Half a month has passed since his last blood consumption. During this half month, his food consumption has increased greatly. Every meal is twice as much as that of normal people, and this is just barely enough.

He even planned to have a meal for three one’s if he was not afraid of being too abnormal, but after careful consideration, he gave up.

A meal for two people can barely cover up the past with a big increase in food intake. If a meal is served for three people, it is too abnormal.

After such a large amount of food, his changes are obvious. His physical fitness increases every day. Half a month later, he can finish the second posture of the second time.

“And this rapid growth is obviously not due to practicing blood technique”

In order to judge whether this growth is related to the cultivation of blood technique. Yesterday, he didn’t practice blood technique all day, but the next day, he still felt the improvement of his physical quality, and there was no significant difference from the previous day.

Obviously, the enhancement of his physical quality does not come from practicing blood method, at least most of the effects do not come from practicing blood method, but from some unknown “transformation”.

“What kind of transformation is this? At the end of transformation, how much can my strength be improved? "

For the reason of this “transformation”, Gray has almost been able to lock in the blood taken a few days ago, but he does not know what kind of transformation is taking in his body, and how much strength can be improved to the final level.

Searching for the memory of the original owner of the body, there is no memory with the slightest resemblance to this transformation.

“Now it seems that the power of blood of the original owner of the body has not completely disappeared, but has been hidden. This conjecture can not be completely denied. I am afraid that the correctness of this conjecture can be judged only if the power of blood is upgraded to junior blood warrior again to see if the physical fitness will be improved rapidly.”

“What’s more, the original owner of this body is only an illegitimate child. The level of contact is too low and the amount of information he knows is too small. It seems that tomorrow we need to go to the castle library and look up the relevant books on blood technique.”

No matter how you think about it, Gray can’t think of any reason. Gray jumps over the matter of physical transformation and thinks about the benefits of this transformation.

“This transformation has enabled me to improve my physical fitness rapidly, which is absolutely good news for me.”

At the present rate of promotion, he may only need more than a month to reach the level of junior blood warrior again. At that time, his exposed crisis will be greatly reduced.

In the whole castle, viscount Fergus and others did not know him well. They only knew that he had cultivated the power of blood and reached the realm of junior blood warrior. After all, he only spent more than two months together.

As long as he regains the strength of junior blood warrior, the possibility of exposure is very small.

As for the Sister Sarah, who knows the original owner of the body very well,but she is just a little girl. With his adult mind and the memory of the original owner of the body, if even a little girl can’t be fooled, he is too useless.

God Blood Warrior
Chapter 5