God Blood Warrior
Chapter 6

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The next day, he found a remote place where few people came to.Gray began the cultivation of blood technique “wolf of the wind”.

It has been more than half a month since he was assassinated, and his injury has already recovered. He can’t use the fact that his injury has not recovered as an excuse that he can only practice once at a time. Therefore, he did not go to the training ground again, but found a remote place to practice.

Although this will make people suspect, it will be noticed after a long time. After all, in the castle, the real remote place does not exist, but now we can not care so much.

Fortunately, as long as he survives more than a month, he will be able to recover the strength of junior blood warrior. Even if he is detected to be abnormal by then, it will not matter.

In a not spacious place, gray squatted with his feet apart, bent down, hands drooping, palms down, and began to practice the first position of blood technology’s wolf of the wind, that is, crawling.

The four movements in wolf of the wind, such as crawling, pounce, biting and looking up to the sky, are deduced from the wind wolf by observing the life and fighting habits of the wind wolf.

The four movements condensed the essence of the wind wolf’s life habits. During this period of time, he could not help but remind gray of his former life’s Xingyiquan (A kind of martial arts).

In his previous life, Gray was just an ordinary office worker. He had not been exposed to martial arts. Naturally, he would not know Xingyiquan. But he might as well learn what kind of boxing is from the Internet.

According to the introduction on the Internet, Xingyi boxing is a boxing technique that simulates the life forms and struggles of twelve kinds of animals. It has the effect of improving physical fitness. How similar is it to the “wolf of the wind” he is now practicing?

Actions are also derived from the life form and struggle of animals, and also have the role of improving physical quality.

Of course, if there are differences, to some extent, blood technique is higher than Xingyiquan.

From the perspective of Gray’s previous life experience, the highest achievement of Xingyi boxing is that, in addition to the effect of prolonging life, it is at most more able to fight than ordinary people, and it has not reached an inhuman level, but the blood skill is different.

Not to mention the kind of terror level strong man who only heard that he could destroy the city by one person, he only saw from the original owner of his body that he had already surpassed the Xingyiquan in his previous life.

The highest achievement of the original owner of the body was to cultivate the power of blood and achieve junior blood warrior. At that time, under the command of viscount Ferguson, he singled out five adult soldiers who had not practiced blood technology and won the battle.

But this is only ordinary. The original owner of the body once saw the strength of viscount Fergus, who had reached the level of fierce blood warrior, showed his strength. Unexpectedly, he spat out a huge blue wind blade from his mouth and directly cut a tree in two.

Every time he recalled the memory of the original owner of his body, gray couldn’t help but be shocked. Through practice, a man can actually reach the level of spitting the wind blade. This really subverts his previous life’s cognition.

A tree that is embraced by one person can be cut into two pieces. How can the flesh and blood of a human body resist it?

If such a person appeared in a previous life, I’m afraid that he would immediately sweep all the martial arts masters in the previous life. According to Gray’s knowledge, there are not many, but absolutely less, strengths like Viscount Fergus in this world.

Above junior blood warrior is medium blood warrior, above which is superior blood warrior. Above superior blood warrior is fierce blood warrior. On top of fierce blood warrior are crazy blood warrior, brute blood warrior, wild blood warrior and Wang blood warrior. Obviously, fierce blood warrior is far from the summit of the world’s cultivation realm.

It was not until the third posture of the second time that gray stopped because of his poor physical strength. Compared with yesterday, his physical fitness has been greatly improved.

After finishing the practice and simply washing, gray went to the study on the second floor of the castle.

The main building of viscount Fergus castle has a typical Gothic architectural style, which is divided into three floors.

On the first floor, there are luxurious banquet hall, reception hall, dining room and spacious sink bathroom.

On the second floor, there was a meeting room for important meetings, a library for many books, a study for the Viscount to deal with daily affairs, and many rooms with different uses.

There are many bedrooms on the third floor.

What he is going to now is the library on the second floor where there are books.

In this world, there is also the saying that knowledge is wealth. Therefore, the aristocracy pay great attention to the collection of books. Almost every noble family has a library. The difference is only in the amount of books, which often shows the details of a family.

Pushing open the door of the library, you can see three rows of black wooden bookshelves. On the bookshelves, there are many books with leather covers. If you look at the number, there should be more than 1000.

Although this amount of books was nothing in Gray’s previous life, it is already a large amount in this world. Many Viscount families can’t reach this amount. From this point, we can see the details of the Fergus family.

According to the memory of the original owner of the body, gray knows that the Fergus family is a Viscount family with a history of more than 100 years. Among the surrounding several Viscount families, the family is relatively deep.

Entering the library, gray did not go straight to the three bookshelves, but looked to the right of the library and walked past.

There, there is a white round table. Around the round table, there are six black armchairs with hollowed out patterns on their backs. At this time, beside one of the chairs, there stands a maid in a black and white maid’s dress, and a girl in a yellow pleated skirt sits on the armchair.

The girl held a book in her hand and was reading it with great interest. When she noticed that someone was pushing the door in, she raised her head and showed her beautiful blue eyes.

This is Caroline, the third sister of this body.

“Sister Caroline.”

Gray went over and said politely.

Although he did not like the viscount or even their three children, since he lived in this castle, he had to do the basic superficial skills.

“Well, are you here to look up books?”

Caroline asked faintly.

“Yes, sister Caroline, I went to look for it.”

Gray said.


The girl nodded, stopped a little, and said.

“The first row is about mainland history, the second is about blood technology, and the third is about miscellaneous books.”

“Thank you, sister Caroline.”

Gray takes a slightly unexpected look at the girl and turns to the first bookshelf.

Although it’s just a common reminder, it help to make Gray’s impression of the girl a little better.

During the half month of occupying the body, he did not have much contact with the girl. At most, he would say hello when he met the girl in the corridor. The girl’s biggest impression on him was indifference.

Not as “enthusiastic” as Bernal, the elder brother, nor the contempt and hatred shown on his face like the second brother Elli with the body. He was more indifferent to his attitude, as if he were a stranger.

Now it seems that the other side is cold outside and warm inside. Among the viscount and the three brothers and sisters, the friendliest to him is probably the one who is “indifferent” to him.

Coming to the first row of shelves, gray began to pull out one book after another and look at it.

Originally, he intended to refer to books related to blood technology. However, considering that the original owner of the body has very limited knowledge of the world and is only a teenager who has never traveled far away, he decided to learn about the world through history books.

The chronicle of purple moon kingdom is a book with time as the longitude and events as the latitude to record the important historical events of the kingdom that Viscount Fergus was loyal to.

Among them, there are king’s efforts, the decline of the Earl and Marquis, the natural disaster, and the destruction of the Kingdom due to rebellion

From the text, it is not difficult to see that the Richardson Wang family has been completely beautified. The kings of all ages are either wise or fraternal. All the rebellious families are sinful and commit a lot of anger and resentment, which clearly confirms Gray’s statement that history is often written by winners.

“The four kingdoms” tells of the major battles among the four kingdoms of the mainland, namely, the flame Kingdom, the purple Kingdom, scarlet Kingdom,and the gem Kingdom, as well as the consequences of the battles.

Compared with the chronicle of the purple moon Kingdom, the chronicle of the four kingdoms is undoubtedly more objective, but this objectivity is only relative.

For example, it records a major battle that the original owner of the body once heard about, which took place decades ago.

In that battle, the united army composed of many nobles of purple moon kingdom was defeated and pursued by the kingdom of Lieyang for a hundred Li. However, in this book, he became commander-in-chief of purple moon Kingdom, who was far sighted and retreated for 100 Li strategically.

“Four kingdoms landform” tells the geographical location and the topography of the four kingdoms, namely, the flame Kingdom, the purple moon Kingdom, the scarlet Kingdom and the gem kingdom.

The flame kingdom is located in the center of the mainland, while the purple moon Kingdom, the scarlet Kingdom and the gem kingdom are on the three sides of the flame Kingdom, bordering on each other.

The temperature of flame kingdom is high all year round, and there are many plains and lakes in the territory.

The temperature of purple moon kingdom is low all year round, and there are many hilly terrain in the territory.

The annual temperature of the scarlet Kingdom and the gem kingdom is between the first two kingdoms. The former has multi Canyon terrain, while the latter has mountainous terrain.

Gray has been scanning books one after another. Many books just glanced at the title of the book and guessed what was recorded. He just wanted to understand the world, not to be a historian. Naturally, he didn’t need to be so meticulous.

“Well, « round sky and the horizon earth »”

All of a sudden, he saw the name of a book with a black leather cover, and was surprised to open it.

In the past life, the theory of horizon has been denied, and the theory of earth circle has been confirmed. He did not expect to see the theory of horizon again in this world. He would like to see how the theory of horizon is proved in this book.

God Blood Warrior
Chapter 6